Rc reviews appreciate you guys stopping by. If you guys, haven’t uh stopped by this channel before checked it out uh. Please uh check out some of my other videos and if you like what you see and you’d like to subscribe, please hit that subscribe notification. Button uh that has a bell, make sure you hit that little bell, icon and uh. You won’t miss any upcoming uh uploads from me, and you won’t miss anything so without further ado, we’re going to get to the uh review that we have. Today we have the sg1604. This car has kind of hit the entry level rc world by storm uh. Both the 1603 and the 1604. I think this is the more popular version that everybody’s ordering, because it looks like a special armor truck that we’re all familiar with, but and also a very popular uh x. Games driver that we’re all familiar with uh looks a lot like his truck as well, but i decided to go for the less popular uh, mustang, lookalike and um. I don’t know there was something about it that kind of caught my eye. I do like this one. A lot i kind of wish this one right here had uh the rear diffuser in the back like this truck, but it doesn’t. So it is what it is, but yeah i got the model 1604 and i’ve had it for a few weeks now and i’ve been wanting to do a review on it, but the weather it just hasn’t been in our favor to get the car like this anyway.

Out out on a test on the road and stuff and in the parking, lots and stuff salt and sand, and all that stuff is just really nasty for the insides of these vehicles. Um, although i probably will be uh forcing myself to put this on uh. That kind of surface, but first we’re, going to just give you a brief in inside review of this vehicle and uh. What it consists of. I know: there’s been a lot of other channels that have had this i’m kind of late on so many rc vehicles, it’s. Not even funny this is basically a new channel i’ve only been out so almost a year now we’ve been uh going for a year, so um having a lot of fun. Doing that the car i unboxed it here it is. This is what it looks like. It says gorilla on the side of it. This is uh put out by pinecone model that rear end is really nice. This car has a nice rear end, and i don’t know if you guys can see inside of that it’s kind of kind of scale. Looking on the inside it’s got the gear shifter, the dashboard, the race bucket seats and whoops almost dropped it. I love this little canopy on the roof little bikini top like i said this is a 1 16 scale, guys it’s, not very big. I do have a 1 18 scale, uh it’s, my son’s car 1 18 scale.

Ken block car here and we’ll show you a size comparison. This is the ken block fiesta from hpi yeah, so the size there is a there is a size difference. 1, 18. 116. We’Ll show you the underneath – i did take this out today, everybody but uh, but i got a bad charge on my battery and it didn’t last. So i just kind of threw out the footage and i’m going to start over again but yeah. This is what it looks like underneath: just the plastic, just a plastic chassis, the lights, uh come in pre fastened and um. They do come hooked up. I did take this off because when you take the body off this little uh, this little uh, it kind of keep keeps the body tethered to the to the chassis. So i just i just pull that right out. Here’S, the car inside it’s got a little 380 size brush motor with a jst. Connector comes with a nice little uh strapped in servo there with a servo saver on it. It’S got a two in one esc or maybe i should say a three in one: uh esc receiver in gyro. So yes guys, this has a gyro one of those gyros. That only works. If you are applying the throttle, i think it’s uh like 30 throttle and then you can actually go and and uh you can swing your rear end back and forth and you’ll see the auto correction in the front wheels.

But if you try to do it while it’s just um, while it’s on and you’re not applying enough throttle that gyro won’t show when you’re swinging it back and forth, does have uh different size spring loaded shocks in the front, the soft shocks in the front. Are they seem they? They feel really nice? They are softer than the ones in the back. The ones in the back are different size. They have more attention to them. Does have a an angular drive shaft much like a hex key, but yeah it’s. All metal it’s got cbds in the front. It’S got metal dog bones in the back guys, and i think it i think i did mention that it does have a jst plug came with this 1200 milliamp hour. Uh lie ion battery 7.4 volt battery um. For some reason, it didn’t really give me a good charge. The first time i charged it hopefully there’s nothing wrong with this battery. I i tried uh charging it. So this is the car guys. It’S, really sturdy feels solid. It’S got a good weight to it. I believe this is uh. Ball bearings. All the way around it does come with uh. These rally tires here that are on it on these white rims comes with these plastic wheels that’s for drifting, and i still believe in loose dirt and stuff you’ll be able to drift just fine with these rally, wheels uh the rebel ones, but if you’re on hard Surfaces inside indoor on the carpet and uh or outside on the pavement, you probably want to use these plastic ones, but if you get some loose uh loose gritty sandy dirt on the on the surface, these rally wheels.

These rebel ones should drift just fine, so it what else did it come with here they get, they do give you a little goodie bag. Give you a usb charger balance charger it’s, very nice. Thank you and they also give you uh let’s, see they give you a hex wrench, well axle nut wrench, some extra body, pins uh. They give you this other little. Oh, no, that’s an allen wrench and a couple of uh turnbuckles for the price of this car. Guys really uh from what i saw how i saw it run today. I had to clean it up before. I brought it in to show you guys, because it was just caked with salt and sand and uh. You know that stuff is just constantly falling out of it, so i cleaned it up really good through the hair dry to it, the controller very nice controller. It does have a light switch right here on the thumb area and it’s got three uh different settings esp or the gyro setting is right over here, that’s the esp button and you just dial it between zero and a hundred percent and uh from what i was Seeing today, just a little bit more than half is really really ideal, especially with the rally tires. I haven’t tried it with plastic tires. Yet this is your uh steering trim right here and then this is your steering dual rates and, of course, your uh. You know your throttle.

Reverse and steering reverse switches are right there. This does take uh, four double a batteries, all right, guys on the middle setting on your light, switch it’s, just a regular white lights. If you move it over to the left, you do have your halos, i don’t know if you can see that very well, your constant red halos right there. I don’t know if you guys can see the gyro working in this. I will turn the gyro up. So you can see it so if i just do it like this it’s not going to work, but if i just put a little bit of throttle one thing: i did notice guys about this uh about this car that took me a while in the very beginning, Uh to to find the start button and it’s on the esc, it’s just forward it’s the on the forward edge of the esc it’s, just a little circular button, um yeah. I took me like 10 minutes to find how you turn this car on. I didn’t see a switch anywhere and i was just looking for a traditional slide. Uh push button switch and the switch is it’s. Just not not very it’s, not marked very well. It does say power on there, but it’s in very, very small letters. So anyway, um. If you’re looking for the power switch, if you do happen to order this car make sure you look on the esc, it’s, just a small round button button manual, guys you can find parts for these it’s, pretty thorough, it’s, always good to uh, to read the manual Or skim it over, i can’t wait to take this back out with a nice fresh battery.