The wo toys yeah explorer one two, four zero one: nine, i think it’s good yeah. This is it right here, yeah same scenario as the 144001: just a longer chassis longer build but yeah double wishbone suspension, front and back good dampening yeah one’s on a 2200 2 cell 7.4 light pole, lipo charger and plug that in, but we’re not going to use This because it’s a bit slow, just take the wheels off there’s the controller left right normal, just like the 144001 there’s, the insides here on the chassis. This is what we’re going to charge it off the genesis charger jensey sent me this so i’m, going to trivia. In this boom, this is the charger i think jason looks pretty nice there’s a decent right compared to my big charger, my big charger, guys. Okay, this look at the size of that. Compared to that, you got ta run that under don’t get twisted guys og charger, bad boy, charger yeah, but this is what we’re talking about now. This is looking like apple made. This you get me sleek little got a little stand. There stand it up yeah, so we’re gon na charge the batteries for that let’s plug it in now see gen z sent this charger guys and these batteries here these are for the big boy. Cars we’ve got a test amount in it. Don’T worry guys. We will test them, we will test them, so i presume this goes into here.

Boom there’s, the balance board got american plug, got english plug with the english plug and plug that onto there like that, and then plug the balance connector onto that at that table. So we’re putting 2200 for the battery guys, yeah hello airport, no it’s, a two cell hold back recheck charging boom. There you go guys, you press up. You get all your cells individually, yeah balance done so that battery is fully charged already. So big upgrades ace, yeah, big up bang good boom, so we’re out here now guys yeah we’re in the skatepark yeah we’re gon na just quickly test out the wl toys let’s just send it Music, Music, Music, so watch it guys drop him go down this one Music way, let’s go. Did you see that guys watch it guys watch it watch it’s coming watch it watch it back up. It’S coming down, clears it whoa Applause, what you guys it’s coming it’s coming Applause! Guys! Are you seeing this this car’s doing all right guys? So far he’s taking it all right start paper there he goes up, it comes down and he goes up and he’s the oh, so guys, he’s taking it so far. Little ripper Music coming, oh Music, climb, climb, see you next time whoa. Here it comes guys: Music, Music, Music. My thing Music, guys this car is mental it’s good though it’s good i’ll give it a thumbs up. Look at that guys, it’s just taking the beatings, guys watch watch guys Music.

Oh, you heard that that was on my thing got bent shock tower or pin in there, but it’s still running Music. Oh, the battery came out what’s going on Music man, Music, so Music, Music, hungry Music, Music, forever that’s brighter Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, oh Music, Music, Music, oh Music, Music, Applause, Music, oh it Music, Music, Music, whoa, all right guys, we’re gon na send it from Here down here over this and up that and try and clear that bar, what do you guys think let’s go? Oh it made it guys.