What adding weight to your wheel really does were gon na. Do it with an innovative product from boom racing, a bead lock ring with lead weight, and it is very cool because it has a brass ring and you can add, lead weights into slots in the ring itself. And that goes inside your tire and you can add as little or as many lead weights as you need. A normal aluminum ring is 18 grams and the bead lock ring here. Thats brass is 69 grams. So a significant addition in weight, but the real trick. Is you have these lead weights for a total of 209 grams? They slot in really well in the ring, because theyre malleable, you just press them in and they stay inside, you can put a rubber band around them that they supply 507 grams per pair is the result and 689 grams for uh for wheels and tires, as opposed To 384 for a normal set of tires, so heres what were going to do? We are going to put it in our traxxas trx4 bronco, one with the alloy bead lock, and one with the brass bead, lock. 47 30 43 on the initial and then were gon na go 60 40 60 percent weight front 40 on the rear, so were going to change the weight distribution. We wont go as heavy on the rear, so were adding about a pound, uh a pound and change to this wheel, but you can add as much as a pound and a half to your vehicle.

If you go all in all right here is the test, its a very good one, because we are doing it on the same day on the exact same car were going to start out with the traxxas trx4 bronco, with the heavy bead lock ring heavier in the Front than the rear for a total of 400 grams of additional weight, this is our first line, so were gon na. Do all the lines in an identical fashion, first, with the heavy wheels and then the stock wheels with respect to your time were gon na double speed it and just slow it down on youtube. If you want to see it in actual speed – and here it is slaying these lines – traction is good today, so its key to do it all the testing on the same day and as you could see its doing, this all no problem with a trail crawler very Difficult lines, the descending right there is not quite as good because thats what happens when youre front biased your rear has a tendency to to dance a little bit and now were gon na. Do it with the alloy bead lock ring. So a lot lighter here, 4743 weight distribution and right. There is our first fail on the first test with the heavy wheels. There were no fails, amazingly, so we did not edit those out its right here right here. First, i try to go to the right. Theres a big hole there avoid it by going to the right and this vehicles a very hard time, because its right at the limit the front isnt quite able to squat down all right.

They are very typical of all our trail crawlers. If you, if youre patient, two out of ten, tries youll, be able to succeed, if you have a good vehicle and here the other line, is you go to the left, slow, crawl it until the wheel, you get some traction and youre able to climb up a Little power climb its not able to succeed, so the heavy wheels and heavy front allow you to power climb as well. You know just the burst of power, its right there on the on the wall of doom there, its able to do it a little power burst and it fails on occasion. So i think thats the real lesson here on the steepest climbs it doesnt succeed. Doesnt fail all the time, but you you get some some Music, more failures for sure. So here we go side hill test and we are using the heavy wheels here. Heavy wheels lower your center gravity uh, but on the wall of on the side of doom it fails, but what we did was it took the body off and it succeeded both ways. This is belly dragger territory, so that tells you the bronco could do it only if it had a light body really amazing. So now we do it with the normal wheels. It looks like it has a chance, but it fails a little bit earlier. So side healing is worse too, with lighter wheels right, there were doing it delicately.

We take off the body as well. This is where the heavy wheels succeeded and no not even close so were not going to try repeatedly because not quite there. So this is a huge test notice. Also, our trx4 has the battery mounted in the front, which is the only really way you should do a trx4 light battery in the front Applause and here, with the light wheels able to do the berm line, the hard line its able to do, but a little Bit harder and then we go to the right here and after about four tries. It just fails theres a big hole here and you got to have that front down. So you could lift the right rear wheel over that hole, not quite able to succeed. And now we do it with the heavy bead lock being the modified vehicle, no problem there on the pump line and then on the right line. Its able to do as well clear fail on the unmodified vehicle – and here is a tough line were gon na. Go not on the notch, but right on the bump there and we power punch it its able to do it and here on a near vertical rock, very impossible for trail crawlers. Its able to do it bellys dragging here, but the heavy front wheel. Its able to give it a chance to keep going – and here is a belly dragger line. You have to ride that rock with your front left tire, but the key is the front left has to be going down and its able to do it, and now you know the problem with heavy wheels is its stress on your drivetrain makes your vehicle slower, but On a trx 4, if you have a good vehicle, its no problem, one of the effects we notice is the center gravity is lower.

So with open dips, its got no prob. It wont flip over full throttle and block diffs pretty stable as well and heres. The unmodified one on open this, its good too but flips over a lot on lucifers, lock, diffs, definitely a problem. So our conclusion is: it is an amazing mod. This vehicle has no brass weights, just have heavy wheels more on the front than the rear and put some dual stage: foams and youre off and running. You can do it on the cheap, adding your own weights, but the boom racing solution is excellent as well.