I haven’t had this thing out for a long time and it’s looking a little bit unloved with its flat tyres, there’s, probably still water in there i’ve probably destroyed the foams but it’s all going to change today, because we’ve got a little upgrade for it. Then we’re gon na go and give it a bit of a i don’t know. Maybe an extreme test. Let’S call it that i got this summit from euro rc and the plan was i’d done. Some initial videos on it and i was going to get some upgrades and upgrade it put some brush put brushless smoke. I was going to do a twin brush, this motor setup in there and but then there was something called brexit that happened and you couldn’t get anything from europe. Um into the uk. You don’t ask english pea dogs go and boil your butter that’s all changed now. So if you check the link out in the description to euro rc, they’ve got a little area there’s a little box at the top of the page. Click on that that will take you to a separate area and everything on there does not have any vat added to it, which means when you buy it. When it comes to the uk, they are advan at the border and you’re not paying over the odds and whereas sometimes when you order stuff – and it comes in – you get all the charges, it makes it a bit too expensive.

But euro rc have got a special area for us, so you can buy all your stuff there there’s also a discount code in the description anyway. Let’S have a look at what we’re doing to this today. So my original plan for this was i was going to put two brushless motors in. I was going to go for like a dual axe system from hobbywing. Unfortunately, the guy that used to do the um twin motor mount conversion he’s no longer with us um and you can’t. No one else does them so that’s been scrapped and we’re just going for a single motor conversion, so i’ve got the fastest one. I can the 3300 kv 550 motor with the axe controller. Now, if you’re, not, if you’re not familiar with this system, it is awesome. A lot of people put in crawlers i’ve got one in my capra. The control you have via this esc is mad. Now i see a lot of people do 6s conversions on these crazy motors in they’re, just not really made for that everyone’s told me. The diffs are going to be destroyed. Everyone’S told me that the servos are going to die and everything like that, whereas i think with something like this, you can go really nice and gentle or you can give it a bit of beans on 3s it’ll, actually go all right. That’S the plan anyway, and today, like i’ve mentioned, we are going to give it a good old test, we’re going to whip that motor and the esc out.

Hopefully, the hobby wing will fit in there with no problems i’m going to adjust the suspension a bit it’s a bit. It sags a bit at the rear, because we’re running at 3s we’ve got two battery trays. I want to do twin 3s in there, so not 6s, because we’re not going to run it in series i’m going to make a parallel lead up, so we can run dual 3s lipo. So we get plenty of runtime and the balance of this is still going to be all good, remote, locking, diffs 2 speed gearbox. I love the summit. It’S an awesome platform see i’m, not always a traxxas hater. Am i anyway i’m going to get on i’m going to take all this out we’re going to get the hobby wing in we’re going to adjust the suspension we’re going to get some batteries done then we’re going to go out we’re going to find some really cool Terrain to take this on, i reckon i’m gon na try a bit of water skimming with it as well. I think these tyres, if we’ve, got enough wheel, speed uh. We should be all right. Oh we’re, gon na speed test it as well. I think i’ve got around 18, maybe 20 mile an hour their stock, hopefully we’ll increase that speed right it’s, all in we’re, ready for the first switch on i’ve, not switched it on yet, unfortunately, i’ve not got enough connectors to make a um like a y lead.

So i’ve got a xt90 to xt60. Just so i can use this big chunky 3x, just about fits in the battery tray and i’ll put another when we go out for a run. I’Ll put another one in the other side for a bit of ballast right here. We go not set anything up on this esc. At the moment you can go in on it. It’S got an app on your phone. You can go into it change all the settings, so i don’t know what is set up at the moment, but i will have a play of it later. Let’S just try right i’m going to change some settings on the esc. Fill about a bit then we’re going to go out to a speed, run and we’re going to go and give this thing a bit of a test so in true tracks to style the uh. Two of the servos have taken a dump, so i’ve now got uh no gears and no locking uh front diff, so i’ve kept the diff open and then wheels are terrible. They will wobble i’ve kept the front diff open, rear, diff open, put it in second gear. Oh Music uh: this might have been a fail. This motor, although in my defense i was planning a dual um hobby wing axe, and this is just a single one. It looks quite small in the car compared to that big 775.. Like 18 mile an hour, you probably can’t see it on camera.

It is wobbling all over the place with them wheels it’s, because i left them after going in water anyway, anyway, ac mile now to be, i don’t know where we’re going to beat it. You know let’s go. Oh, it looks so funny. Oh that didn’t look like 29 mile an hour. Did it that’s almost doubled its speed, it’s, certainly unstable. Now, oh, i didn’t see that we cleared that it cleared it. I didn’t even see that oh now it’s stuck over there, oh balls, that must have been just pure luck that it cleared it. Should we try it again, probably won’t be able to clear it now it’s gon na break it that’s pretty good. I wonder if we can get up there yeah! Oh, i can’t Music whoa, oh, oh, we got 30 30 mile an hour. It’S been raining for a good two days. I think this is an all terrain. All weather traxxas, tough machine, though so we’re gon na, go and find some mud find some water. Give this thing an extreme test, so i’ve fixed it again got some cheap servos in there. The traxxas ones are quite expensive. If you want the upgraded traxxas ones and the little sub micro ones, they’re like 40 pound each, which is about 50 i’ve, got some ten dollar ones from amazon in there, not the easiest to fit a bit fiddly. But we now have first gear second gear and i can lock the diffs.

Finally, although at the moment we don’t need to do that, even if you’re not a traxxas fan just summit. The summit is awesome: Music, loads of low control it’s in low gear that just touch the throttle. It will keep that torque applied as well that’s. The good thing about these hobby wings keep the throttle in the same position and it’ll just keep the amount of torque it needs applied to keep the truck going, and this is one of the main reasons i wanted to bring it here. Let’S lock the diffs up. Applause come on. You got this. That was low gear, here’s high gear Music, two speed baby, this thing’s crazy, come on if you’ve not liked this video yet then shame on you, it’s, cold, it’s, wet it’s windy, but it’s good fun, and i do this just for you, maybe even think about subscribing It loves it, it absolutely loves it: Applause, Music, Music. You got this slow and steady. You got it Applause. What a machine the summit is. This axe is working, awesome, Music, so that’s it for this video guys safe to say the summit is an absolutely awesome ultra. Well, backflip, of course, let’s try that again, the summit is an absolutely epic, all terrain, all weather truck and it’s.