Why am i standing next to this rc? 350? F sport. All wheel drive from 2021 dressed like this, because it’s respect, it’s respect for this car and it’s funny, because a lot of people out there don’t seem to be giving this car that much respect, because with its v6 engine with the fact that it’s pretty damn heavy, Nearly two tons: they feel that it’s not sporty enough and i’m here to tell you it’s, not a sports car. What it is is a grand touring car as such, with all wheel drive and this special edition it’s worth your consideration. All right let’s get this out of the way. There are a few negatives with this vehicle, and some of you guys have seen this before but i’m, going to bring it out again. Let’S start with the biggest problem and we’ll work. Our way down. The biggest problem is inside the vehicle, because this is all wheel drive. The transfer case is big and because of that, it actually presses into the driver’s compartment it’s. The same problem on the is, with the all wheel, drive. Keep that in mind. Some people might find it uncomfortable. Then we go into the infotainment system. Lexus needs to stop doing this and they know it. It needs to be a touch screen. It’S, not they need to get rid of that ridiculous pad. They still have it. They need to make it a little bit more user friendly, because the majority of the people who drive this vehicle are eating soft food.

And finally, the one issue that a lot of people have, which i don’t is the fact that, although it looks like a high performance, car it’s, not quite so let’s talk about design, because this car is really good. Looking and that’s, including these zero halliburton edge, triple beam, led headlights they’re gorgeous now they updated the design look in 2019. What you’re looking at here is that and the special edition, and because of that, you get a bunch of goodies that make this car look even better and that’s, including these absolutely beautiful. Looking wheels now i’m, not one for painted wheels, but i love when they make it look right and they certainly did now because it’s the f sport. It has a few things on it that make it look kind of unique to those of you who are driving past, including spoiler, not that you’re going to need it because it’s really not that fast it’s kind of quick. But when you pull up into a driveway of your local golf course, which is where a lot of these are going to reside, you’re going to say to yourself: yes, that’s, a good looking car and you can fit golf clubs in the back. Let me show you what you’re looking at here is 10.4 up to 10.4 cubic feet of cargo space depending on the vehicle you get, it can be slightly slightly less, but for the most part you have decent space and the seats do fold in case you have Larger items let’s talk about the grill now this is called the spindle grill it’s because of its shape and it’s been around for a while.

Lexus has adopted this shape and spread it all throughout their line, but i think it really works on the rc models. I think it’s, one of the better executions of the grill it’s, very aggressive, looking, which is strange, because this car is not really that aggressive. If you want aggressive, there is a v8 version which is awesome, but as it stands, this grille this headlight design the hood. It just looks fabulous just like me. What you’re looking at here is a 311 horsepower 3.5 liter v6 that puts out 280 pound feet of torque now it’s hooked up to a six speed, automatic transmission and that’s. The only transmission you can get. If you want all wheel drive now that may sound like a really old transmission, like dude six speeds really, but with this car it works fairly. Well, the thing is it doesn’t like to be rushed, but at sea level they say this car will go zero to 60 in about six seconds, which is really quick compared to other sports cars it’s, not that fast. But if you look at this as a grand touring, car it’s, just fine and here’s the best part, this powertrain and the fact that this car weighs nearly two tons still returns about 22 miles per gallon. Combined i’d like to read to you what you get with the blackline special edition, because if you think about what the price is, which in this case is two thousand one hundred and forty five dollars for that package, you get a couple cool things, including these wheels.

But let me read this off to you: the f sport. Black line special edition gives you dark wheel, finish: ash wood, trimmed steering wheel, triple beam, led headlights lightweight two piece luggage set which is designed for lexus. You have a special rear, bumper applique, you have door edge guards, rear, spoiler, wheel, locks all weather floor liners and, of course, the courtesy delivery sticker now here’s the thing about this type of package for the money that type of dough alone would normally just cover the Wheels and tires so i think, that’s actually kind of a bargain. So one of the ways you can tell from a distance that this vehicle has all wheel drive is the fact that there’s a little bit more of a lift in the front that makes room for that transfer case, underneath that i was talking about earlier. So if you get the rear wheel, drive version, the front end comes down just a little tiny bit and then, of course you have this f sport badge, which is cool. Looking for people who, like f sport, badges folks, i got ta tell you, the interior design on every lexus product is better than most of the competitors out there. Now i will say that in terms of technology, especially german cars have definitely taken a leap forward. Actually, some american cars have as well as including uh cadillac. Things like this screen are a real issue and well, let me show you: why follow my finger? Yep it’s not a touch screen, we’re used to touch screens nowadays so by eliminating that that actually makes this necessary and it’s fine if you’re not moving.

If you are moving it’s, not great now it’s haptics, so it actually has a little bit of feedback. So when you click on it, it actually kind of gives you an idea that you’re doing something. But as you drive using this and concentrating on moving an opposite hand around if you’re, not a drummer in a proper punk band, you’re not going to have that coordination down immediately. But i wanted to show you something else: that’s really cool, that is a cd player. Folks, interesting lexus not only is one of the final luxury providers that actually has a cd player as an option, but on top of that they were the last automaker to have a taped cassette player available. Do you know why it’s? Because the majority of the people who drive this vehicle are well roman’s, age and older. This car doesn’t really denote super high tech. What it gives you is comfort, sport and luxury, and i think that it does it in that order and i’m fine with that. By the way, these seats are absolutely fabulous and thank you so much lexus for not going to a push button system like some of your competitors. This is great. I love it. Listen to this Music. Okay! Now one of the things this car can do that. A lot of vehicles, can’t is, you can actually shut off the augmented sound, which is great because on its own it sounds alright, but you know what else i like.

I like the ride on this because it cuts the difference between sport and luxury beautifully, despite having very low profile tires and everything else. The ride, it’s firm. You hear a couple bumps here and there but it’s like a fault, this whole thing feels like it encompasses. You in strong iron and that’s great – i love it. I love the whole thing about it, but if you’re a backseat passenger you’re, not gon na love, it yeah, you see that the whole point here is that in an emergency, if you really needed to get somebody back there, you can. I don’t recommend it, but the good news is: is that at least up front hell? I had to move the seat forward to get to the pedals. All joking aside, this vehicle, i feel, is a bit of a bargain when you compare it against other competitors, but remember it is a very old car. Remember this started out in 2015., this vehicle msrp with everything you see here, including the limited package, comes out to just over 58 thousand dollars yeah. It starts at around 51 000 before you add all the goodies to it. Now here’s the thing about this vehicle. You can start in the mid 40s easily if you don’t want the all wheel drive. You want to get rid of the f sport badge and i would recommend that, because you still get the awesome looks and a great driving car thanks for joining me.

I’M. Sorry i can’t dress like this every day, but you’re welcome. This is nathan.