So let me get a camera down show around the cars and show you a brave real life footage. Okay, first of all, you will notice on all three of these one, two, four zero one nines they’ve all got very different wings. This is a traxxas rustler, 4×4 vxl wing, but this thing is the one i would recommend from a traxxas mini e revo in testing all three of these wings. This one has given the best performance between rear grip. This thing doesn’t quite give enough. This thing gives a bit too much drag, i believe tommy lc has cut his down on there, but the mini e revo one is the one i would recommend springs to use on the cars the stiffer at the rear, the better. These are some traxxas vxl. I believe e revo springs on the car. This one’s got the stock springs. However, this one has the lc racing. Black springs i’ll, put a link to those below the video. These seem to be the best handling, but obviously that car’s a bit far from standard more on that in a second you’re out of the cars. This is the only one running the stock, gearing these two running mod, one gearing which i will talk you through in a minute. However, i picked up this traxxas vxl 3m, set from my local hobby store, which was closing down at half price so that motor is going in this car and replacing the castle esc set up on there.

Now three and a half thousand kv i’m thinking power to weight ratio. This thing should absolutely fly tire choice. These two babies are running the 30 mil tyres. This is running 26 mil tyres, but i’m inclined to check, but it’s purely so it’s a rolling chassis on there. I would recommend going for the 30 mil tires all round, possibly 45 set at the back, but i’ll come to that in just a second. With my new body proposition anyway, changes on this one, two, four zero one, nine traxxas felinian setup is going in there tomorrow, but i am gon na ditch that wing and fit a new mini revo wing to it, because that does not give enough downforce. Even with this current castle combination gets a bit squirrely at the back end, even with the 30mm tires. Okay, this car you’re gon na see it clip off run in just a second castle. 5700 kv motor mod one gearing in there tucked away under the cover. There is a mud, one spur made by my friend morgan. I will put a link to that in this video. These have proved unbeatable in my testing other than one, which i shredded due to yours truly messing the meshing up on there. This car in this video flies along very reasonable pace, very good acceleration. Indeed, on there 100 on the car absolutely outstanding, probably the best one out the three so far anyway, power bgn ss speed meter at the ready, you’re more like it, i’ve been focusing in the past couple of weeks, just bringing it out and testing it to try And increase the stability probably go flying through the air.

At some point in this video i should imagine 75 miles an hour getting there that is running. The stock springs 68 shock hole at the back stock springs at the front 40 weight shock all at the front. Splitter on there mooring that in a second because they’ve got major modification. I want to do for that for this baby. Now on to number three of the three amigos which i would like to call the beast, you may notice we’ve got homemade wheelie bar at the back on there. If anyone wants to make one of those very simple to make, give you instructions on those, we have got the 4×4 rustle wing that is coming off of there completely, as are the body coast mounts on there, and i would highly recommend you buy the aluminum rear. Wingman for any of these cars anyway, i call this car the beast for good reason, as you will find out in a second the front edges on here, turn down so that’s, hopefully going to give some arrow and pull it under the car. You will notice the minute there’s no front spoiler like these two on this car more on that in just a second, these metal plates on the side. Well, i would guess that is so. You can fit twin 4s batteries capacity as much as power, because, obviously, that motor ain’t gon na take eight s. Speaking of that motor castle, four and a half thousand kv motor 3s rated.

I am figuring with fans on it, like those twin ones, it’s going to be able to take 4s for a couple of runs before getting a little bit too warm now, to put all that power down, we’ve got mod 1 gearing said: it’s got the mod one Set up on here, let’s go for it up there. Man just remember guys, if you like what you see today, don’t forget to subscribe, and there is a link to morgan’s mod one gear below the video. This bearing carrier like that there’s also a link to it below the video. However, we have some new toys to play with thanks to zany zrc, we have a stainless steel drive shaft to fit to this car, not only that we have stainless steel, rear, drive, shafts or front drive shafts. If you want to fit to this car in order to fit those because i’ve got cbd’s fitted all around on pretty much all of these cars i’m going to remove these control arms with the ball joints, take off the aluminum ball joints from these fit them to Those that is because, if the car flips over and one of these ball joints, pops off the drive, shaft falls out and i do not want these drive shafts to fall out at 100 miles an hour plus i’m, giving you a hard job to find them. So whilst these are looking absolutely excellent, you are going to need to change out the current plastic setup on here, because if these pop off these are going to go you’re thinking richie, how the heck are you going to fit a stock one, two, four: zero: one: Nine body over that not a chance nor have i been planning to, but what we have got coming in the next week or so all being well.

If richie pulls his finger out is a group c style, racer aerodynamic body, we’re gon na ditch this rear ring we’re going to lose the mounts completely fix a new group c body to that which, hopefully should be an absolute killer. One for speed runs the mod for that body coming on quite nicely, and richie boy has bought a new vacuum table to form the web. Anyway, if you like what you’ve seen here tonight, hopefully over the next few days, we shall be busting more than a few records with these cars, because i believe everyone has its own individual potential and, as i said to you, i do this stuff, so you don’t Have to i tell you what works this wing is a bit too big this wings, a bit too small. This thing is absolutely spot on on there and i did touch on the front spoiler modification, what i’m thinking putting two slots in the wing here, bending them up at the back, because it’s getting a bit too close to the floor, the angle down there. So i think why not fly the wing up at the back edge increasing downforce at the front, because that is key to going fast on this car, as is putting the power down um kenzie rc. This thing is absolutely phenomenal. My gut feel on 4s is, if i floor, this beast with this drive: shaft installed i’m, either gon na kiss the tires or the differential goodbye, but it has huge potential and i have huge passion for these cars at the minute.

Sat beyond this camera is a rack of about four nine hundred dollar rc cars. I love these things just as much. I love their tweaking. The fiddling they’re bending around and what’s. Quite a few of these i’ve, had quite a bit of money put into them tomorrow. From banggood i have a 38 dollar special come in 60 amp, esc 3300 kv brushless motor, so i’m, actually very tempted to put it in this car. First of all, and show you just how fast this thing could go on a stock gearing with a 38 dollar brush to set up? Would you like to see that have you ever say in the comment section below the video whoa whoa richie woke moment, the banggood 38 special esc and 3300 kv brussels motor arrived later this afternoon. I fit that in the car and i have to say it fits in there like an absolute glove, very, very neat indeed, to my mind, so i shall be testing this over the weekend and see how fast we go for thirty, eight dollars and then time to Put the traxxas flinging and set up in which is quite a bit smaller in size, but i think that will actually improve the power to weight ratio of this car and in that morning, slightly controversial video i did the other day on. Is this the biggest threat to armor and traxxas, and maybe there is about to be a new usa distributor of devil toys parts? Oh man, i told you it might go over at some point i could see i was that was flying straight towards me and comical style there well thumbs up.