We’Ve got the 164 scale right here and then we’ve also got the 1 10 scale. Cyber truck right here, which is just absolutely gigantic, so we’re, going to save that for later. Stick that over here so we’re going to start with this smaller one check it out, get it charged up and see what it’s, like i don’t know if it’s, because the cyber truck is such a unique vehicle, but there’s been more merch and like accessories that have Come relating to the cyber truck than anything else, so got the instruction manual right here and the tiny baby rc cyber truck in here so see how we can get that out of there, so these were available for pre order as well. Fortunately, i think target had some kind of deal on them as well, so i actually got two of these. This is the one i’m unboxing and then i’m just keeping another one for display or whatever else for me, and there we go this. Is it this tiny little thing is a rc truck? You can see it’s very similar size to the normal sized hot wheels. This one just has a tiny little battery in it for rc capabilities, so let’s get the controller out of here, and i think this is gon na need some batteries and a screwdriver. So i will be right back it’s a shame. They didn’t make this rechargeable because that would be very easy to do, but whatever i feel like a toy unboxing channel right now, so then this tiny little thing connects.

I guess it charges off of the remote oh okay, it’s on right now see if this has any juice in it. Oh gosh. I think it would have any charge in it. It’S pretty quick! Oh no, can you grab that for me? What do you think bo? He does not know what to think. Oh, so it can tank turn that’s kind of cool. So if you, if you just have it sitting there, i don’t know if it’s, because it’s slippery here but like you, can just have it spin around oh it’s, just because there it’s only rear wheel drive on here. So you can just spin it around because it’s slippery up here coming for you bo, oh what’s, this do. I just noticed this yeah there’s a lot of buttons on here that i don’t know what to do yeah. So the shoulder pad’s like a turbo Music let’s consult the manual jeez. This is look how big this is just first for one little thing: okay, so e, which is the like left, stick, is driving controls so like forward backwards, the other stick is for turning pairing. Slash charge button: okay, so that’s, probably if it’s plugged in and then g alignment buttons. Okay. So if it’s not going like completely straight, you can like adjust it so that it goes straight. That’S, pretty cool, okay, well, i’m, going to turn that off and plug her. In so, it stays charged up okay on to the big one.

So this is the box that came in and got shipped in. It’S got like the hot wheels rc cyber truck logo on there. It’S got the the shattered glass right there. Of course, Music again similar situation to the to the scale one. This was only available for pre order. I don’t know when this is actually going to be in stores. The only ones i’ve seen are ones that people have actually pre ordered. Oh, my gosh look at this comes in like a briefcase. Okay, look at that that’s legit! This is like solid metal too. This isn’t a plastic briefcase. Oh my gosh! This is funny okay, so there we go. We got the little foam insert kind of tilt. This up, so you guys can see that so we got the cyber track. We got the controller, we got some other stuff all inside of here, just kind of go one by one collector model, one tenth scale, one tenth one tenth scale. Cyber truck and it’s got little stickers in here for the windows, that’s hilarious and it just says attention this rc cyber truck is fast it’s highly recommended. You install the bumper guard for extra protection, which i will definitely do got the controller right here. Oh it’s got a throttle limiter on there, that’s funny so there’s like a little rubber piece right here, so that it only goes back so far and you can’t like rev it and risk hurting it.

And then this is the bumper guard which we’ll definitely be putting on okay, let’s lift this out of here now. Oh no, look at that. Oh it’s got like suspension on there Music, so let’s do a mini tour. Real quick! I don’t know if any of these doors open or not looks like the trunk. Does, though, oh okay, okay, so that close or opens it’s got the little little vault that sticks out and then, if we close that that’s magnetic in there too, you can close this part, so you can haul stuff around. I don’t think the doors move at all those are kind of stuck this side. Pretty much. The same. We’Ve got the charge port at the back. Here i don’t, i doubt that’s, where it actually plugs in now and around front. We got the the lights on there. I believe those are functional too and on the rear we got lights as well. Okay, so here’s the battery in here see if this has any juice. This one actually has a rechargeable battery that’s nice, oh it’s, on look at that that’s, pretty cool, so it’s got the light bar up here. It’S got the headlights and then it’s got tail lights too that’s pretty neat. This might need some batteries as well. Yep more batteries, why can’t they make this rechargeable slide? The on off switch to on on the vehicle to complete the pairing process should be on now i’m going to hold it.

Oh, i was just gon na like do it on the carpet real quick! If you want to grab the camera that thing’s quick Laughter yeah, i would agree okay, we’re gon na stop before we break something.