Now this car is going to be a blast for your kids and it’s really easy to use. It includes a to stick remote that allows you to drive it in all directions and it’s fast, plus there’s, even an auto button on there that when you push it it’ll allow the car to drive by itself. This toy is a sleek supercar design, with two undercarriage LEDs that your kids are going to absolutely love, but there’s more to it than meets the eye at the push of a button, it’ll magically transform into a robot right before your eyes. Now the cool thing is: is that, while it’s in robot mode, you still get all the same RC functions, which means you can still race it and drive it around, and when you want to go back to car mode, just hit that transform button and the robot Will change back into the supercar this car works best on flat surfaces such as tile, wood or low laying carpet, and one thing I want to mention is that all the cars run on the same frequency. So if you do get more than one make sure they’re spread out far enough, so you can control them independently. This car is so much fun and your kids are going to love to watch a change back and forth. It runs on five double a batteries. Three for the car and two for the remote they’re, not included, but you can pick them up on our site.

We’Ve had so much fun playing with these cars in the office, and we know your kids will love them too.