Now these have only just dropped here. In the uk i managed to pick up both the batmobile as well as remote control. That cycle so be sure to stay tuned to the channel for review coming up of that fairly shortly. I do in fact, actually plan on reviewing a lot of the toys and products for the batman movie. So for those of you who are interested, please feel free to click that subscribe button as well as that bell notification, so that you guys can be notified. As soon as i have a new review going live, this looks really cool, so i thought it would be. Awesome to kickstart, these reviews off, of course, with the most iconic vehicle, that being the batmobile you can see here in regards to the box art. Looking fantastic, really nice image there of robert pattersons batman as bad as one of the first official images. I believe we were shown of this black mobile. This is remote controlled as well as also comes with a usb charger, so that you can in fact actually charge the batmobile itself. The battery is already included with this. All you will need is two aaa batteries for the remote control itself, so thats really nicely done. One of the main features that truly drew me to this product was the fact that it does indeed have wheelie action, which just looks so awesome. This is in the 115th scale, as we turn our attention here to the side.

You can see. Weve got a great product shot there of the batmobile, as well as the actual remote control and then, as we spin our attention here to the back of the box. Once more, its more of the same weve got some of the legal garb as well as some of the features. It does, in fact, actually have really really cool. Looking stats so cannot wait to in fact, actually utilize them and then, as we turn here to this side, you can see how we once again get an open window view display showcasing the actual afterburner as well as engine here of the batmobile. So all that being said lets crack this open and see what the latest offering from the batman movie has in store for us, and so here we have the turbo boost, batmobile, cracked, open and out of the packaging and actually looking pretty cool now ill, be straight Up with you guys and say that in regards to a design im, not completely convinced about this batmobile, yet i personally think that, in comparison to the version that we saw from the justice league, it does pell in comparison. But i wasnt 100 convinced on that. When i first saw it so im definitely going to reserve my judgment for when i do see this used in the movie and, to be honest, the toy actually resembles exactly what weve been shown so far. So i cant in fact, actually detract points from this at all in regards to detail going over it very quickly.

You can see lovely scott work here at the front as we turn our attention here. You can see. We have indeed got headlights, sadly no leds in them, which i personally think is a missed opportunity and there is no sound effect either, which i was definitely expecting. It is merely just a remote control vehicle with one led here for the afterburner, so that is a little lackluster, but other than that, you can see scott work wise. Looking pretty nicely done, i do like the glossy black highlights and, of course, the matte black that definitely complements each other really nicely and, as we turn our attention here to the back, this by far is my favorite part. You can see. Weve got the actual engine section, the afterburner as well as the exhaust. It looks awesome. So if anything, if you werent a huge fan of the design, definitely display it here from the back now in regards to accessories honestly, it doesnt really come with much. So we do get a usb cable. This is a really nice inclusion. I think its great that we dont have to continuously actually change the batteries for this, which is super cool. You simply do just plug it in to either an apple charger or whatnot, and it will charge it fully up, which is awesome. You will only need batteries here for the remote control. It does require two aaa batteries. You can see that in regards to design its very basic, we do have the new bat emblem that weve seen on the new batmans chest.

Looking really cool, you see, the scoreboard looks nice, but it is merely just the two joysticks here as well as a button at the top. So i believe that pretty much wraps it up without further ado lets in fact, actually showcase the remote control functionality. So, to begin with, youre going to want to turn your attention here to the back, you can see: weve got the on and off switch weve also got the usb charging port. That youll want to utilize, of course, when in fact, actually charging the batmobile up and weve also got some really nice skull work, even here on the underside for those of you who are into customizing, you could definitely paint this up and make it look like something Special but, of course, actually to power the batmobile up. We simply just flick this switch, which will cause the afterburner to pulsate. A very dim blue now. Believe me, it is in fact a lot darker in person than its coming across here on camera. The review station lighting definitely does blast it out slightly, but thats a really nice touch. If we just prop it down. I wont showcase its feature entirely here, as we will invite to actually get it on the ground, but i will just quickly showcase how the remote works. So you can see this stick will cause the batmobile to go forward as well as backwards and then, of course, weve got this one which will change the actual steering.

So we can have it going off to the side going backwards. Honestly, its really simple to use and incredibly effective, but there is in fact also a third button that one being here now. I wont in fact actually showcase it here in the review station. But if i just lift this up just to show you how it works. If we push this, it will indeed deploy an almost fifth wheel in order to create that wheelie gimmick. So we simply just pop that down and you can see there how the actual rear wheels will indeed begin to spin and that fifth wheel will pop out thats super super cool, but with all that being said, lets actually get the batmobile on the ground and see What horsepower its actually packing so and so some final thoughts for the batman, remote control, turbo boost batmobile its definitely a really nice toy in regards to scops in detail, of course, whilst its on the slightly more basic side, i think it had to be if it Were to be more detailed, it would have definitely made this prone to breaking, especially when it worked actually utilizing that remote control feature, as i personally have in fact, actually banged and slammed this into many many things. So once again, i definitely think that it has more than enough detail and it is in fact an incredibly robust piece as well. The plastic feels incredibly durable, and surprisingly, i havent in fact actually found any scratches on this.

Yet, despite banging it around quite a bit in regards to the overall remote control, feature really really well done. Super easy to get the hang of and incredibly effective, going forwards backwards. Turning left to right, even turning left to right going backwards, is super easy to do and its all about that wheelie feature. That literally makes this so distinctive when compared to some of the previous remote control baton builds that weve seen in the past its super simplistic. Yet incredibly effective and honestly looks so awesome when youre actually doing it and the batmobile is also packing in a lot of speed. I was very surprised to see just how fast this thing can truly go. If i had any critiques with it, it would be that i would have loved for the front headlights to have lit up, and i definitely would have loved to have had some sort of sound effect, as the actual whining of the motor definitely can become slightly irritating And if they would have just masked that, with maybe an actual engine startup sound, i really think that would have been pretty cool. I do like the fact that the afterburner does pulsate blue doesnt. Look too bad at all. Once again is just a nice light up feature, but personally, if i had to choose, i would have definitely opted to light up those front headlights when in comparison to, of course, the rear afterburner. I also like how easy it is to just recharge this.

You dont, in fact, actually have to worry about swapping out the batteries for the battle build itself. The remote control is another story, it still does require two aaa batteries, and it really does just beg the question as to why they didnt also make that a rechargeable battery. But overall, i think its a really nice piece. 50, pounds may be slightly overpriced when you do in fact actually factor in how much youre going to be saving in regards to batteries for the batmobile itself. I think it definitely works out pretty well. So all that being said, that is my review here for the turbo boost batmobile id love to know your thoughts down in the comment section below be sure to.