Welcome back to channel welcome back to rc vlog guys today were going to the traxxas store to get stuff for that guy. That is my bandit vxl, the one that i did a review on. However, now i want to hop it up, i want to get some cool stuff for it. I got a long list of parts that i need were gon na check out some new stuff, but let me show you what im gon na do to this car all right guys here hear me out, hear me out. I got two sets of these drag wheels. These come on the funny car uh that guy right there. Two sets of these look look hear me out. Look at this. Oh man, thats gon na look good were gon na go super fast. This thing im hoping to find the the drag slash wheelie bar with these wheels, the skinnies in the front – oh man, were gon na hit were gon na hit 80. im guessing 80 thats. What im guessing were gon na hit, but were gon na make this thing? Go super crazy fast. All right guys were here check this out. They have the new black blazer. That looks so good. Look at the black center caps. This is actually the first time ive seen a black blazer. Oh man, look at how good those trx4s look! Thats. Definitely my favorite one, but that black man that looks solid. Oh man, this place is always awesome to me.

Look they actually have their theyre stacked up sideways because they got so many kits back in stock. Oh man, there it is there. It is thats the wrestler vxl. Do i need that thing if i was gon na get a thousand likes on that one video i was gon na buy that i dont know well see all right man this place is look. Oh the light kit, the light kit on the blazer. Oh man, look at that looks so good im, the only one in the store right now: oh go there, oh its blinking. They have it like on some relay or something thats pretty sweet. Actually, this is the body that i have at the house that i got at that swap meet that one day. I just havent put it on my trx 4. Yet look. They have plenty of broncos everything everywhere. Ive seen has been sold out of broncos. These are actually kind of hard to get right now. You know i have the red one. I kind of want the orange one too or yellow, but ah man, those look so sweet holy crap guys. Look at all the drags, oh, my goodness. Oh they got so. They got pretty much every color here, oh my god, they got so many drag. Slashes lets see i kind of like that green. They have the green one here, im not buying another direct slash, even though i think that melissa is going to take my drag slash over oh heres, more theres, the green, oh man, thats, freaking, sweet golly, thats, a lot of drag slashes holy smokes guys.

They got more drag slashes theres, some up there theyre loading more back here, theyre bringing them out of the back, my god thats a lot of drag slashes here. Hobby shops are just now getting these trickled in and look at this theyre just packed in there. With these, these are awesome, i kind of want the green one guys. I want the green one. Look at the colors, oh man, i got the purple one, which i think melissas gon na take a purple over that green, though man that looks solid all right. So here is the plan i picked up. Some banded parts were going to strip parts off this car. This is a rustler. Vxl were going to take the shocks off, because these are the big bore. Shocks were going to take these metal pieces off the front because theyre really pretty this one have no. I was going to see if it had the uh that metal steering or the aluminum aluminum steering ackerman, but it does not so were gon na take parts off this car and then were gon na put these parts on the bandit put the banded parts on here Were gon na give this car away to someone whos never had a car before and were gon na have an ultimate bandit all right guys. We got her outfitted up, so we dont have the drag wheels on there. The reason why we dont have the drag wheels because he uses a bigger hex.

He uses a 14 millimeter hex and i thought i could just buy the hexes put them on. However, the pins are a different size, so the pins wouldnt go through the axle stuff or the stub axles. Needless to say, theres ways to get it on there. I didnt have all the stuff to do it and were just gon na blow. These up first also front tires, do not have them on there either because also a different, a different setup. The drag car, the funny car, when i saw the director im talking about traxxas funny car, that those drag wheels came on that i wanted to put on. There was like completely different than these, so were just gon na run it how it is i did put. I think i put a 32 or a 33 gear in there, that is a the pinion and its got. I think its a 76 anyways, its got a high speed, gearing i dont know were gon na hit. I have no idea, but we did put the amazing drag slash willy bar look at that look at the reinforcements here i mean it goes all the way up to these screws here um, so it should stay pretty solid with tsm um and that high speed gearing Im confident that were going to be able to uh to turn some pretty good speeds. What are you thinking? What do you think our speeds going to be today? He says 56, even though we did 55 uh stock and we went gearing up but anyways well find out here in just a second because were about to run this thing all right here we go so my guess is 71 evan updated his guess to 67.

. I think the thing thats going to slow us down, i dont think the battery will be able to push it. That fast were going to find out um. Here you can see how it looks. Oh my gosh, the tires are already ready to blow off. I do have an idea on what to do to the tires to make it work, but the tires already sound like theyre gon na explode off. Okay evan is in position. We are at my if you havent noticed. Yet we are at my high speed testing facility. I want to go fast, 65, all right that was 65., so evans guess 67.. Now i can hear the tires like there. It sounds like theyre going to explode. It really really sounds like theyre gon na explode here, im gon na try to get closer to me on this one: hey watch your feet, evan because i might be coming in hot here, whoa. That was almost very, very, very bad. I saved it were. Okay. Did you get a speed on that? It was 43 before i felt like i could flip it over. I im not gon na lie. I got on it pretty early there. I didnt even think about easing in it. Okay, here we go again. Are you kidding 64? On that one, i feel like we just cant first off, oh, my god, a tire really, we have a hinge. Pin that looks like its trying to come out.

Let me put it in real, quick. All right, i tightened up that hinge. Pin the tires sound like theyre gon na explode off and when they sound like theyre gon na explode off, i think thats keeping it. I think, theres just too much vibration, i think thats keeping it from going 70.. So again i havent. I have an idea on how im going to fix that so well, try it again on next video, but here we go Music 62., my god its leaving freaking skid marks on the cement Music. Oh emma got it. It went 67.. Oh we got ta. Do one more because this is fun hold on a second, it looks like a bearing exploded. Like the wheel, the wheel looks like its coming off here, a little wobbly guys. I just tightened this pin for some reason. It like fully backed out geez. I dont know what is going on all right guys i flipped the pins around so basically, instead of going in through the back im going into the front. So maybe that will help were gon na. Do a couple more passes because its fun Music ever completely forgot to hit the uh the radar button that time Music. Let me do a slo mo see what that looks like Music, oh man, that was awesome, guys. Look. I got many many freaking peel out marks. Oh man, i was going to say skid marks, but i knew the underwear jokes that come out, but look at that im laying rubber down on this street that is freaking awesome yeah those tires are done were gon na have to do something about the tires because Theres just too much vibration in them all right guys.

I got ta admit this is probably one of the most stable high speed cars ive ever built. Granted we only hit 67 today, evan wins. He got it right. He got 67 miles an hour thats exactly how fast it went, but were gon na have to do something about the tires. The tires are vibrating way too much. Its almost almost like the foam has already popped inside so were gon na. Do something with the tires and were gon na try to go even faster. I also wan na put those super basher batteries, the ones that we went even faster in the vortex in those ones by jensey, so jensens battery bags. I want to put them in this car and see how it goes, but overall super duper stable, high speed car with that with that wheelie bar on a bandit tsm. The only time i hit the wall is whenever i was doing peel outs or burnouts and its because i thought it looked cool and i was leaving skid marks well were out of daylight guys. I hope you liked this video. If you did smash the like button.