Tell you why this little 50 rc car is the best rc car in the world. Now i i can smell the salt, already put it away and hear me out, i see, and then i start to smell them. So it’s, like the smell it tastes like so i’m gon na, give you five reasons why i believe this is the best you can buy when we get to the end of the video feel free to then comment your opinions, but definitely hear me out before you Start throwing that shade. Nobody has paid me to say this. There is a link in the description where i got this from, but i also do recommend looking on ebay and amazon for the best deal, but the first reason is because they are cheap. Now, quite often, when i say cheap, i always get that’s not cheap, but in this case i think it is. I got this for less than 50 dollars in the uk i paid, i think, 35 pound for this delivered to my door. It’S a 1 18 scale. It’S fully proportional it’s ready to run. It comes with everything you need, and it is an absolute beast of a little rc car i’ve had probably about six or seven of these over the last couple of years. This one: well not this actual one, but the same as this i reviewed back in 2018. fun fact: it was the very first review i’d done off my own back for the channel.

You could say really that this rc kind of built what my channel is about, or mainly about which is affordable, rc cars. The second reason is, it is small enough to pretty much take anywhere with you. You could bash this in the garden. You could probably even drive it around your house small enough to hit yourself and it doesn’t hurt it’s. Also small enough to catch. Is that small reason number three? There is a full supply of spares for these. You could check ebay, amazon, banggood aliexpress. You will find spares for these everywhere. They even do brushless versions, although the reason i’m not recommending this as the best one is because it’s more than twice the price of the brushed version. This is far better deal than this. These are fun and they are faster. There’S not much different to it, apart from the brushless setup and they’ve got a little support, brace there, but other than that. This is the one to get because of the price and the fun factor, so cheap small plenty of spares. If you break it, and then that brings me on to reason, number four it’s tough i’ve put this thing up against the traxxas teton and it beat it. I mean it’s, not the fastest of things, but it’s still good, good fun i’ve, yet to break one actually, like i said, i’ve had about six or seven and not broken one. Yet i think the only thing i’ve broken is a body Applause.

I think i might have broken a battery tray as well, but but other than that these are solid, the best rc car in the world ever in the world. I love the things they are so cool. How can you not like them? Applause super tough we’ll. Take a break from the best rc car in the world and let’s talk about the best 110 basher you can buy, and that is the rival mt. That is for you well one of you subscribers out there who’s not subscribed to the channel, yet there is still time we got to get to 50 000 subscribers. That is going to one of you i’m going to do. I will do a separate video on that. I will leave a link to where i got mine from because, if you don’t want to wait for the giveaway, these things absolutely take a beating here’s. My trusty steed we’re, going out with this again tomorrow for the main video for the giveaway, and that was a heavy landing so yeah, be sure to watch that. But you could own one of these, and that brings me on to the final reason number five, because it’s so cheap. You don’t have to explain to your wife girlfriend partner, whoever controls your money. You don’t have to try and justify to them. Why you want to spend a thousand dollars or a thousand pound on an rc car, because these are only 50. it’s, not rocket science, quit being a waffle and get your ass in the kitchen and make your husband some waffles and then give them some.

So it’s? Cheap there’s lots of parts for them, it’s, durable, something i forgot to mention. It is really really good fun. So that’s six reasons why you should buy this it’s cheap, it’s, fun, it’s, durable, there’s loads of parts about for it. You can fit it in your pocket and it’s girlfriend or wife friendly, because it doesn’t cost a lot of money that’s it for this. Video guys cheers for watching.