So what does this do so it drives? Oh, it has look it’s uh. It spread over 20 mps and what else it has let’s see: 2.4 z technology, rwd, rear, wheel, drive, rtr and uh performance shocks. Oh, my god, that’s really cool. Am i right yeah you can play drive it inside and outside of the home. Am i right yeah and look in the back. This is the steering – and this is the like side that’s the wheels – and this is right here – wow. So let’s get openings mm. Hmm we’re gon na take off that shade. Take it off now i’m gon na take the whoa the car. This car basically needs some batteries. I think it comes with a spare wheel, it’s so cool you could put like a doll inside. So guys be careful when you use scissors – and i know that this has two of these – if you need help with this one, just don’t, because it’s really hard to put out like a cake up one part of the car – and here we have another hold on There now it’s got the car there’s tape, so i’m cutting the tape with my scissors and be careful. You don’t want to break what’s inside of here. If there’s tape, then there must be something in here for help. I know how to do this. I could do it by myself again, you don’t want to damage what’s inside of here.

Okay. What is this? This is the controller the wheel on and off button the instructions or extra tires, and the charger let’s see what’s in the instructions. So you’re supposed to put the charger right there, you could plug it with like kind of like this, but different it’s like a square or it’s another one. You could charge it also from the laptop charge from the laptop you can charge from the direct line. Okay, and what else you have here have how to control the controller Music and we need three batteries, let’s see what else is here, so it comes with four tires: it could go straight this way or this way, if you go frontward, you could, if you go Backwards, you could go this way this way and this way Music. You use this car in the snowy day, the rainy day, the windy day or a stormy day, because that time might break and your spare ones may break all right like. If you put it on here, then it will go on. But before you use it, you have to take off these wheels, so it doesn’t have any batteries it doesn’t have any batteries, so we’re gon na put some bathrooms. It tells you which one you’re supposed to put the plus and the minus. So if you’re a child, you should know you should ask an adult which way is it so if it says plus that means it goes to this side and if it shows minus it says it goes that side if it’s the spring, that means it’s minus.

If you don’t even know just look at the plus and minus, so we have to look which ones plus and which ones. So here we go: okay, okay, there we got all three batteries now let’s get the lid back in let’s slide it in okay, let’s charge. So i’m going to charge it so here’s the charger. Okay, can you please hand me one now i’m gon na put the charger there. So now i’m gon na put it into here. So now, it’s. The light is on so now you get the charger put it in there. I don’t think i put it right there so put the car upside down there. We go now it’s charging just in case. If we need the instructions we’re going to use it and the extra tires will go with it right here right there, so let’s count them one. Two three and four four tires for how we charge the car. Now we can drive it, you want it to go fast. It could go fast, Music, so fast, all right, because i click the fast button. If i don’t it will just go Music i’m just going to make an ordinary car and i’m just going like Music guys. The reason i’m right here is because i just noticed that you can put this up and drive it it’s very crazy and fast. It might fall, but Music, Music, ah that’s, so crazy, Music, Music, i’m, just going in circles, Music go backwards, cross it crashes.

My foot that’s funny it’s, going in circles the crest Music, okay, okay, that’s, the parking test. It makes it slow or fast, it’s, really fast, current right, Music. Oh my gosh! What is speed, what a force huh? Oh my gosh, it’s, really stronger and it also bruises.