Have i got an unboxing for you? Well, i’ve got two unboxings for you today. These are two little 116 scales from pinecone models. Little 1 16th scale trucks. This one looks very familiar: we’ll get out of the box and have a look in a minute. Esp they’ve got stability, control they’ve got built in gyros, let’s, get them out of the box and have a look. So, a few months ago i got sent a video via email and showing this thing drifting around the track, and there wasn’t much information about it. As soon as these come out, i was on them. I had to get. I had to get them both in to show you not much really. On the box. Four wheel drive ready to run it’s got lights, says lipo it’s, a lithium ion battery gyro stabilization, electronic speed control all terrain tyres. It has all it’s also got some drift tyres in there, so the sg1604 model that’s the one with like the open cab. There then you’ve got the 1606 that looks very similar to something else. Let’S get this one out the box. It looks awesome so in the box a little set of instructions that give you all the details of how it works, how the lights work, how the gyro works a couple of spare links there, a screwdriver wheel, wrench and some body clips set of drift tyres. It comes with nice, soft, rubber ones on there and a usb charger.

Now this is um one of the better usb chargers. I have seen with a 1200 milliamp power lithium ion battery let’s, get this thing on charge, and then this is the transmitter. You’Ve got uh. It looks like four channels: you’ve got a third channel there. I think that’s to switch the lights on and off the fourth channel there different color selections on the lights. I believe that is and then on the top you’ve got your esp, so you can adjust your gyro amount there. I guess you’ve got your steering, trim you’ve got your steering jewel rates, your steering angle and then you’ve got your reverse, which is there not a bad transmitter? It feels quite light. Can’T quite reach there with my thumb, so i have to put an adapter on there, but not bad and then finally, here is the first truck and i must admit it looks pretty cool. It looks very mustangy doesn’t it wow very nice, so there’s your lights in there. I think yeah, they’re angel eye lights, we’ll switch them on and have a look and underneath you’ve got your two in one esc there it says headlamps and tower lamps. There is a plug there for rear lights. There there’s only fitted to this one, but there is a plug it’s, a five wire steering servo, so it’s, no real, easy way of upgrading that unless you change all the electronics 380 motor it’s, a metal metal center shaft going through there, metal dog bones front and Rear – and it looks like you got bearings in there as well, so nice friction dampers on stuff.

This light and small though oil would be better. Hopefully they might bring out or you’ll be able to fit some oil shocks to it, because it does make it a bit bouncy. But if this could be drifting around then it’s not a massive issue. It does feel a little tight on the older mesh there. Maybe that’ll loosen up a little bit overall, what a nice looking truck right, let’s put that one to one side. I know this might be the most popular one. Look at this one. What does that? Look like it’s, a little mini armor, infraction how cool love it? Oh, this one’s got that this one’s got a little diffuser and then it’s got a little light under there as well, very very nice right. Actually, a battery in this let’s check them lights out. Four double a batteries only the finest for my stuff, i called them lights – look should try them first, so press the press, channel three switches them off now. This one, i think, got white like a red and white, so that’s, red, that’s, white and then red and white definitely leaving him on red all right. So steering that’s, not a bad angle, actually not too bad, definitely want it more than that, if you’re drifting and then throttle so, the esp only works when you’re on throttle, which is fine, which is all good, so i’ll give them a quick one. So put the driftwoods on that we’ll keep the stock rubber tires on that we’re, going to give them a quick run.

Do a quick speed test enjoy description, says 30 kilometers an hour not fast, usually they’re quite far out so i’m, hoping that they are close to 30 kilometers an hour because otherwise going to be super slow anyway, let’s give it a speed, run not bad that gyro Right, it’s 10 i’ve got the gyro turn right up: that’s, better that’s, not bad. I don’t think i need the drift wheels. I think this is going to be so much fun. This is on the uh, the bit normal tyres dry patch. Over there pretty dry there yeah a bit of grip. I think we need bright lights for this driving don’t. We oh lovely drift there. You probably didn’t, see that guys. These are going to be so much fun right. How close to 30 did we get 26, not bad, it’s, quite a small little car, so it does look fast enough. I think, with a lipo in there, it’s got lithium ion with a nice 2s lipo in there. I mean you might even run 3s we’ll try it, but with a 2s lipo in there, i think it’s going to give you that 30 kilometers an hour, not bad. So, even without the uh drift wheels on because the uh it’s a bit cold it’s a bit damp it’s still with them rubber tyres, the normal tyres it’s still working well it’s still drifting as well, very nice. So i turn the gyro right off. So no gyro.

Now – and it is controllable – definitely controllable without it and now we’re going to switch it to 50 now, oh, that makes it definitely get that little gyro going, and that is much easier to handle very slippery. I think it’s gon na be too slippery for this. We need a dry day or indoors it’s a little bit dry here, but it’s still there still not the best. This thing is going to be really good indoors, get yourself on an indoor drift trap or a nice dry smooth skate park. I think this thing’s going to perform really well, so we’ve got a little bit more grip on here there we go, oh and it is easier to handle on this surface. Yeah that’s, better! Oh that’s it for this video guys cheers for watching normal wheels good for drifting in this kind of weather drift, wheels, save them for indoors or a nice dry day how you enjoyed that these things are probably the most fun you can have for under 100 links.