Look at my top 10., so number 10 is the hbx 16889. This thing is awesome: it’s, 1, 16 scale and brushless really fast. It’S got some decent speed about it. One of the biggest things of this was how tough it was. Now i gave this absolute hell. Um at the skate park on ground like this, not a single thing broke. This comes under various brands. This is the hbx1, and this is my number 10. Music, oh Music, now at number nine is the wl toys k989. This little rally car and it is awesome – full metal, chassis, four wheel, drive really tough, really fast, really cheap. This actually, when i bought this, this was under 50, so this could go into the top 10 under 50 dollars, it’s a little bit more expensive now, but this is my number nine every rc in this video i’ve owned and a lot of them. I still own, and that is because of how good they are – and this is why i’ve put them in this top 10. is: is Music Music now here’s? What i haven’t got anymore. This is my number eight. This is the hvx one, two eight one five and what i like about this one is the size of it. I think it’s 110 for 112 scale. I can’t remember: it’s, got oil shock, metal gears it’s, not the fastest thing out there, but it is super fun and the cost of it being under 99 is an absolute bargain.

So everything in this top 10 list at the time of me doing this – were all under 99. Prices do fluctuate, i did check for compiled in this list and they were all under 99., Music, so Music. My number seven is this: hs. 18. 3. 1. 1.. Now this this for me, not only is it a really good and again this could go in the under 50 category. These are so cheap and i stuck it in this one because of how good it is. This is the truck that kind of kicked off. My reviews on the channel back in 2018 that’s, where this video is from 2018. I bought myself. One of these thought, i’m gon na do a review on it and it kind of all went from there and now, as you see, i’ve got probably over 300 reviews on the channel anyway. This thing is my number seven. It could easily be higher up the list, but there’s a few things that i think are a little bit better than this now, but definitely if i do a top 10 under 50. This thing, i am sure, will be sat at number one: Music, Music foreign. Now my number six everyone’s favorite, the wl toys a 959. This is the b version. They also do a normal version. This has got a 380 motor. This has got a 540 or is it a 550? I think it’s got a 550 motor, sorry not 540, and this has got a 380 these things back in 2018 2019.

These were one of the most popular buggers. You could buy my number six: the wl toys, a 959 b super fast super, cheap Music, Music Applause, Music, okay, Applause Applause get into the top five. Now. The number five is the zing long q 901. Now this thing this is the beach run, i’ve done with it, with some paddle tires on it. This thing, though, absolutely awesome again, a brushless truck under 99 really fast, really fun and definitely deserves to be in that top five different body variants of this. This is the q901, but you can get desert buggies and all sorts, but anyway number five, Music Applause, oh Music, um, Music. Moving on to number four now this is this: is the fy03h from fey. Now this is brushless, they do brushed versions as well. This is the brushless version. It’S got an outrunner motor 2s lithium ion in there very very nice truck. Indeed, the only downside to this it does traction. Roll a little bit is renowned for rolling over stick some oil shocks in it, tune that suspension up and, as you can see, it’s not too bad plenty fast enough goes over pretty much every terrain. You can throw it number four, the fy03h, my number three and probably the most controversial truck in this video, the s max now this back in 2018, 2019 again caused massive issues. In fact, a couple of channels called this – the mini x max because it does look like a little x, maxx it’s called s max – did cause lots of trouble.

However, it’s a very, very good rc, the remo hobby s max. That is my number three on this list: Music, so, Music, here, Music, Music, um, Music, mushrooms, Music, is Music team, so the top two who is gon na be in my top two now this is a very close call and i didn’t know where to put them, But at number two i’ve put the new sg 1604 pinecone models, and this is like a little talking of controversy. This one looks a little bit like a truck from armor and you’ve got the truck version or you’ve got the car like a bit like a mustang version, both of these under 99. Now i saw one of these the other day for less than 60 dollars. Crazy price awesome trucks. These are my number two, so that only leaves one more to go: Music, Music and that’s right. You probably guessed it. My number one rc for under 99. it’s the wl toys one, four, four: zero, zero one. This one is not stock. This is my speed run one. Hence it’s got foam tyres, a different body straight out of the box. So these things for the money absolutely flawless and unbeatable oil shocks, metal, chassis, big 550 motor. This took over from the a959 and everyone raves about these. There are so many of them groups everywhere. Speed runs. You can take it to the skate park. You can bash these they’ve got their weak spots, they’re, so cheap and again, i’ve see i’ve seen these as low as 70 dollars.

I’Ve seen them as much as 110, but truck you can get for your money for under 99, the 144.00 oh yeah. That falls apart. Applause, Music – oh use. My engineering skills like that, but they didn’t teach you that on youtube, that’s it for this video guys hope you enjoyed it. That is my top 10 rcs for under 99.. If you want to see more of these, give us a shout. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see.