I got three new crawlers from element: we’ve got the little 124 scale, sendero trail truck we’ve got the trail runner and we got the gatekeeper. This is going to be a good series of videos and on the first video we’re, going to get the trail runner out. I’Ve seen good things about this i’m, really interested to see that ifs that independent front suspension so let’s get it on the workbench. Have a look at the box, let’s get it out of the box and then let’s take it for its first run. This is a first for me and i’ve been told, really good things about this. In fact, i’ve been told by a few people, i need to get some on the channel, so here they are there’s 110 scale ready to run and, like i mentioned, it’s got that independent front suspension. I’Ve watched a few videos on this already and i can tell you it is going to be awesome, we’re going to take it out on a trail today as well, but first we’re gon na get out the box a little bit of info on there. It’S got a um 16 turn five slot motor i’ve heard good things about that. It’S got a decent brushed esc there. I think it’s, a 40 amp esc oil shots you’ve got a traditional rear axle on this and then you’ve got the ifs. The independent front suspension let’s break that seal. I quite often get stuff out before and have a quick look i’ve not even looked at this one.

I don’t know whether you can see in there, but the boxes for all the elements stuff always come. You can turn them inside out and have like a a little workshop or a garage, so lots of stuff in the box bits of trim there front bumper. I think i’m gon na fit this front bumper. I am not too keen on how it looks with the plastic there, so i think i’m gon na. I think you have to trim that or it might actually unbolt i’ll put the bumper on it snorkel for when we go in the water, some leds they go in the bumper wing mirrors you’ve got a full size battery tracks. It comes with a shorty battery tray in there you’ve got an axle housing, so you can convert it back to solid axle at the front i’m. Not sure you get everything in there because i can’t see any front housing there, but anyway you get the actual housing body posts. Some spare and tired ends, Applause, not sure what that is spare gears. Now you can change the overdrive on this, so this is, i think, it’s got just over five percent uh biased towards the front i’m, not massively familiar with overdrives i’m, not i’ve done crawling, but i’m, not a serious crawler as such. What it basically means is the front’s overdriven, so the front wheels spin a little bit more than the rears when you’re driving that helps with climbing.

It also helps with the turning and i’ve seen that these turn really well. So you get that in there you can go up one or you can go down 25 t servo horn there. So you can put your own servos in because i think it’s got 23 on there and then some little adapters for your shocks. I guess some more brackets, not sure what they’re for and another uh tired end their body pins, some o rings and some fixings. I guess there for the bumper, maybe esc, instructions, little team associated or associated electronics, um brochure – i like it that you get these. I like to have a look at well, you don’t get these in many trucks anymore. So just gives you a little highlight of what else they do so element is owned by associated electronics, who are team associated full comprehensive set of instructions, for it is on the enduro platform, this one’s the trail runner, then a nice sticker sheet, not pre cut, though I think this could do with a few stickers to get it looking a bit more scale, the xp 130 transmitter. These are really nice. Anything i don’t like is. I can’t, really drive one hand without an adapter loads of features on these really they’re nice. Looking they’ve got a really nice feel to them a good quality feel to them that’s all what’s in the box, and then this is the rig itself. First impressions, the body it looks nice, i wouldn’t say it’s my favorite looking, but i think once you’ve got some of the accessories on there once we’ve changed the bumper.

I think it’s going to look a lot better, get a few stickers on, but my first impressions on it it’s a bit square and blocky, but but saying that it’s all going to be in the performance, and you can always change the body can’t you they are 1.5, wheels they’re quite small for a crawler, the tyres do feel nice and nice and soft. You can feel the foams in there as well. Let’S get the body off and let’s have a look underneath. So, underneath there is your ifs under there, your independent front suspension, you’ve got a couple of links there and you’ve got your bottom arms. It does look really nice under there. It does look very nice and you got a really good shouldn’t. Really. I don’t really like doing that with servos or not powered, but nice steering angle on it suspension up front very good as well. Now these have got massive amounts of adjustment. You can do on all the suspension and your geometry really really like that from them. So your steering servo sits behind you see it sits behind the axle there. Nice design that tucked up out the way when you look at it from the front, you can’t see any of the steering components. So it does look nice and clean already mentioned about the tyres. They’Ve got a nice good feel to them a little 1.5 in there. It looks relatively scale i might change into some, maybe slightly bigger, so i’ve got some tire.

They are just a little bit bigger on a 1.9 rim. I think they will look quite nice on there, so i might in the future, put them on so there’s. Your shorty uh battery tray comes with a bigger one. Like i’ve shown you in the box to change it, if you want to yeah receivers in there, i presume that’s waterproof, as i mentioned, i’ve not had any of the elements before and i’ve heard these gearboxes very, very good and, like i’ve mentioned, you can change the Um ratio in there, so you can have it over driving your esc, that’s, 2s and 3s. I think i’m going to run it on three. Yes, i’ve seen it on 2s it’s a little bit slow for my liking. So i think we’re going to, i think, we’re going to run it 3s standard four link suspension on the back. There you’ve got a telescopic uh driveshaft with like an aluminium, insert, rear axle metal gears throughout bearings throughout overall. I think this thing’s going to be pretty good, so i’m, going to get all the bits and pieces sorted on this body. Put some stickers on i’m going to swap the bumper i’m going to get a battery charged and then we’re going to take it out on the trail i’m, not big into like massively detailed technical videos as much as i’d love to go through the whole thing. The video would just drag on it’s, probably been dragging off long enough anyway, there’s loads of videos.

Out of this that go really in depth with it. For me, i like to just have a quick overview of the basics around it and the things i know then i like to just get it out and see how it performs, and that is what we’re gon na do let’s go. Take this on the trail. I’Ve got a whole afternoon off work, so i’ve got two lipos we’re gon na. Take this thing out for a massive trail. I’Ll show you the highlights, and i will put a full video up very soon for you let’s go well. We might as well start with a bit of a bit of a water run. Haven’T we just gon na do a bit of a river crossing here. Rather than get it submerged straight away, you can set the drag break on this i’ve set the drag break to 50, but you can do it zero, fifty or a hundred just off the esc with a little tab. We’Ve got it at 50.. You should allow it to roll a bit more there. We go perfect. Look at that. The control on this is crazy. It just goes so nice, like so slow that esc really nice modulation. Look at that control love it. I get a lot of people saying about my poor lines when i’m doing these videos a lot of the time it’s because i’m actually looking at the screen and not the truck i’m gon na try harder, try harder.

Just for you guys, all right, we got ta. Try and get out there now slow and steady yeah very impressed. This place is so big there’s, so many areas – i’ve not looked at yet or not been to so today, i’m going to wander around, spend a bit of time, scouting out some areas and just find places to bring more trucks like this. You know, i know not. Everyone’S into this sort of stuff, but it’s definitely one of the more relaxing things you can do, especially when you’ve got a nice afternoon off work. Well, this will be a nice little climb in there so fully waterproof, waterproof servo esc. I think the receiver box is waterproof as well. We’Ll find out won’t we what a cool little waterfall climb, just a little one independent front suspension. It just looks so cool. It looks really nice in scale, so i hope the uh. I hope this comes out somewhere. Otherwise, i’m gon na have to walk all the way back. There’S a good amount of grip. On these little tires i’m impressed. You can see how steep it is if the uh the sides slip, whoa whoa, whoa, Music. Yes, i just can’t get over how smooth this thing runs: listen, that’s, flat out on 3s it’s, just so smooth. That is just a touch of throttle. Look at that Music that drag break on 50 is awesome. Look at it just nudge! The throttle bit get it moving there.

You go that no throttle on there that’s the drag brake, no throttle input for me at all perfect on fifty percent uh the higher your shocks. It will lift the uh clearance up that center bit and there it will lift that up a little bit. Tell you what oh, i lost my wing where i knew i was gon na happen. Um this actually oh it’s gon na get stuck now, but there’s. Only a couple of my crawlers that have done all right, the capra being one of them it’s all about your lines, 100 in my top three, the other two being my cat pro, but i’ve spent a fortune on that. I still need to learn how to drive that properly, but that’s my number one, but that is because i’ve spent a crazy amount of money on it. Do you know what my number two is trx4 is i’d say number might as well. Why i’m talking about lists? Tx4 is probably four on the list. Maybe it’s a good rig. It loses a point for being a traxxas joke joking, but this is a solid, a solid three it’s. So good. I thought that suspension. Oh getting a bit carried away. I thought um that suspension would be a downfall, but it actually worked so well.