My head: hey, what’s, going on guys cjr here back with another episode of cjrc today on the bench, we’ve got the typhoon 3s from arma um full disclosure. This is not my first typhon um. I had the typhon v1. I believe we’re on v3. Now, with this latest release, this is in fact the latest release and uh. The typhon is, i would say, a top three rc car that i’ve had i’ve, probably owned, probably 40 rc’s in the last three years now um and i absolutely love this buggy. I think that this is one of the best bangs for your buck in rc to date, um it’s got fantastic speed. It jumps well, it handles well on uh road dirt um. You know grass that’s not crazy tall, just a all around fantastic basher and even you know eraser, if you’re into that too so we’re gon na unbox this today and uh we’ll, give it a first run and just kind of highlight the uh typhon 3s blx, like I said super excited for this. One there’s been a bunch of new upgrades from the previous version, um we’re, going to pop this guy open first and then we’ll get to that. If you guys want to grab one for yourself check out the links in the description below for big boys with cool toys and use the coupon code cjr to save yourself some money all right, so here we go there’s the buggy and there she is now they Have not changed the design of the body, which is fine.

I actually really enjoy uh. This color scheme here it’s a gorgeous uh gorgeous car with the red, the silver um arma, did a great job with the design on this one, and and to be honest with you, i like most of arma’s designs, almost all of them. Actually, i think they do a really good job with the uh, at least the visuals and the design aspect of the cars for sure uh. One thing you need to check here: doesn’t seem to be any leaky shocks. I know that’s been an issue before i’ve had several um one of my 3s vehicles previously my granite, my friend matt’s granted, who he opened up uh with leaky shocks from the box. I guess that’s a good transition into what’s new on this vehicle. So on the box here you can see that we’ve got new oil filled shocks with silicone o rings. That was an issue with the previous rubber o rings leaking um. So so far so good on this guy here, what else is new uh? Oh vented uh d boots tires. You can see that they’ll have like a little hole on the tire here uh. If you get water in there, it’ll fire out through what would that be centripetal force, um new uh receiver uh. This was a a contentious um edition. I mean i mean people are happy. I believe that there’s a new receiver, because people weren’t a big fan of the previous um.

I love the tactic. What was it tx 300 or something like that? That came with the older armors, but the one that was in between there the other uh spectrum, not so much um. So hopefully these are better um, yeah well, that’ll be remained to be seen. Uh motor heatsink fan uh we’ve got new spectrum firma motors, updated chassis. I believe they also inc uh increase the clearance uh in between here from the chassis, so yeah bunch of new upgrades uh, the buggy looks fantastic let’s. Take a quick look inside here we got the new ic5 connectors on this guy, which i don’t mind um. You know i use the ec5 connectors on a lot of my batteries and i just have kind of adapters so i’m, not one to uh chop these off yet that’s one thing i’ll say about this channel. Is you know i drive my rc’s pretty stock. I don’t do a whole lot of uh upgrades or tweaking i like to keep them stock a lot of times. I’Ll i’ll drive these and then um flip them and get the newer models, which is actually what i did with this one. I believe there’s new, these wheels look new too. These hubs are definitely different. Tires might even be different, obviously they’re vented so most likely they are huge battery tray, that’s, fantastic that’ll, fit all sorts of batteries. We’Ve got a uh this little piece, that’ll pop out too, to accommodate a bigger battery.

Yeah i mean looks fantastic interested to see if these shocks hold up there’s a quick look at the chassis, so in the bag here we’ve got the usual suspects the manual a couple tools here: no decals or stickers. I wan na arm it. I guess armor doesn’t do that on their 3s models. Let’S take a quick look at this radio, all right. So first impressions are not good. This feels extremely cheap. The slt3 uh we’ll, see you know. If the range is good. It’S got a foam wheel. I can at least reach and and drive this with one hand which is kind of nice um. So if it’s comfortable, fine but i’ll tell you right off the bat, it does not feel as substantial as those old uh tactic radios so we’ll see. This will be my first time using this. I i tried it briefly actually now that i remember on my buddy matt’s granite, but uh i didn’t even actually clue in that this is the same one. You would think that there would have been an upgraded radio with the uh with the 3s model, but apparently not so let’s uh let’s get this guy outside. I want to give this guy a test i’m eager to drive this, because i haven’t had my typhon in my possession for a little while, and i miss it. As i said, this is one of my favorite rc cars. Anyways let’s go outside and give this a rip all right guys future cjr here, um it’s, now been a good two weeks since i maybe even three weeks since i filmed the initial portion of this video um i’ve since been driving the crap out of this type.

In 3s – and i can safely say that this is one of my top rc cars that i own and, in my opinion, one of the best values that you can get in rc today, if you’re somebody who’s not quite in rc. This is enough rc for you, like i’m, not sure you need anything faster than this sky will hit 50 miles per hour pretty easily. You know in right under right conditions, you’re easily getting high 40s, even in grass dirt. It jumps like a beast. It flies perfectly straight in the air super easy to control sails nicely through the air it’s great. On almost every surface, i can’t say enough about this buggy easily. One of the best deals in rc today, best bang for your buck highly recommend it there’s. Also, a mega version of this, which is cheaper not quite as fast comes with a battery. This guy runs on a 3s lipo battery, but uh the mega version comes with a nickel metal check out the links in the description below and you can get them both from big boys and actually save some money with the code cjr all capitals, um yeah, when It comes to this radio uh i’ve mentioned it in in previous videos that have come since i made the beginning portion of this uh, the slt3 really starting to like this radio it’s pretty bare bones, but it works really well it’s comfortable. I like the wheel.

I, like the resistance on the wheel. The trigger feels great i’ve really come around on this radio don’t mind it at all. In fact, i actually quite like it almost as much as that tactic, one so um can’t say enough about this. Guy, like i said, check out the links in the description below for more information. If you want to grab one for yourself uh. Thank you guys so much for watching. I got a ton of footage on this thing, so stay tuned for more videos on the typhon 3s uh, two of the guys in the group that i drive with actually just picked up: megas um, the typhon mega as their first vehicle and they’re loving it. So plenty of footage on that to come on this channel as well as always guys. Thank you so much for watching and until the next episode. What do you guys think of my pink sweater by the way shout out to big boys for sending this over secure men wear pink? I don’t own, a pink sweater already, so i was pretty happy to see a pink one kind of like it.