Uh hi and welcome to arty kicks on today’s show it’s a controversial one and it may trigger a few of you and that’s exactly what i want so comment below after you’ve watched this video. I want to hear your thoughts and your feelings about this. Now we have a tt02b from tamiya. This is a standard kit been around for a long, long time very much an entry level kit, obviously it’s, not quite as low as a grasshopper, but i wanted to try and get a kit that kind of matched the competition that we’re putting up against today. So that’s, why i didn’t use a grasshopper grasshopper’s two wheel, drive doesn’t, have oil shocks and things like that. This is a four wheel: drive metal chassis oil shocks that kind of stuff, so it doesn’t really fit um. So i tried to pick the closest to it, and that was this now, the one that i’ve got today is the plasma edge one. Now this is kind of an entry level kit for tamriel as i’m sure you all know, this has a fully painted body. So you don’t have to do that side of it. It comes with the electronic speed controller, but you still have to purchase your servo, your battery, your charger and your transmitter and receiver separate, whereas this is a ready to run. Also, you have to build this one where you don’t have to build the uh china one now the china one.

The name is a wall toys one two, four, oh one, nine so that’s the first strike to the chinese version, naming what a stupid name. It should have a proper name this. Yes, this has got tto 2b, which is the chassis name, but it’s called a plasma edge. This should be called something it doesn’t have any individual name as such so yeah. That is not good marketing, because we’re, not machines. We don’t know numbers so trying to remember it’s a one two four, oh one, nine that’s fine, but it should be called a wool toys saber and then it should be. Kit 124019, so definitely need to work on that. A little bit um doesn’t sound like a lot, but i think people then relate to cars more if they have a proper name. So this is a kit that you have to build and this is ready to run. So from that point of view, there’s a plus and a minus, some people really enjoy the build process. Me personally, i do and you get to know your car and you get to understand it and then, if you break it, you can actually repair it because you build it in the first place. But some people see that as a negative and they prefer ready to run if anything we’re moving more towards ready to run so there’s that so i can’t really give that a a win, really it’s personal choice. Some people will like one some people.

Like the other me personally, i would rather build my kit, but the general population, i think, are leaning more towards the ready to run so it’s a bit of a shame. But there we go in the wall. Toys kit, you get everything you get a battery 2s lipo battery. The transmitter receiver is in there as well. You get a usb charger, so everything you need to get going, whereas when you buy the tt02b, you have to then source yourself, a servo, a transmitter receiver, and things like that. So i put some prices together. So the pledgement, a plasma h2 kit 58630 – that is 124 pound is, is what i can find. Obviously you might get slightly better deal or slightly worse deal depending on your country, availability and things like that. So that’s, the kit itself. Then you need a budget transmitter. Receiver, so i looked up a standard kit that you could get where you get everything together and there’s. A core rc 2.4 gig trans receiver is 28 pound now there’s, some that are slightly cheaper and some that’s slightly more expensive. Depending on what you’re going to get. Then you need a servo average standard servo for a kit like this eight pound, nine pence, then you need a charger now. The cheapest sort of charges you can get is like a uh. What we got fusion nx 84 charger, which is nine pound 49. Then you need a battery, so a 7.

2 volt 2 200 milliamp is coming in at 12. Pounds 79.. Obviously, that’s not lipo that’s in imh, then uh you’re, looking at a total of 185 pound 36, so that’s kind of our target 185 to get this running now, if you want to add a few other bits like you need some batteries, batteries are two pound for Aa batches for the transmitter, receiver, obviously you’ll need that on this kit as well, then, if you get a kit that doesn’t need painting, then obviously you don’t have to buy the paint. But if you get one where you have to paint the body, you’ve got to add another five to six pound on top of that as well. If you want to get a fast charger for your uh kit, you’re looking at spending more 18.99 instead of nine pound 47, so you’re then going up to 197 pound for a kit with one battery to get you up and going it’s quite a lot. So you’re almost at the 200 pound mark – and this is supposed to be a reasonably entry level kit, so let’s have a look at the one two four overnight. So this is what you get in the box. You get the car itself it’s fully painted up. You get a transmitter, you also get a usb charger and you get a little tool now from a looks point of view, i’m very sold on it, so much so that i was thinking about buying one of these myself with my own money.

Until i was offered this tester and i was really chuffed um, so from a just looking at it – i like it, i love what they did with the colors. I think it’s very pretty. I think what they did with the aluminium sharks and the wheels. I think it’s a looker it’s, obviously a more modern, um sort of body design, long wheelbase but uh from a looks point of view – can’t fault it. Now. If you look at something like the plasma edge, i don’t think there’s that much in it to be fair. I i i think, it’s personal choice. I don’t think there’s one that just stands out massively from the other. So when you look at it like that, we are now at 200, pound and we’re. Now, at 107, pound there’s a big difference between owning one of these and owning one of these. So it starts to. It starts to muddy the water a little bit, but then let’s look at what you get in this versus that car. Now the tamiya car is a totally plastic kit. You even have to buy the bearings on top. This has metal, uprights, metal shocks, adjustable turnbuckles metal chassis, let’s, take the body off 550 motor, which is a bigger motor than what you get in this kit. So yeah you also get some metal steering arms, so it’s metal end pins, so yeah. It starts to look quite difficult to justify the plasma edge.

Don’T. Get me wrong. I am a massive tamiya fan, as you can tell, but when you start looking at the numbers, but then you can go okay, part availability. If i get my tamiya uh plaza plasma edge, i can get parts very easily. This is very true, but i went online and i looked at the parts for this and you can get pretty much everything you want now. I can’t say that in a year’s time that might not change so that’s, something you’ve got to think of. From a variable point of view, right now i can buy every single part i want for this and i can repair it now. Obviously, you’ve got the issue where the part has to come from china to come over, so there’s a bit of a lead time on parts. So you have to take that, but the tamiya are having the same issue. Some parts are really difficult to get in the uk. Obviously this might be different depending on your country, but tammy is not immune to the same problem. You have to wait for parts to arrive. A classic example is, i have a part here that goes on a avanti to replace this part from an avanti kit three months and the avanti kit was reissued six months ago. So tamiya is suffering from the same problem, so a parts available, obviously being a tto2, has been around a lot longer. There is a lot more parts in circulation, so i kind of give that one to tamiya but it’s, not a landslide for them versus what you’re getting from wall toys but there’s, another thing there, the okay! Well, we spent nearly 200 pounds on this one.

What about? If i spend that money on this to that, i have left over that’s where it really starts to change the game. So you can get a full metal upgrade parts for this as a pack for 40 pound, and that includes lower arms in metal, uprights in metal front and rear pinion and spur in metal hexes in metal turnbuckles in metal with end joints, and you get a full Steering set in metal for 40 pound so now you’re at 149 pound and you have really sprinkled a lot of metal on this, including the metal chassis. So how does that then stack up against the plasma edge where you’ve got full metal arms, metal, uprights, metal, chassis, um you’ve got universal um joints uh, you lose your dog bones and better steering and you’re still only 149 pounds you’re still 50 odd, pound 50. 55 pound under the plasma edge, but then you can even spend more money because there’s other upgrades available. You could get yourself a lipo charger like this one to charge your batteries really quickly, and these come in at where’s my price on this 20 pound. So you’re now 170 pound for a fully upgraded car with a rapid charger with a two batteries. But then you could say you could you’ve still got money left over, so you can buy for this two full metal diffs for eleven pound, eight. So now you’re 181 pound for basically full metal, running gear, metal, pinion metal, spur you already get a metal drive, shaft uh, prop shaft metal, diffs uh universal um, what they call them: uds’s universal drive, shafts metal, uprights, metal, hexes and you’re still at 181.

So you’ve still got like 20 odd quid left over anyway. What i’m going to do now is i’m, going to throw the battery in it and we’ll take it out for a bit of a spin now it’s snowing in the uk. But i think there might be enough traction that i can at least drive it a little bit because i haven’t even driven this yet so i want to give it a go. But looking at the reviews online, it gets some really good reviews and i have to say the shocks straight out. The box are really nice quality of kit it’s. I would say the plastics are not quite the same as the tamiya, but there’s not much in it. To be fair, the arms look pretty good, i think it’s more the hardware i think, it’s more to do with the bolts and screws and nuts and things like that, even though there’s not much in it. So if i was in tamiya shoes i’d be really concerned because you’re getting so much bang for buck with these first is this anyway. Let’S. Take it outside blast it around a little bit and then we’ll be right back, oh um, so there you go. I hope you enjoyed that little running video as soon as the grass dries out a little bit. I will put it around the bugred track and you know what it’s going to be quick it’s really going to give some of these cars a run for their money.

That’S for sure um, yeah, lovely, lively, they’ve got the power level perfect for the size of the car it’s loads of power on a 112 it’ll do 30 mile an hour that we all know that it’s been tested a few times um. So that is much more lively than you’re going to get from a plasma edge with just stock electronics and a silver can motor. It drives brilliantly straight out of the box. The only thing that i’ve changed is i trued up the wheels one of the wheels was a little bit sticking out a little bit, so i trued them up a bit um that’s, but when you build the plasma edge, you have to do that anyway. So i don’t see that as a real negative from a building point of view, the shocks are set up lovely. They are exactly how i’d have them. They’Re, nice and soft handles brilliantly. It drifts nicely, i think, having the longer wheelbase means it’s much more well mannered with that power and it’s, not too much power and it’s, not sluggish, so are they really played with it and i think they’ve nailed it. I wouldn’t really look at putting more power in this. One thing i would do is the battery you get is a 22 000 milliamp battery. I think you’re going to burn through those quite quickly because it is so lively and it’s got so much punch and it’s got such a big motor in it.

The battery gets used up quite a lot, so i would definitely look an upgraded battery for it, not from a power point of view, but just a capacity point of view, because 22 000 milliamps with a motor this size it’s not going to last. Very long and after doing a few power runs and stuff like that, i was getting down to like 14 when i stopped, and i wanted to play with it more so yeah. So i guess it comes down to would i buy the plasma is edge myself or would i go for this? Whatever the stupid number is one two four, oh one, nine fix that definitely needs to be fixed, um. Well, my money. I would pick this sorry tammy. Unfortunately, i feel you get so much more for your money and this does drive better than the plasma edge in its stock form. Controversial comment below. What do you think? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you think i’m mad? If i was buying this for my own money, i think i’d be really happy. My only concern would be part availability in a year’s time right now, loads of parts no problem at all, so i would probably should cover that myself being that the cost of this is so low if you decided not to go for the metal upgrade and just Bought a few extra arms and a few diffs which are fully available right now and they’re, not expensive, you could basically have a whole parts bin that would cover if you smashed it up a few times.

If you went for a couple of front arms, a couple of front diffs, because you’re more likely to break the front and then just a set of rear arms and a rear diff, i think you’re there. I would definitely probably upgrade the tires. I do like these wheels, they are really nice. I think they go really well, but depending on what tracks you’re running on but saying that i was blasting out on the concrete and the tarmac and they’re great fun. So there you go very controversial and i am just blown away by it. Obviously i’m going to drive it a lot more and then we’ll see a bit more about reliability and things like that and how the electronics and the motor hold up and stuff like that. Anyway, if you’re interested in one of these, i put affiliate links in the description. If you decide yourself that you’re interested in getting one of these, if you want to click the link that’s great, it helps the channel out, but if not that’s fine too anyway, thanks very much please like and subscribe and hit that thumbs up, as it really helps The youtube algorithm push this content to other rc people.