So this one here is stock, but we did change the gearing to make it faster. Whilst this one here has quite a lot of modifications, and if you want to know more about the modifications, all the techno babble and where you can get these cars from there’s going to be a link to all of that down below. So the first thing that i like about the x maxx is its sheer size, it’s, just that perfect size all round it’s, not too small, to make it unstable and it’s, also not too big so that you can’t carry it next is its looks, i mean just Look at it and look how easy it is to get the body off and the battery is going equally as easily all right enough. Waffle let’s take him out for a rip here. We are on location and first we’re, going to see how fast it goes on this one. I want to aim for 60 miles an hour run up from over. There heat this and then clear the whole mound. Oh Music, nice, Music. Next challenge hit this and land on there, but not clear it. Otherwise, if we go to the other side of that fence there, then the x max is gone forever. Here we go flat out, you can drive them on two wheels: Music, hey time for mumble and it’s still going and wheels a oh Music. Oh guys, the range went bad on it: 50 meters down the road and the radio cut out so we’re going to install the dumbo.

These are dirt. Cheap and they’ve got a super crazy long range, there’s going to be links to this down below so we’re, going to chuck it in and then we’re going to go. Take it rip again swords law that is guys four years of traxxas radio work perfectly. So we got a dumbo receiver, so i’m, not gon na bother with a temperature sensor. This is always giving me problems. I’Ve never really ran it anyway. I’Ve just had it cold up in there. So now we’ve got less cabling boom. There. You go oh what’s, this that’s, your original come back to home, guys that is the first ever xmax on my channel. You go back and watch the first ever video it’s from that car. My first ever cardinal channel a vinnie he’s got a brand new one. You happy man, oh yeah, we’ll, get rid of that esc, though that’ll be straight on ebay from max 6. Music, hmm Applause, Music Applause, great and the good thing is, if it rolls over you’ve got a self right button. Music. Oh guys, we got a nasty obstacle. If we hit that that’s going to break the x max in half like guaranteed that’s slightly dramatic, oh Music, Music, oh the xbox loves it. Look at that it’s still going! Oh spring’s off! Oh, i know what that means get it now. Here we go. Oh, who put that there? Oh oh, look at that all the shocks hanging off.

Look! Oh poor, x, maxx! Oh yeah! Look! Bulkhead’S! Finished! Look! Oh! No! Oh! What happened? Oh look! Oh, no, that’s! Why i didn’t send hinge, pin mod so i’ve just fixed it all again now and in a minute we’re going to take it to a race track and see how well it does on there. But before that, i want to show you a couple of essential upgrades that you really should do when you get an x maxx. So under here is just spurgy and pinion gear. The stock ones are made out of some weak powder, metal and they’re going to break very early on for most people, so you want to upgrade those to a steel, pinion and a steel spur gear. Next, the stock rear hubs are a bit of a weak spot and they can break early on. They are cheap, but it’s a bit annoying. So i’ve put these rpm ones on there and, lastly, i’ve got these send hinge pins that go through here, it’s, basically, a nut and a bolt and it pins the arm together, because without that, when you crash often you break this little piece here off and this Piece here off so with those few minor mods, this x, maxx, is going to be an absolute tank and if you’re wondering about sparkage i’ve got these titanium buttons on here i’m, going to put a link to that down below and the truck and the upgrade. So now let’s get your body back on it.

Take it to a race track and see how well it does there all right. So these are up here then we’re racing, we’re, bashing, Music, Music. Oh all right, let’s place them properly. Okay, yeah. We got all the xboxes where’s your x max down. Here. Are your one yeah you’re gon na win, yeah he’s he’s a subbie yeah. He said he’s number one fan: are you all ready all right, ready, sunny go all right: we’re lost, oh there’s, xboxes everywhere, Music. Oh it’s, complete carnage. There you go flat out Applause, sorry, mate! There we go all the contenders might include mostly so mike’s, probably going to win ready, go. Oh and xbox is everywhere. Come on gopro’s gone Music. What the hell is going on here so the x maxx, is the first car to feature on my youtube channel five years ago and five years on it’s still my favorite rc car, but the x max is fast Applause. 59. it’s doable! Oh, oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, i think the x max is good battery popped out. That was it he can drive on water Music. It can drift, it can do stunts. Applause, Music, Music, nice, it’s, easy to work on parts are cheap and it’s the perfect size guys.