This is a rift chassis on a lmt with the proline black mama tires i’m going to get this on. The table show this to you and then we’ll get it powered up and outside. Oh, this could be good. Take a look, oh yeah. Oh man, all right, so this is a rift cage on the lmt chassis i mean i’ve got the uh j e r r c braces on the stock plastic housings. I kind of extended these a little bit. I may do something there, because i like the wheelbase out a little bit, the lmt actually has a shorter wheelbase than the rift, so yeah it’s kind of something to deal with there, but uh. This thing should be awesome. It is pretty much box stock, driveline, wise um. I have to unscrew the back right now: i’m gon na work on a body mount for it, but i just had to get this out here. Um, the actual cage holds the battery in place, and you guys will see that in a second got the esc in here got the receiver mounted up. So this thing right here is, should be pretty darn awesome and it is box stock. As far as the drive goes now, with the laser nut, i changed the esc out and it really helped out with the cogging. So if this cog is too bad, which i’m not really planning to crawl with this thing, so maybe it’ll be all right.

I’Ll change! The esc out and get keep that motor in there. Oh wow um yeah. This thing is going to be awesome. We got to get this thing powered up now. It is only it’s. Only gon na be running on 3s right now, due to motor limitations, but uh yeah. This thing is awesome. Awesome awesome awesome with the battery in it. This right here actually holds the battery in place, so the cage is actually holding it. Now. This is the hood um. I haven’t figured out a way to really secure it. Yet so i’ve got the dsm on this to the crossbar, where this pivots through right here into the stock holes on the chassis. I haven’t cut the chassis at all, but um yeah that holds it and allows it to slide as you take it loose in the back and flip it forward. But i’ve definitely got to do some kind of a body clip thing back here because got to have something quicker than you know bolts, but you know what that doesn’t mean we can’t go. Give this thing a run. We can kick. This first run off right here at the exoplex. If there’s one thing i want out of this, i want it to be stable. I want to go to the corner good. Maybe i need to put that wheelie bar on it huh this thing: rips Music, oh yeah, i’m gon na – have to do a wheelie bar Music.

Now you got to remember this. Is an lmt monster truck right, Music? Oh, oh, oh, do not have enough uh tire mask to get a backflip, oh, but i tried for it. Ah all right. Well, i guess that brace isn’t good enough to hold up to that kind of abuse. Huh. I thought i broke the knuckle wow. Well already. I guess the first run is over yep Music. Now i do have a pretty good walk to do and i don’t want to carry it so i’ll just drive it backwards, because if you drive it forward, ah that link’s gon na catch up, okay, i’ll, just shove, it backwards still a wind guys. That was an awesome, first drive this thing launching and holding straight and actually keeping the front down, except for a few times that hooked up and wheeling over. I think i’m going to put the lmt wheelie bar back on here just to try to give me something to set it back down um. I took it off because that’s sort of too monster trucky, you know, but i think i mean it is rc. I think we may have to do that now, as far as the front end breaking broken breaking okay uh. That was a really hard hit. I mean you guys saw it so yeah something’s got to give guys – and in this case it was the axle housing. So, in other cases like when you do a metal housing on here, the rod ends on this particular truck usually give and when the rod ends give well guess what they stretch and once they stretch everything gets loose.

So now i do got to tell you guys or show you guys something here and i had planned to wait for these. You know uh didn’t really want to throw them out on the second run, or you know anything like that, because i was hoping these braces. Would actually hold up but – and i do feel the braces held up good it’s, just that landing was uh. That was a brutal landing there’s, not really a whole lot to give on these wheels and tires. I mean they do give, but not quite that much so i got a video i got to get started on like say right when i wrap this thing up here, which is just in a few seconds. I have uh i’ve already got the axles. For this thing i um i had planned to wait on these the get a little more drive time out of the stock plastic housings, but didn’t quite last so time to vitify the mega rift anyway. Guys uh check that description. I’Ll, put links to these right here. I’Ll put links to the lmt, which i believe are back in stock right now. The tires um as far as the electronics is actually stock and for this particular vehicle i think it’s gon na be just fine um. I don’t know that i’m gon na go putting on all new electronics in it and all that stuff, but um yeah, i think it’s uh, i think it’s gon na be all right so anyway guys check that description for all those links.

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