So far, so we have got this licensed suzuki chimney from fms the box. They do very well with their packaging and their presentation, and it only gets better as you open it. So let’s not waste any time. Let’S get this thing out of the box and let’s have a closer look at it: Music whoa! Well, what can i say this thing has got some weight to it and you always know when you’ve got something especially like that’s. Quite small is when it’s got some weight to it. You know it’s more than likely gon na be really good. Wow right let’s have a closer look and see what all the fuss is about. So it’s 112 scale it’s a hard body. It is completely and fully hobby grade. There is absolutely no doubt about that. So let’s look at some of the specs. What we’ve got there? Still frame chassis, metal frame, rails, front and rear three axle suspension, uh scale, engine houses, a 180 motor with a two speed transmission metal gears; ball, bearings metal: u joint, drive, shafts battery, servo receiver, esc and light control all under the hood chic interior. The steering wheel is driven independently by a survey. This thing looks good, so set of instructions in the box, a chart, usb charger and wheel wrench or will hex very nice. It feels quite plush. You’Ve got some controls on there. What we got you got like four little mode switches. I guess we have to read the instructions for them.

You’Ve got steering jewelry steering, trim, throttle, trim, throttle jewelry as well steering throttle reverse channel four and a channel 3. that feels really nice and then the truck itself looks very nice in scale nice soft tires you’ve got some little discs or rotors behind there as well 380 milliamp hour 7.4 volt, 2s lipo. So under the hoods we have got lots of cool scale features let’s, get the battery leading aerial out of the way. So the 180 motor is sat down there there’s all your scale engine stuff. This looks so cool licensed, suzuki body, again very, very nice we’ll open up the doors and stuff in a minute, they’re, quite um. I just tried to open it and it didn’t want to come open at first, so we’ll give that a try in a minute same the rear there that’s a bit difficult i’m going to read the instructions there might be a special way to open them got metal Hinges on the doors that is awesome, i hope it’s coming out on camera. How scale this thing is so steering servo there metal, steering links decent suspension, don’t think it’s oil again scale features underneath as your exhaust fuel tank metal, drive, shafts front and rear diffs are locked and this thing has got two speed: gearbox it’s got em, so actually It’S looking there so there’s your gear box, there’s a drive shaft just in there. That goes to a transfer case so front mounted motor and gearbox into a transfer case.

Then split to the rear and the front diff all right, let’s try them doors open nothing in the instruction about how to get the doors and stuff open so i’m going to try and do that in a second. It does tell you in the instructions, though, what all these switches do: big list there, it’s all different configurations for your lights, so i’ll try to read through that in a bit right doors i don’t want to force them. It’S got to be an easier way of doing them. Well, that’s pretty easy that one wow that is not easy, definitely not easy to open these doors, not sure whether i’m missing a trick here, but maybe it’s, because it’s new, no, i don’t know that front seat moves forward. Look so you get in the back hard to see in there, but that looks really nice back seats also fold flat wow. This is proper scale. The seats also move forward and backwards. Yes, there’s a better view inside. That is crazy. If you’re thinking of a scale figure that guy’s, i think he’s about 16 centimeters he’s a little bit too big. So although it’s 112 scale he’s a bit too big and i’ve cut his feet off as well, so he’s a little bit big for that right. Let’S get a battery charge, let’s check the lights out, check the steering out and check that wheel, speed and stuff right. Let’S switch this on. I don’t think i initially thought that they were the light modes, but apparently looking at instructions.

You press check just press channel four one press, two press, three press: it just cycles for the different modes for the lights, there’s a lot of them i’m, not sure i’m gon na go through them all, but let’s switch it on and just uh to note, when The batteries are tucked away in there. It looks really good let’s have a look then steer in relatively quick, now there’s no lights on there at the moment for the steering. So i guess press channel 4. There we go now we got lights at the first press. Now a lot of stuff i’ve seen you just get the red lights or you get the white light straight away, but on this you get breaks. First, then reverse now that is some attention to detail. So that was the second press a then they go brighter. Oh and then we get some little driving lights or fog lights with flashing um turn signals. This is cool. I don’t think they do anything let’s leave them off. I don’t want to mess with it. Channel three: is your gearbox, so that’s in low gear, guys slow control, whoa, look at that now. That is good, so that’s low gear, yeah and that’s high gear, so just for size comparison. This is, i think, it’s a 1 18 scale and you can see a bit of a difference in size between 1, 8 uh, 118 and 112 and then a sneak peak. This is the 112th wheeler’s jeep from fms as well rock hobby video coming for this soon.

I’Ve already done the video i can’t release it just yet um, but yeah video coming of that soon, that’s the chimney. So i wouldn’t say this is going to be like some crazy off road, crawler and stuff it’s, going to be a very good. Like trail truck they’ve, almost not said, they’re road tires really, but who cares look at the scale of it? And i guess, if you want to go off road with it, it’s just a case of swapping the wheels i don’t know if they hexed or whether they got special fixing that’s the hex they send with it and it doesn’t fit. That is not very good. This one should fit, though so they’ve got um the wheels incorporate they’ve got like a little brake, disc or rotor. I guess it’s just a case of finding the right size hex you want there and then you can fit some different wheels and ties to you. If you want to do a little bit more off road stuff, i’ve only just noticed guys look dunlop tires, that’s it for this video guys cheers for watching. Sorry, i can’t take it out for a run on this video. I know it’s something i rarely do is not take stuff out for a run. I usually unbox it and take it straight out. Unfortunately, i’m not allowed out at the moment because i’m going to hospital tomorrow, so i’m isolating just routine surgery for an injury i’ve been carrying for about six years now, but anyway, finally getting sorted and there will be a run hopefully next week.

Links for this in the description it’s, absolutely insane it’s going to take pride of place on one of my shelves, obviously after i’ve taken it for its initial run, thanks for watching and on that bombshell.