Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to the race vlog, the rc raceway guys we are at wicked weekend in gainesville georgia. I mean i dont have to say anything. Look at how amazing this track is. It is absolutely amazing, im going to give you guys the full tour, the full tour, the full experience, if youre, not at this race. Youll know what its like being at this race after im done with this at least thats. What i hope you get out of it, so let me know after you watch the video. Let me know in the comments below other things that you like to see at some of these stores, because thats my thing, i want to give everyone the full feel of these amazing races all right here. We are im, sorry guys its super loud theres, just nothing. I can do about how loud it is. Nitros are on the track. We are back in these stands. You can see q tip down. There were back in the stand section: the spectator section of the track, so the facility this is the first time ive actually been to the facility. Absolutely amazing up there thats, like your snack bar things like that you have some vendor canopies and tents over there, uh fender, canopies and tents over there. Whats, really cool is aligning all like the entire thing or all the different rvs, but you can see out here. There are rvs out here, trailers things like that: thats pretty cool, how every everyones going to be super close to track theres a lot of extra room.

Also in the parking lot across but theres the on its own canopy, which im going to get msm one soon, i promise the announcers booth up there, the registration area in that in that area. Also there is your your uh. What am i trying to say the podium, the podium, the super cool podium race time always puts on great races and always puts on these awesome podiums. So this is a race time event. A race time is the same people who do psycho, nitro blast southern indoor championships, southern nationals – they have probably to me the best production races and the amount of work they put into these things to make it happen, are incredible, ill put a link in the eye. Above for the uh, so you can see what what it was like at pnb uh, also known as cycle nitroblast, incredible race. So this race is supposed to be kind of the opposite of pnb, where its not as hardcore where everyones gon na be tired. Its supposed to be a very well thought out race, where its going to be low stress, but lots of track time and pretty much accommodating for drivers right, so its going to be super fun super excited just by looking at the track. Theres this dragon back section right there that looks like it could be a little different um and then they have a whoop section over there. That is a gigantic uh looks like thats gon na ruin, peoples time, but anyways well go over there in a little bit.

But oh man, this thing is beautiful, all right, so here we are at the entrance. The entrance is actually right there. So if you went in the basically the main road is up here if you went through the entrance and you went to the track as soon as you can right when you pulled in this is what you would see Music. This is the closest part to the entrance. One thing i would like to note is that it is raining guys, its raining and look everyones still having fun im still in the in the cupboard im not getting rained on uh. The reason why im saying that is this: this venue, since its covered, it wont, get rained out theres a lot of big races that can get rained out. Not this one. This one will not get rained out look at how much parking how much room is out there. So basically, campers rvs trailers, all just parking out here. All the races are out here and then you walk right in, and these are basically your your teams, so heres jq racing over there hot bodies racing right there. I didnt actually see mr cole ogden. I know cole ogden is going to be here eventually um hot race tires theres mr b rose over there lets see who else we got over here. Cole ogden. I know hes gon na be here whether hes here or not. Yet is another thing. Um theres mr jared tebow heres, the techno team jared wiggins, kibos right there theres some people back there.

Oh this is the techno team up here here is the driver stand over here check out this whoop section guys. This whole section is not so fun here. Lets get a car coming through here. Oh there, it looks like the practice session just started come on. Did i just come at the worst time when theres no cars going through that whoop section hold on wheres our first victim there? It is there. It is theres. The first victim and theyre, coming through theyre, coming through all right lets, lets get over here, real quick. So we can see here we go. I dont know if this little girl is probably the best person to be oh man, marshall, in the slip section but thats gon na kick peoples, butt thats. What separates the men from the boys right there, the experienced drivers from the non experienced drivers. I talked to bobby moore, which well see him in a second that big triple right there he was concerned about. He said it was a little it was. It was big thats, a big triple like these videos, the pictures they dont really do it justice, but look theres a guy standing next to it. That gives you an idea that guys got to be six feet tall. All right guys lets give you an idea how tall and big that jump is its pretty freaking insane um all right. Moving on, we are not gon na go that way, because you cant were gon na go back around here.

Well, go up on the drivers. Stand too until i get kicked off, but you know how that works. I got. I got ta risk it. I got ta risk it for the biscuit guys, pit lane beautiful pit lane nice and roomy they got screens. So you can see. Oh no. I got to stop. I got to stop 48. All right, sorry guys. I have to stop too much music. You know how that works. Youtube doesnt, like music, Music, its raining its good theyre covered up, but heres the hobby shop, mobile hobby shop dang. They got a lot of stuff, you already know you already know im buying stuff from there. Look at this look at the raffles check out the raffles here. Oh whats, up guys check out the raffles. So basically, the way they do it, they have good stuff, but they raffle off entire setup. So this one comes with the servo. The kit looks like it comes with wait. Lets do it grand prize raffle because they get everything. So this one comes with an engine. Pretty much everything you need to get going. This one even comes with a soldering station and a battery freaking nice. Look at this Music, eb. 48. 2.0. With a charger we got posing battery. You got tires: servo youre, ready to go um. The raffles here are always freaking awesome, Music, nice. So she said they have a lot of stuff that they didnt put in the packages that once they start theyre just gon na start, throwing it out.

They always have really good raffles. I even i even said in my earlier video, actually no, you havent seen that video. Yet in my next video that you always want to reserve some money for raffles and stuff like that beach rc, these guys are awesome. Actually, i want to go in there and hang out here a little bit. We got vp racing here, uh nitro pro racing there, oh rhino, so theyre at i saw them at pnp. We went in there. We bought some stuff from them. Okay, there is the big. The big psycho, the psycho guy tower race, time, entertainment little mascot, guy um were walking out to the track here, and here we are. I dont want to get too close because theyre going to want me to marshal as soon as im out here, someones going to flip over right here almost guaranteed happens every time. Theres your staging area, where you can roll out, which is really really cool typical stuff. But this venue its different whats cool about this. What i really like about it is you dont, have as much smoke like nitro smoke dust because its open on the sides and its not blazing hot its a little humid, but its not blazing hot, but super cool. I so you might be asking like: why am i not practicing so the way they have this set up again, because this is a kind of like a racers race. They have it set up where you dont have to feel pressure to be on the track at all times, so they have two different practice: setups, others practice a and then practice b.

Im in practice b. You can decide which one you want to be, but practice a. I think practices the majority on thursday, which is today and then they dont practice tomorrow they get one small practice tomorrow, where practice b you get to practice tonight, thursday night 8 to 10, and then you get to practice friday morning and then we run a qualifier Friday morning, so i like practice b because its going to be closer to what the tracks going to be like when you actually race on it. However, its not as good because thats, what most people are going to be running and you dont have as much time so its one of those give or take things. I opted for practice b. I dont i dont, really require a crap center practice anyways. I just dont do it, but nonetheless you have options which is really really cool. Look at this amazing podium. They put so much work in these its so cool because at the end of the oh whats up man, he says im far away from home. Whats cool about these is like thats a lot of times. This is the memory you got of races like this right and they dont skimp out on it. Its always done really really well, and they always have a different background in this case wicked weekend. Oh man, i know i know i should be up there too, but were not its okay, all right moving on.

So there is our compound here. I say hour because theres a lot of new guys, a lot of new msm supporters hanging out with us today, uh were bringing on some new drivers, they dont know. Yet we are bringing so theres. Mr jamie powell, jamie powell hes been up here. I think he got here this morning: hasnt stopped he drove through the night. Uh david got evan back there theres, mr bobby moore. He does this so it looks like he knows what hes doing, but he has not a clue not not even not even the slightest of clues uh nitro pro fuel, all right. So moving on. Oh, look at this guy whats up dude thats, casey wilson, super nice guy ive been racing with him for a super long time. All right look at this, so this this little awning its covered you can fit under here. Look. This is awesome. This is like pit road central look at how awesome that is: thats, pretty freaking sweet, so even if you didnt have look and then they have uh like stalls over there, plenty of pitting area were gon na get some behind the scenes over here were gon na Get some behind the scenes were gon na go inside the announcers booth, oh theres, mr filong little bump whats up guys um. He super fast kid super fast. I think ive beaten him before, but theres no way. I can beat him now thats all that matters.

Okay. Moving in registration over here, okay were going in here. Oh, we got a little bit of rain a little. We got rained on a little bit there guys race, registration, okay were going to go in here, its going to be kind of awkward at first, because they dont know that im coming in here, but were doing it anyways, oh the race time merch. Oh excuse me guys dang they had this whole thing was filled with hats. Its gone now almost gone. I bought a couple of these got a new shirt super nice, stuff registration and then this is where dave does kind of like his his thing. His race production stuff were gon na go up in the announcers booth. Hopefully we dont get yelled out, but were going to give it a shot, anyways all right. Moving on up. Why is that what i always got to feel like? Oh, oh facility and event staff? Only were going there, he is the man behind all of this, mr jacob were giving im, giving him a tour of look. Look at this setup. Guys theyve got like gaming computers. They got double mylabs transponder systems, what they have production on their computers over here guys. Oh look at how beautiful this is out here. They have a perfect view, so we were, we started over there in that corner. Actually we started up there. I showed you guys the track up there and then we went over there thats the entrance over there.

Then we looped around and then came out here and now we are in the control center. This is where all the announcing is going to be. This is where lance is going to do his magic and organize this race. But look you can kind of see me in the reflection, but yes, this place is awesome all right guys, so i was just talking to jacob, so these transponding systems, transponder systems are actually both on and on reading theyre, its true redundancy so like typically when i Saw this i was like okay, if one goes bad, they throw another one in there. No, both of them are actually running on two different computers and then, basically, if one of them goes down, they have the other computer counting. It also so thats like hardcore, like basically, if youre running your main here, they got two systems just like a like a true failover system, but for a timing system, man, thats, freaking, awesome and then not to mention golly, like those computers are thats better than the Computers i have at home those things are hardcore, alright. Well, that was fun. Oh im getting rained on okay. So another thing i want to know look theres, not a whole bunch of people waiting in line like all the other races that i go to that are huge, like this theres a whole crap ton of people waiting in line partially because they break it up in These two practice sessions – i think the format is really cool.

This is the first time ive run this race first time, ive run this race with this format, but like im, able to record – and i dont feel like im missing out, because my my practice doesnt start for another two hours right and look the people who are Practicing dont have to wait forever, which is great so tonight they actually have a big party out here, which would be fun. I think i think its sponsored by beach rc. Oh, i think that i think thats mr brent himself right there whats up dude hows it going um, but yes, Music. I think theyre gon na have a big party either right here or ill, probably its probably gon na be right here, theres, actually more more people back here in this corner, more pits over here in this back corner im not gon na go over there, because i Dont want to bother everybody, you know what im saying all right guys, that is a wrap we are back to where we started awesome facility. Awesome race, super excited. Let me know in the comments below. Let me know what you guys want to see at these. Usually i get get here really early and i can do like the true behind the scenes of them like working on track. Unfortunately, didnt have that luxury. This time got here on practice day still going to be a blast but yeah. Let me know what you want to see at these races.