. Music. It blew a tire 162. Music, 166, Music, 158, Music, 160. Music prius is back 165 nope i’m, going to keep on trying 165 167. three miles an hour three miles an hour. You 146 motor and esc are boiling Applause. All right i’m gon na stop right here i don’t want to lose range man. It’S far it was a very healthy run. Music, stop read! 163 Applause, stop read: 149 Applause, Music. 147. 158. I don’t know listen! That thing wants nothing to do with going fast. 141. Actually, power wheel is there’s just so much torque Applause. It made it back. Music Applause, 63., 167 miles an hour: 168. Applause, Music. 150.. You finally put perfect pass on it to start and actually get interesting with this car when it comes to speed Applause, Music. Applause. 137, i think the idea with the uh downforce thingy it didn’t work. I don’t think so – all right, Applause, Music Applause, holy god, that’s fast, 153, so 153 mile an hour how unfortunate man, the only gravel patch here, just look at it. Withdrawal that thing is so hard to control there’s, so much power. The downforce really came at like 120. we’ll have to take it back home and just clean it up and try it again.