Pnb was crazy, uh, but we’re gon na do some crawling today, uh i got my crawler. Actually you can see it already. I got my crawler behind me. It’S a beautiful day outside i’m gon na go out to my favorite crawling spot meet some people up. Do some crawling but we’re also gon na swing by the traxxas shop and go pick up the new traxxas pit mat. I heard a rumor that they already had it in stock, so i want to get a couple of them check them out and then we’re gon na compare with the old traxxas pit mat see if there’s any differences or noticeable differences um, but yeah either way. We’Re gon na have a good day some crawling some new con or some new products, it’s gon na be fun, so let’s head out all right guys. We are here at the traxxas store. They they actually they’re, not even open yet we’re actually going before they open. But i see people walking in uh, i don’t know if they’re gon na have much new stock we’re gon na see. If we can get, i mean it would be cool if some of the new cars are out yet, but i highly doubt it but again main main mission here, pick up those traxxas pit mats. I don’t know how many i’m gon na buy. I might go a little crazy, oh man, they got a lot of them. Oh, i think i’m gon na get three, maybe four three or four.

How many do i need um? If you call the traxxas store i’m, pretty sure they will ship these to you. I know these are kind of hard to get, but obviously first thing is it’s packaged different, but let me get them and then i will. I have an old, an old the older one brand new at the house. We’Ll do a comparison of them to both of them side by side, but there they are guys. The new pit mat all right, not too much new in here guys. They got some merch stuff on the wall, but look they also have the cool signs for the custom builds, so the traxxas store does like custom build where they put all the hop ups on it, and then you can just buy it all hopped up. These are some of the cars that they have all hopped up already and look at the prices on these things. But it saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to go, buy all the stuff and it’s already built and it’s. Basically, all maxed out with all the cool stuff i’ve actually shot this car before, but super cool. All right, i’m gon na grab my pit mats and head out to the uh the creek and do some crawling that’s mac designs right there guys we ran into mac designs at the traxxas store. I will put a link in the description to mac designs. You can save, i think, it’s, i think it’s msm 10 or something i’ll i’ll put the coupon code in the description below and you can save on custom stickers and shock and shot covers all different types of stuff.

Anything all right, guys, we’ve made it out to crawling paradise guys this place is so freaking awesome. It goes all the way down. I’M. Not gon na bring the kid this camera with us, but i’m gon na get some footage out there uh, because it can get a little rocky a little rough down there, but yeah this trail i’ll get a better shot of it, but it’s not even a trail. It’S, just like the side of the creek, but the side of the creek is all cemented, so it’s easy to do crawling on, but it’s like perfect for scale crawling uh chase and travis. They have both joined me out here. To do some crawling. There are already some guys down there, but i’m ready i’m excited let’s head on out Music Applause, there, Music, Music, this Music Applause, Music. All right, i got her back home all cleaned off uh. We went a little crazy in the water uh. We kind of just found ourselves just kind of water riding just going in the deepest part of the water, so this thing was like almost completely capsized uh. Luckily i have these bead locks where there’s no they’re not vented uh, so no water gets in there and also. I basically just put a big coat of w a really thick coated, wd 40 on it, so that all none of the screws would get rusted um. But men it held up really well, we didn’t break anything, nothing went out, they are waterproof, it was so much fun, but all right, let me go upstairs and grab the other pit.

Mat and we’ll. Compare him all right, here’s, both the mats um side by side. So i know you’re probably wondering why i’m making such a big deal out of this mat. This is truly my favorite pit mat that i’ve ever used and mainly because when it gets dirty, you can just take it out in the backyard of the front yard and just hose it down, and it dries really really fast. It doesn’t soak water, um, really solid pit mats that always lays flat they’re heavy heavy duty. I mean i take it to races i’m, like one of the only guys at these big races with the traxxas pit mat. But yes, i love this pit. Mat definitely highly recommend they’re super heavy though i say that, because to ship, these things is probably expensive, which, by the way i forgot to, i forgot to tell you guys. I did talk to guys at the traxxas store and they will not ship these. You do have to order it through the website, but i’ll find a link to it and i’ll put a link to in the description uh from probably from a main and yeah. You can get them there and they’ll ship it. You know how it works. If you exceed a certain amount, they’ll ship, it free but anyways, this one is a new pit mat. This is the old pit mat, so the first thing you can tell if you got a new one or not is if it has this white sheet.

I guess um so yeah new pit mats. They do claim that the new pit mats are more durable, stronger and supposed to be thicker, so we’re going to pull them both out and see. If we can see any cosmetic differences at all all right here, they are side by side out of the package. First thing: i notice see how this kind of comes up. This is the old one. This kind of comes up it doesn’t lay as flat as the brand new one. Now that could be because this is stored flat um, but this does feel a little bit heavier and it is slightly thicker let’s see if we can get. You can see that zoom in there see slightly thicker the new one is slightly thicker um. I did another thing i did notice on. The older ones is like see how there’s, like these small blemishes here, like there’s like a little bit in here, um they’re, not on the new ones. So the story is, is they got a new? They got a new vendor. I don’t know what the deal was on, why they got new bender or not, but they got it’s, basically a new manufacturer, so these are manufactured by a different company and they’re supposed to be better. But, yes, it does seem. I do think that it’s better. I just it’s just more refined again. This is kind of puffing up it’s, heavier thicker. So man, i mean it’s, crazy and actually look at this.

This is pretty much even on this side, so the new one is is actually like. Maybe half an inch wider, too let’s see let’s let’s, see if it’s uh put them on top of each other right there. On top of each other, now yeah about half an inch wider, you can see right there there’s just a little bit more um in regards to height they’re about the same but yeah. Let me put this back over here awesome pit mats either. One of them are really really good again. This is the one that i use everywhere, the older one, but these new ones do look better i’m, not gon na lie, they’re pretty freaking, nice, they’re, they’re, so clean they’re, just it makes everything so tidy, and i love these. These hexes, where you can put screws in where they don’t roll off and then this right here but yeah new new traxxas pit map. This is a big deal because for the longest time, people were trying to get the old ones and they could not. And now traxxas makes the new ones: oh yeah, you got ta get one got ta, get one link in the description below all right: well, that’s, a wrap guys! Oh man, what a great day i got! My i’ve dropped my body off for my at48 2.0, so that should be done soon. We did some crawling it’s so nice to just kind of go out there. Relax just have a good time and drive rc cars, but i’ll be like video guys.

If you did.