This is the pub g, buggy and i’m really looking forward to actually having a look at this and seeing how it performs now it has been a while, since i’ve played pubg but i’m, really hoping that this game inspired rc turns out to be really really good. So the first thing you notice is the fact that the box is in full color you’ve also got the pubg logo pretty much plastered everywhere and there’s. Also some nice there’s a nice list of features. You know some of the stuff that this buggy actually comes with. There’S a nice list on the front of the box as well, so let’s not waste any time, let’s crack this thing open and see what you get included in the box now let’s take a quick look at what you actually get included in the box with the Pubg buggy now the first thing is a 850 milliamp, 7.4 volt lithium ion battery does come with a dean’s connector. Absolutely fine for this size and weight of buggy we’ve also got a bind plug and a uh antenna tube a usb charger. Some allen keys and a cross wrench uh, pretty basic stuff we’ve, also got the uh. The thunder tiger tf3, which is uh thunder tiger’s, been around for quite a few years now. This does come with your basic features, such as steering trim, throttle, trim and steering dual rate it’s exactly the same transmitter that comes with the pickup truck and the military truck as well.

You also get some documentation, such as the the manual for the speed control. Also, this little card here which i did manage to rip when i took it out the box uh literally just telling you to go to for maintenance and assembly instructions. But apart from that, that is all you get included in the box. I think it’s. Finally time we take a closer look at the pub g buggy let’s. Do it Music, so here it is then now this does look very impressive now this is muddled directly off of the buggy, which you do find in the pub g game. Now, taking a closer look at this, you can definitely tell that they have put in a lot of effort into this to try and make it look pretty much like an exact replica of the buggy in the game. So let’s take a closer look at some of the features that this actually comes with now this does come with metal drive shafts, as you can see in there this does come with metal drive shafts. It is also rear, wheel, drive, which i think is going to be a lot of fun when it comes to the shocks. I believe they are friction shocks they’re, not oil filled, which is absolutely fine for this size of vehicle. We do see friction shocks quite often, absolutely fine and they do do the job. Obviously you can’t beat oil shocks, but on something like this friction shocks are absolutely fine.

Now this does also come with a 350 sized brush motor. You can see it tucked in there. Just behind the driver, the on and off switch for the esc is right next to the driver. Now, just as you see there these little stickers, they have actually come away. I think the weakest point on this little buggy is going to be these little stickers. These actually broke soon after me, actually unboxing this uh something to be wary of, and if you are looking to actually buy this as a as an item to collect just be a little bit careful that these may actually snap off. When you do get this out of the box now you do get a lot of detail on this buggy, including the driver. He looks nice and cozy in his little cockpit. Now. The one thing i do find is the electronics are hidden away quite well. They are pretty much tucked into the underside of this now, whilst we’re talking about the underside let’s, take a quick look at where the battery goes uh, we take this little compartment out and the battery does sit pretty much underneath in the belly of this um. This is where our 850 milliamp 2s lithium ion, sits. Now the receiver and the speed control, i do believe, are tucked tucked away. I think the the receiver is actually under there and the esc is under there on that side. Um, it doesn’t look like there’s an easy way to actually get to it without actually undoing all the screws and taking it all apart.

But i guess it does help when it comes to the overall neatness and how this thing actually looks. It sort of makes sense that the components are hidden away a little bit. You can see the esc just about hidden away behind the driver there, but that is where your electronics are, and that is where your battery goes now when it comes to the tyres, they are a fairly firm rubber compound. I do prefer softer tires on my rc cars, but these will get the job done absolutely fine and, having that slightly firmer compound, and especially this being rear wheel drive, i can really see this thing being a lot of fun. So i think that is about it. On this, then, we have covered pretty much all the basics. I think there’s only one thing left to do and that is to actually get the battery charged up. Take this little thing out and see how it actually performs let’s go ahead and do that now and i’ll see you shortly right so it’s, finally time to see how this little buggy actually performs. The 850 milliamp battery is fully charged so let’s, stick it in the buggy and see how we get on Music Applause, Applause, Applause, Music. So overall, this isn’t a bad little buggy at all. Now, bearing in mind that this thing is quite close to the ground, there’s, not a huge amount of ground clearance, it actually did pretty well. Today, considering i was abusing it a little bit, so this little thing did actually perform really well with the included electronics.

I was actually pleased with the power it also handled quite well as well. The one little thing i would say is the tyres are a little bit firm uh. You could potentially do with a little bit of a softer compound when it comes to the tyres, but that said this was still quite grippy and it did absolutely fine today on its test run. So would i actually recommend this little buggy then? Well. I think it really does depend on what your intentions are. If you’re looking for your first rc, this may not be the best thing to go, for i think you know this. This thing cost 145 pounds here in the uk i’m, not sure what that is in u.s dollars, but i think for 145 pounds as a first rc there’s, potentially a few better options out there. Now, if you are a massive fan of the game having something like this sat on, your shelf is definitely going to make you feel very proud, but not only that i can see this thing being a little bit of a collector’s item in the future. So i have to admit, i did have a lot of fun with it today. I would 100 recommend it, but i think you do have to bear in mind. There are other options out there. If you’re a massive fan of pubg get one of these. You really won’t be disappointed. Now i really can’t find any major flaws with this.

Apart from obviously the use of the stickers there, they did break quite early on, like i did mention earlier in the video, if you’re looking to actually keep this on your shelf. Just be a little bit careful with the stickers there because they will break off quite easily, so we are going to leave the video there today. I really hope you enjoyed seeing this little buggy in action. If you want to have a look at the pickup truck as well, i have also done a little bit of a review on that one and a test run and that video is also live on my channel now. I will leave a link in the description below so head over and check out the pickup truck as well. Apart from that, i hope you enjoyed today’s video if you did be sure to hit that subscribe.