It is an rc car, yup, it’s, actually a rc car. This is actually a rc car, look it’s, so cool, so it can. It tells me that is actually can drive on the wall yeah. I can actually drive on the wall i’m, not even kidding before this video. I actually tried it driving on the wall and we kind of like got there and stuff guys. You see these wheels right. There you see these two wheels yeah that’s, what controlling the car, the other four wheels are just for decoration. So let me just like switch on the air conditioning real quick, because it’s hot in here Music, so guys i’m gon na get a control. I’M gon na get a phone holder and we can get started before i film this video i actually tested it out. Oh, my gosh okay, i’m gon na play here against the glass and let’s show you okay guys so so here is the controller it’s kind of dark in here that you can all see it. But this this is left right here, and this is right and then these are the buttons abc there. You can see them down there barely and then this is and then this is on now off Music. Oh, my god! This goes forward. Let’S go backwards! Oh no! Okay, what you would do is once you get the rc car. You just need the regular rc cars until you look at the box Music.

That would be crazy, Music, there’s, a button there’s a button right there yeah. This is the button right there. You need a switch on left. It will be a little bit noisy so prepare for that Music stuck to the wall. Music. Oh look at that. Look at that: it’s Music! Oh, my god, Music! Whoa! Look at this Music, oh god! Okay, let’s, reverse! Okay! We’Re done here and then once you turn to the center, the voice goes down. That is crazy, that’s, crazy, insanity, again Music, so we had a little bit of figuring out to do, but after figuring it out it’s, actually pretty dope dope. That means awesome. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. How did this rc car drive? Do you wonder why why this rc car can drive on the wall? Well, i’ll. Show you guys a second guys, the rc car has these. You see these yeah. They come out air. They push air in and then literally sucks the car onto a piece of thing, and then you can actually drive it on. Oh, my god that has to be driving on Music like right now you can drive it on the ground, but if you flip this button, all the way to the left. Music. I’M moving, my controller Music yeah i’m moving my controller to forward and backwards it’s. Not doing anything, that means this thing is completely off turn it back. Oh wait run it back to the center and then i’m going for the camera Applause.

Oh wait! Dang it! Oh my god! Okay, you cannot go for the camera on the couch because it’s full of these like lumps, then you cannot control look now. It cannot control my couch too bad. I need i need to like go on a smooth surface like like this. This is a smooth surface. Our ground is a smooth surface, dude it’s, crazy that the rc car can ride seriously on the wall. I seriously wrote it on the window: oh my god. It can ride on like the best place to ride this rc car on a wall. Is you wonder what material is the best? The best material is smooth materials, maybe like wood or glass or like other materials, guys that was crazy. I got it earlier from under the christmas tree and and santa also ate Music, one of my burenos i’m, pretty thankful to santa for eating one of them because uh we got basically too much Music, okay, so there’s only two there’s only six packets but yeah there’s Still too much to eat so yeah, so that’s all for this video make sure to subscribe and leave a like. If you think this is crazy insanity and then make sure to hit that notification bell and then make sure to comment down below what is your favorite, rc, car or others or other car brand look at the box to make sure the brand, and i would – and If you comment 16 of your comments, 60 minutes after the video is posted i’m gon na feature i’m gon na feature your questions right here: uh yeah i’m, also holding a camera here.

Ah, okay, i’m, hoping you guys not scared heights. Okay, that’s.