What i have, in my hand, is the ratcheting screwdriver pro, and this is a great tool if you don’t have an electric driver. You just want to use some hand, tools, uh and to me it makes some really great tools, and this is one of them, so this is pretty new to their lineup. It’S got a really nice feel to it very short, grip handle and it ratchets that’s. The big deal here it allows you to you, know, really speed up the process of working on your rc or whatever model you’re working on and uh there’s there’s. A number of features that i do want to go over here. So first up it’s got the tamiya logo at the end of the handle. Also has the tamiya logo at the base of the grip and then on the outside of the plastic housing. It has this knurled rubber grip that really helps out. As far as you know, getting a handle on the screwdriver and really torquing down on the screws, but right here below you’ll, see this red tab and right now i have the red tab in locked out position. So it just acts like a normal screwdriver and then, depending on how you flip this tab, you can either reverse the screw out or tighten it down into whatever you’re working on uh. So let me flip it over here and you’ll. Hear it’s just got a really nice fine click to it.

The ratcheting action is really smooth, there’s, a 72 tooth gear in there, which makes the operation really good for hobby use. Uh and like i said you could flip it to reverse it out and then, when you want to, you can really put the tool in the palm of your hand here and really do a fine turn with it. If you’re working on some smaller screws and stuff like that, it really allows you to have full control over the hardware and the movement of it. I really like the setup on it. So, with this uh pro screwdriver set, it does come with the ph 2 by 100, bit really nice looking bit. Basically a 6.3 millimeter hex shank end here, which kind of fits into a quarter inch drive. So if you do have an electric driver, it slides right into there uh, but this fits the jis screws perfectly. The uh three to five millimeter js screws. It’S got you know just the shape of the head fits in there perfectly. So when you’re working on a tamiya vehicle uh, you know you won’t have any problems. If you use a standard phillips head bit in there, you may strip out a screw, but with this you know, it’s very unlikely to happen because it fits perfectly and it just slides right in it actually kind of snaps in not sure if it has a magnet Down at the bottom or, if there’s, some sort of a clamp on the inside, but it really holds that bit nice and tight and it doesn’t fall out when you’re working on it and i’ve actually built one kit with this.

So far, it works really well and and now i’m building the mmo5 with it and having a good time assembling it. So there are some other bits available for this. So if you want to get the the whole collection to use with other hardware, you can do that here’s, your shorter ph 2 by 55 bit. They also offer a two millimeter bit driver uh that’s, going to come in handy for any two millimeter hex head screws. Then we have a box wrench bit here the seven millimeter bit that works great with wheel, nuts and stuff. So i really like this set so far again. I’Ve used it on one build. It definitely helps out a lot, especially if you don’t have an electric driver and it fits the hardware perfectly now. The last thing i want to show you guys is the hg tweezers. These tweezers come in handy for a number of different build scenarios, uh one of them being putting the cross pin into differential cups, sometimes getting down into that cup with a needle nose. Pliers can be rather difficult because the panel slide off the the pliers and with the tip of the tweezers the way they are. It allows you to really grab that, pin and and slide it in nice and easily without you having to worry about it falling out with the shape of the tip. You could also pick up balls for ball differentials uh, so that could help out a lot of people.

So to me, it just makes a lot of great tools for many different applications and, of course, for hobby applications, and i really enjoy these. These are a great addition to my tamiya collection. You know i’m, definitely going to use them in future, builds and stuff like that. If you’re to me a fan, you know you might want to add these to your collection as well. All right, i hope i was able to show you something new for your rc hobby if you haven’t done so yet. Please click that subscribe button and the notifications bell. Throw the video a like i’ll, have links in the description below and we’ll.