If it is or not guys just check out the size of this motor, this motor here is normally found in cars. A lot bigger. It comes with a 2s lipo battery, double wishbone suspension, front and rear metal drive, shafts metal, coil over shocks, metal chassis, yeah, fairly supple anyway, i’m. Not gon na bore you with all the techno babble, so i’m, just gon na put a link down below. We can get the car from and you can get all the specifications and yeah guys it’s cheap well. It is compared to this one anyway, so i did a little review of this a little while ago. So this one here is the original version, slightly better quality but more expensive. This one here a little bit of a copy, but it is a lot cheaper. Also, this one’s brushed this one here is brushless, but the size of the motor on this is not double the size, so it might surprise us so it comes with a usb charger, but you do need to supply your own double a batteries for the controller, all Right let’s see how good it is. Haha check that out the steering’s got plenty of speed and power, guys. I think that’s going to go pretty well Applause, that is pretty rapid. We’Ll get the old gps on there in a minute to see how many miles per hours it does. I reckon 55 kilometers on the box, which works out to be 34 mile an hour.

So is that going to be true or are they talking? Porkies, oh Music? Music Applause, so a couple of people have managed to get these to go over 100 mile an hour. So i think we might try that as a project too so make sure you subscribe and smash the bell. So you don’t miss it. Alright enough waffle, let’s get it out in the real world all right, quick, speed test. Oh look at that 30 mile, an hour Music, oh Music, Music! Oh yes, that’s! What was supposed to happen? Video Applause, Music, it weren’t jam. It was. It was skill so guys in a future video. I want to see if i can get this car to go a hundred mile an hour with some upgrades, we’re gon na put some brushless motors in there and some other stuff and see how fast we can get. This thing to go, i mean it’s fairly fast out of the box, but not quite the 34 mile, an hour what they claimed, but all in all, an epic piece of kit handled good, good durability. It was great on the skate park so subscribe and smash the bell.