For me, the initial look im not saying its going to be a bad rc car. I just ive unboxed a lot of rcs, cheap ones, expensive ones. First, impressions are everything and this let me move my coffee. It just doesnt its a bit rigid. The wheels are my word i mean i dont know if you can see that camber and thats, with the suspension, fully extended same on the front lots of negative camber with the suspension fully up suspension is really well not very good, its not much travel on it. Oh, i dont know lets have a look whats up guys welcome to the channel. This is the xlf f22a and its a one tenth scale. Is it one tenth? Are they calling it one tenth yeah one tenth scale theyre, calling it an sct, a short cross, truck its more a monster truck. It looks very similar to a traxxas x, mac traxxas, its, not an x, maxx, okay. Anyone watching this is not an x maxx lets not get traxxas salty anyway. It looks like an x max looks like its not one metal, chassis, metal, arms oil, shocks, brushless motor. How fast dont know how fast lets have a closer look on the bench and well take it out for a run, see if its any good, because i dont like to discount an rc on first impressions but im a good judger character. So in the box instruction manual now this mini charger, the output is 1.

3 milliamps. The battery that comes with it is a 000 milliamp hour battery ill show you a picture that in a minute its just charging, but this charger is going to take a long time to charge that battery. So just be aware, it may take quite some hours to get that thing fully charged and it might even not be able to charge it fully tools. Couple of screwdrivers wheel, hex body, pins, allen, key some screws, stuff, theyre, not instructions for that, a transmitter, its got throttle trim so pct trim fr trim. Oh, i dont know: thats your steer, youve got, steering trim, looks like a steering jewelry and a throttle, trim or throttle jewelry. Okay, ill read the instructions for you. Well i mean i dont know. If you let me put that there if you can read it uh. I get that youve got a steering trim. I get you got a steering jewel right that one says percentage adjustment before and after i presume its talking about throttle so throw trim, not bad transmitter. Nice foam wheel, pretty generic and now the truck, and i apologize if ive been unfair on it and weve not even had a proper look, but i have had a look theres a few things. I think i need to change before we take this out for a run nice looking body, nice colors looks a little bit like the uh. Is it triple x, whats, pretty good ive already mentioned what it looks like.

I dont want to say the t word too many times because they might try and shut me down and then underneath so one of the other things i wasnt too keen on when i saw it its a combined esc and receiver in something this size, its brushless With a relatively big brushless motor, i was quite shocked to see that it has actually got a two in one esc, receiver. You know its not the end of the world, but its still a little bit weird normal size or looks like a normal size. Three wire servo, so thats good 3500 kv brushless motor. I dont know what the gearings like, but a big brushless motor in there, so that should be good with a heatsink metal braces on the top metal front and rear strut towers. Wheelie bar big ball oil shocks that are a little bit disappointing. I think im gon na before you take this out. I think im gon na open these up and just see if theyre overfilled a bit of oil, because i just feel a bit stiff and when you drop it im, not gon na drop it anymore well, ill. Do it once, but its just a bit bouncy with oil shocks, it should absorb that there shouldnt be much rebound on it, metal, arms, underneath metal chassis. You can adjust the camber and the toe on the front and you can adjust the camber on the wrist thats. Something else im going to do: metal drive, shafts metal, diff cups, metal center, shafts and and its got a center diff, so that so thats a good sign, but talking of diffs here we go look so im holding this wheel.

You shouldnt be able to do this when youve got. You should be able to do that on the diff. There is nothing in that. Absolutely nothing within that diff. In fact, you dont need to hold the other wheel, no way. That should happen not sure if i can be bothered to open the diffs up before i take it for a run, though, so we might do that afterwards. I dont know just i dont know i just cant get excited about it. This review is probably coming across as like the the most depressing rc car review ever, but i dont know i think its the price im gon na have to check the price i got ta remember who sent it to me. First, honestly, i i doesnt matter who sent me. I i review stuff as i see it, so it doesnt matter who sent it to me. It was bangered. How much was it well, how much is it? How much is it so? Its currently 167 pounds on sale, which is 230 dollars. That is why its not really jumping out at me, 170, pound or two over two hundred dollars is a lot of money. Um – and this needs to really impress me with its performance to justify that sort of cost yeah its brushless yeah its got loads of metal bits on it, its got oil shocks, so i can see why the price is relatively high or is high, but just because Its got loads of metal thrown on it if it doesnt perform.

Well, then im afraid its going to be a a rare one for me and im not going to recommend it, but anyway the batterys charging um the battery. I havent shown you the battery something else. Im a little bit suspect of 5000 milliamp hours, its quite small, its, not all that heavy as well. So anyway, im going to sort the camber out im going to sort the front and rear camber out im, going to take the shocks off and look to see. If i can make them a little bit softer charge battery and then were going to give this thing a decent run and ill try and be a bit happier because of the way the suspensions set up on this when its under load. It actually goes straight or goes more towards the positive side um, so ive left the rear. I have adjusted the front slightly because thats not going to be quite as thats not going to be under as much load as the rear when its accelerating so i have adjusted that a bit 600 weight oil in the shocks the shocks had im gon na put A little video up that i quickly recorded as i was changing the oil it was almost as if they had the diff oil thats missing out of these. That was in the shocks so um yeah ive put 600 weight in. I think it probably could do with 700, because its a little bit, i think, ive gone.

Maybe the opposite way now from really stiff to, but definitely definitely better right anyway. Lets take it for a run. So lets give this thing a go, then another nice day, which makes the change not been here for a while and its looking good nice short grass thats. What we like yeah well, i dont need to go over. There lets see how this thing goes, then, should we oh hello, oh thats, fast, okay, things have got better relatively quick, oh that is fast wow, so every cloud and all that need to sort the trim out of it. Oh nice, just what you want: big pile of dog, tad ugh, oh and another one over here, no way this isnt going to be fun now that that looks like bit of a an x max tag there, but that is well. This is quick! So obviously, no nothing in the diffs from what i can tell, but it doesnt seem to be uh, making a massive difference. It has got a center diff, so that will be helping quite a bit. Oh, i bought my gps lets see if we can see how fast we can get so you can turn the throttle down. So its got like a throttle, drill rate so thats low and then whack it up so ideal. If youve got someone whos, learning a hobby or learning to drive a bit faster speed anyway, lets go and see how fast it is its meant to do the steerings really bad on this.

Even if you set the trim, it just pulls pulls either side terrible. Its got to do that, steering geometry: its got to be right anyway, not very straight here, but i should be able to get some kind of throttle on it, so thats full throttle there weve got a bit of full throttle. Well go back the other way. Definitely not 70 kilometers an hour, oh its definitely so hard to keep straight. It will not go straight well, thats long enough on the uh, the concrete to say that we got to max speed, im going to say 25 mile an hour 48 kilometers an hour 30 mile an hour, not bad, but not 70.. Should we go to the skate park im, not a fan of the geo? I know how you know. Obviously the suspension when it uh when it accelerates the wheels go straight, but you cant get it to go in a straight line. No matter how much you do. The trim every time you accelerate it just pulls right. I mean its its its pretty angry. Its definitely got power ill. Give it that, even with that suspension, set a little bit softer its just not got enough travel, so it jumps nice, but it lands crap. Absolutely crap need to sort that suspension out for sure Applause, oh its gon na, be a long one. Can it backflip? What do you reckon? I think it might be able to you know no so, anyway, im still not really oh im, still not! Oh, it landed on its wheels and i dont think im a fan of it.

Thats going to get boring very quickly. You have to pick it up every time you jump it. Its gon na be quite annoying, make your own minds up guys, but i cant recommend it. I just dont think its got the right. I dont know the right. Flair is flare, the word doesnt do it for me its fast. It can certainly jump, but it cant land well, most of the time it cant i reckon we can definitely get a backflip, though i think i need to commit a bit more lets lets commit a bit more. Shall we not like that? Come on back flip Laughter, you see what i mean about it. Doesnt go straight when you put the power on it, just goes whatever way it wants, but its its taking a bit of a hit. Well, ive got the trim all the way over to the left. Now see if we can get it to go straight, nope nope, oh my days, oh its still not broken, though, or has it well thats all from me guys ill leave you with a little bit of oh. That sounds a bit ropey, oh, maybe its just! The tyres anyway, that is it from me with this xlf, i dont, recommend it its nothing majorly bad with it. I think its just not very good at a lot of things. Its the only way i can describe it. Doesnt go in a straight line: doesnt land, just i dont know i dont know guys.

I dont know it does take a beating ill, give it that much yeah. I think thats the motors move or stripping a gear there well leave it. There well well end it on a massive jump. There lets end it on a big, send all right, theres a link to this in the description. If you want to see more info about it, i wouldnt buy. One, though, see you next time, ah foreign, yes, uh ill, give it one thing: it takes an absolute kicking. Oh nearly a backflip, well call that a backflip well done mate well done.