I dont have a connor yeah go watch that video, where i have to go Music, you guys did not see this one im pretty sure and uh when i was showing my because i think this one and the gtr this this one doesnt really listen to us. My cousins there thats a good view yeah the next one we have up is the gtr, the nissan gtr and its very bright okay. I was just using this one like a few minutes ago, so heres the gtr its hard to see on the camera. That was a hard crash, completely scratched its fast and furious, so it works, though the camera. What how does that stand up so whats going to say whats the gta youtube video its a subscribe to the channel yep guys subscribe. Ive already been doing this for three minutes already and its still just the first one. Well, fifth, one wait, no, its the third one. That was the fourth one and then so what is it? What does that say say for ourselves, twitter, my gatorade, all right Music. So i will do a there are more there. We go Applause, very nice, burnouts, too burnouts Applause, Applause, look at the camera! Okay, my next preview part is slash. Slash is my bugatti. I love him time to turn them on thats, not thats, not the problem. I love this um. Oh okay, for the next preview car, the bugatti chiron. He hasnt got big of tires, so it doesnt really work with the burnouts.

What you want to say subscribe to the channel again, why do they all say that whats, your god yorkie thats? What it is it is, lets look at the next one, the dodge charger on there, that srt right now burn up time Applause.