So this is a Ravemen PR800 lumens, and this is a Ravemen, PR1200 Lumens bicycle light. We gonn be doing a test and review of these two lights. So welcome back to my channel Cycle Rider Roy Now Ravemen is an international brand and recently they have launched their bicycle lights in India as well, and i got the opportunity to test their two bicycle lights. So i’ll show how powerfull these two lights are, and can they be a good choice for you so currently the one i have now is the Ravemen PR800. This is a 800 lumens rechargeable LED Bicycle Light In terms of packaging. This comes in this type of clear box inside the box. You get a mounting brakcet for you, light recharging cord along with a remote button and some rubber straps Now guys in terms of size. This light is really compact and small. I can easily hold it in my palm and it feels like a tiny old smartphone.. I really liked the finishing of these lights. They are well made and has smooth overall edges with classy look. Entire outer housing is made of alumium due to which it elimiates over heating and also protects the light from impact Thansk to the aluminium outer shell. This light can be used in day time as it protects from overheating. At the front, we get two high power led lights. If we talk about the dual led light, ravemen claims that they have used Automotive, headlight techology.

In this light, to give you long and short range visibility in night time, usage. for those who dont know about automotive technology, its similar to a car headlight, which can be used for high beam and low beam as per the demand.. At the back of the light we get USB in and USB out which you can use to recharge your bike light as well as with USB out you can recharge your smartphone during your ride. If you need it, you get two soft button. On top of the light which you can use to turn on and switch off the light along with using the different modes of this bike light, Also, you can use the available remote button to use and change all light modes while riding without having any trouble.. If i talk about the power output of Ravemen PR800 during the night test, this light performed well and was bright to make anything visible. Due to my camera automatic ISO, you may feel the light is not bright enough. However, it was opposite. Pr800 was so bright that it can even make Mars visible. The light was really bright and can help you see long distance. When you ride with your bike at night time., you get 3200 mah battery capacity in Ravemen PR800, which can give you power to run your light for continous 19 hours. I also tested the light in running water to simulate bad weather. Ravemen PR800 is available in INDIA for the MRP of Rs 5490.

You get 2 years of warranty with this light, its amazing that this light can provide you, 1200 lumens. If we talk about the packaging, this also comes in clear box inside package containing light mounting bracket. Straps charging cable user manual in terms of size comparison, Ravemen PR1200 is bit bigger, then the PR800, as it is, having 50 more power and capacity In terms of design. This is also similar to PR800. You get aluminium outer shell for better heat reduction. You get two button on top. You can use to operate your light. You get a screen here to check remaining battery life. When you use your light, the timer will show remaining hours. You get automotive dual led lens in this model in terms of day time, test and usage, the test did good power out was high and visible. Here is the shot from 30 meters away and this light performing well, so you can imagine the night test. Also here are the night test shot of PR1200. Due to my camera, auto setting light may look little dim. However, brightness was really high. This is the brightness from 300 feet away distance. It can light up any dark places. Here are some water resistance test. If we talk about the battery capacity, Ravemen PR1200 gives you 5200 MaH battery backup it can work continously for 21 hours.