I’Ve just had something delivered to me that i didn’t realize was coming and when i saw it was released yesterday, and i thought i saw it and thought it was really good. However, what i didn’t like was the price of it, but because i’ve just been sent one uh let’s get out of the box, have a look. What would have been nice is if i realized this was coming, but i didn’t know is the new armor vortex. When someone sends you something it’s very easy to be like super positive about it, and i hope you guys from my previous videos kind of understand that, although i may be positive about a lot of things, i do say the good and the bad. Now, while we get this out of the box, what i am going to say is something i said a couple of days ago about uh 110 bashers and you know the value for money, and i still stand by what i said i’m not going to talk about The brand and what i said was like the best one: it definitely wasn’t the tea brand though well, actually, no, it was the tea brand, but not the tea brand um, and i still stand by that value for money, for that. I’Ve talked about really good horizons. Have recently put their prices up, and i think i don’t know whether they’ve gone a little bit too much it does it does look nice it’s heavy as well that’s, really heavy they’ve snuck a battery in there.

That is heavier than the big rock uh. If you’ve not seen the video this, this thing’s a weapon 75 mile an hour i’m still in a little bit of shock that they sent me this. No one told me, but thanks horizon, i do really appreciate it. This is the first armor they’ve sent me anyway. I think i’ve been creeping enough, let’s get it on the bench. Let’S have a look at it. I will tell you something: there is a massive difference between seeing something on a video and actually having it. In your hand, this thing does look really nice. I tell you what i really like: they come in three different colors there’s, one that’s like a red, white and blue. I think that yeah, the one in the box, one which is red, white and blue. They do like a purple one. They do this green one. I really like the um like the pink and the purple colors, but this green pops side profile of it. There um big rock wheelie bar wing on the back there. The tyres feel quite they feel quite hard, actually quite a hard compound. The wheels the wheels look very similar to pro lines, i think, don’t they very similar to pro lines, so they’re, qatar or qatar and tires so it comes with the dx3 from spectrum. These are really good. Don’T get confused with this to the one that you would have got with the other 3s range that wasn’t the dx3.

Is it the s st2 or sx2? Something like that this has got avc. This has got um an avc compatible receiver in it. Do you need avc on a truck like this, probably not but it’s better, to have it than to not have it, and especially, if you’re, quite new to the hobby, the avc is definitely going to be something that’s. Um stability control basically keeps it in a straight line. The coolest looking um wheel, rent i’ve ever seen spare um lanyards for your body clips. You always pull them off. How many we got one two, three, four of them, some preloads for your shocks. I guess that’s the speed pinion, that is a 22 to 22 20 tooth um safe d, so these are the ones that have got like the little um they’re like key weight or the little flat surface on them, but 20 tooth opinion. So i think looking at this i mean this shows a 17 tooth in there. I might be missing something they usually have like a little card. That tells you the difference. The speed pinion, but anyway, that will be the speed, pin it’s just 60 mile an hour on the box and with armors they are pretty close. I mean, i often see people with armours get the speed that’s on the box. I’Ll be honest with you, the big rock i was about two or three mile an hour under what they said, which i think that’s acceptable.

This says 60 mile an hour, and i expect, if you can control it at 60 mile an hour. It will do that. So a little bit shorter, it’s, a short wheelbase one, i think it’s, the granite um chassis it’s, not a massive amount, smaller it’s it’s in the same bracket as that big rock isn’t. It that low wide stance i, like it, they’re calling it a stadium truck. I don’t know if you can call a 4×4 like monster truck a stadium truck there, more two wheel, drive um, but who cares it’s cool, so it’s? Definitely the shorter wheelbase, because you’ve not got the bearing support on the drive shaft like you do on the big rock ic3 connector you’ve got spectrum firmer. I presume that’s the same um specs as the blx 100 you’ve got. The spectrum 3200 or 3200 kv motor in there brushless with your heatsink and fan battery tray is usually quite a good size and it’s got like a little a little adapter there. You can remove it’s modular, so you can take the motor and the like the spur get all out at once oil shocks all round. Oh that’s, nice, very nice. Your usual armor um chassis don’t, have i’ve, never had i’ve seen people break these, but they’ve been like proper bashing and i’ve. Not had any issues with my scent and i broke a front. A arm. I’Ve broke a rear. A arm had that scent in years.

I’Ve. Just actually got rid of it and moved it on which is good timing to get this in. I don’t have any issues with the 3s range. I think they’re really like a really good, basher again price. This is 60 in the uk it’s about, i think, it’s, like 50, maybe 60 pound more in the uk for this than the other 3s range now. Is it worth that extra 60 pound? What are you getting for that extra money now you’re getting a fresh new truck? You know a fresh new look you’re getting new wheels you’re, getting like the tyres and i’ve seen a few people say: it’s, just a granite of a different body. It’S wider it’s got that wider stance to me. Let me just double check so putting it next like looking at this against the big rock. You have got that wider stance, but i think a lot of that’s done with the offset of the wheels body looks nicer than the other 3s range you’ve got the dx3, so you’ve got avc whether you need that or not and you’re getting the newer. The newest smart technology esc in there, so is it worth the extra 60 i mean i don’t, know they’re going to sell them. These will sell. I can guarantee. These will definitely sell there’s, no doubt about that. Um i’m, just not sure whether they’ve bumped the price up too much, but you guys would decide that when you see these out and about if it’s anything like the other 3s range it’s going to be pretty bulletproof right, i am going to um get some batteries Charged and then we’ll take this out for a bash.

I don’t usually like to do videos like this. I like to give you a bit of running footage as well, but this one is just going to be the initial getting out of the box and having a look over it and my thoughts on it and i know there’s loads of videos out already of it. Because it came out, was it yesterday the day before, but if you’re anything like me, there’s certain youtubers, i like to watch um and i there could be 20 videos of the same product, and i only watch that one and this isn’t me like blowing my own Trump here but i’m, pretty sure there’s, some of you guys out there would prefer to watch my video and there’s some of you out there that probably prefer to watch someone else’s video of unboxing and looking at this new armor big thanks again to horizon and armor For getting this to me, i do appreciate it and, like i said at the start, you guys just caught me a little bit off guard you need to, let me know it’s coming in future, so i can plan things. I do work full time so to you guys i put quite a few videos up and sometimes some weeks i put like four videos up. I have to balance that around my work, so you might think, oh whinging, about getting caught off guard. I have to plan everything, and this video is completely unplanned, which usually means it’ll do quite well anyway.

On that note, i’m going to get some batteries charged and i’m going to start making a bashing video for you, this isn’t, the truck.