I wanted to talk to you about something that I really really enjoy and I think it’s something that new people getting into the RC vintage tamia hobby. If something is really worth looking at, and that is obviously the Tamiya boomerang now, this is an original five. Eight zero five five regionally released in 30th, 30th of April 1986 that’s. What this car is. This is the first term here I fully restored on the show. I won’t put a link to the videos because they’re terrible, but what I found out was after rebuilding this car back to absolute mint, it’s ER it’s been totally rebuilt. The only thing that I didn’t really change was I kept the original center chassis. Everything else is new. I didn’t want to change that otherwise, I’d pretty much restored the whole car, so the main chassis of this is still original, but it’s all got the original electronics, which I’ll show you in a little while, but if you’re new to vintage cars personally after spending time, Restoring lots of different vintage classics if you’re kicking off and you want to start with a 4×4. I highly recommend one of these. Why? Why is that it’s, a lovely, build it’s, a really easy, enjoyable flow of a build. You know there’s no major complications, there’s, no, frustrating aspects, there’s, no crazy, fiddly parts, it’s all very logical and it’s, something you can savor without stressing too much about it. That’S the best way I can say about cars, but there’s there’s many reasons to why you should get one of these price point wise, they’re, getting a little bit expensive now, because they were reread a few times.

So this was a reread again in 2008 under kit. Five, eight four one eight, and that was the 10th of December 2008. Then Tammy released it again under the same five, eight four one, eight on the 2nd of March 2017. So there was a lot of parts. So if you’re picking up a an original one, there is quite a lot of parts available if you’re. Just after a reread again, it makes it easier. Prices are a little bit lower and if you want to give yourself a challenge of restoring one, having any extra parts available means that the prices on these parts are not quite expensive and you can get your hands on bits and pieces without too much of a You know grind to find them so it’s, just how far you want to take your restoration or your build with this one. I ended up replacing 90 of the cars new body new stickers, new wheels new tires new bumpers, new gearbox housing swing, arms I’ve done pretty much everything, but you don’t have to go that far, but it allows you the opportunity to do it at a reasonable price. So that’s a big take on it. It’S an iconic car it’s, a very pretty car. The paint job is very simple, really it’s, just one color, all the way across there’s a little bit of masking to do, but again, a very easy body to cut out. I didn’t find it difficult applying the stickers again there’s, not tons and tons of complicated stickers, so that’s, not that much of a challenge from that point of view.

So you know if you want to do your first sort of tamia vintage car and you know if you want to go four wheel drive. Obviously, if you want to go to or drive there’s other options available, so it’s, very modular you’ve got the back side back section, gearbox, that’s, fully enclosed the front section and they just drop to this tub chassis, which again is a lovely, easy chassis to work with. If you go down the route of something like this, for instance, I haven’t restored this one, yet so this kind of evolved into this – this is a much harder car to work on from the chassis everything’s. Enclosed space is an issue you could argue. This is a better looking car, but for your first kind of getting into it. This can be a bit more expensive versus this one. So yeah I’m a massive fan of this and, as you can see, I’ve actually modded here, because one thing when you put the body on the driver sits all the way back here and he sits right in the back that’s one of the things I’ve just put Bracket there temporary just to hold the driver in place now. Another thing, that’s really nice about, is they’re great to drive, really really nice easy fun to drive. You really enjoy driving these. You know it’s, the classic kind of four wheel drive vintage experience, but reliable it’s not going to implode on you at any moment, it’s not going to break apart that you can’t actually get where you would find.

If you were going down the Falcon route. These cars are very different animals as a first car. I would never recommend one of these versus one of these, mainly because these has never been reread and they break quite constantly so there’s that aspect as well as they’re just they’re, not too much of a challenge, and they are gorgeous looking as time ticks on. They are getting a little bit more expensive about a year ago. They were very easy to get, they were everywhere, but you can still pick up really good examples to restore and stuff like that. What else is really nice about them? I’M officer said they’re great to drive, but you can throw brush brush this into these and they go like that. Epis it’s, a very tank like car it’s surprising how tough and strong these are. So if you want, if you want to buy like the 2017 version, then throw some brushless in it, you can do that and then just brassed it and it will really take you i’ve, seen footage of these things absolutely flying and when i talk to the owners, They’Re, like yeah, I just put brushless in it, it’s like what you didn’t. Do it? No, no, obviously ball race, it. He can’t just use plastic when you’re doing that kind of thing. But if you, if you ball race, the car, they will take brushless you’d, be surprised how much of a beating that these things will take so that’s another side of it as well.

You know that they can be special, but they can also be out and out bashing running and then, if you break something you can get the parts thing it back on again so it’s quite nice. The rear e’s have really helped this car become that sort of vintage flavor. If you want, as well as being able to go, I’ll just drive this one and then I can buy another body and new stickers and things like that, whereas a lot of the other cars that haven’t been rereading things they’re a bit too delicate and a bit Fragile a bit expensive, whereas this is a fantastic car. There is a few things on this one that I would recommend you can do the bigwig front suspension upgrade to have two shocks at the front instead of the mono shock. That can be a good idea. It’S easy enough to do all you do is pick up the bits I think, on the ear on eBay. You can get people that actually have got all the bits for you. So the main difference is you need the uprights. Then you need the arms. The arms have a modification on the front to take it, and then this suspension will go on the front of here now. Some people will argue it’s, ugly and short, and I would agree, I think, it’s kind of ugly, but you get better better suspension out the front of the car I’ve put aftermarket suspension on this one just to make it a little bit more softer – and I had This suspension lying around so I didn’t take it quite back to perfect stock bless.

I like the black as well it’s, just it’s, more just black white and blue, but hey it’s up to you what you do for it. From that point of view, um again, you can run it on old electronics or you can just throw in modern stuff and then just take it out for a blast. So right, I am, must admit, I’m, a big fan, absolutely a big fan of this car and it’s a lovely fun car to get into.