We have seen on the channel so far, let’s get straight into it: Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music – and here it is. Then this is the hs10422 now this looks like a little bit of a cross between a monster truck and a stadium truck, and for the price, this thing does look seriously good. Now. The first thing you notice is how big it actually is. Now they say this is 1 8 scale, but i think this is going to be closer to a 1 10 scale. Now guys you know me, i really like doing cheap and budget rc’s here on my channel now. This thing looks incredibly interesting, especially when you look at the spec and what you actually get included. It really does look like an absolute steal now, if you haven’t already be sure to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the latest rc content. Also give me a follow on social media i’ve recently just hit 10 000 followers on instagram that’s, absolutely insane. So if you haven’t already be sure to give me a follow now we’re going to do various different things with this today. The first thing, we’ll do is take a look at what we get in the box, followed by a very, very quick look at the truck itself. We’Ll talk about some of the nice features that it actually comes with and then we’ll get it out and we’ll see how it performs and that’s the part i’m excited about, because i really like rear wheel, drive trucks right.

So let’s take a look at what we get in the box, then so we’ll start with the battery. First of all, we’ve got a 1500 milliamp 2s lithium ion battery. Now considering the size of this car. I don’t know how long this is going to last, but i’ll be interested to see. Um we’ve got a usb charger pretty much common stuff on a lot of these cheap budget. Rc’S uh he’s, ready to runs it’s, got a power output of a thousand milliamps an hour, so you should be able to charge this battery pack in about an hour and a half. You get a screwdriver now. This is interesting. You need the screwdriver because they don’t actually fit uh the rear, bumper or the rear wing. You do have to fit those yourself as soon as you get it out the box and they do actually include screws in the bag as well. Now i’ve already pre fitted mine, which is why uh you have you can’t see the screws here very simple to do, and that is why they include that screwdriver you get a little cross wrench you get some spare body clips. We get a black and white manual, which is quite basic, but it does cover all the basics uh. You know all the basic procedure: how to get you going running your car, all that sort of good stuff transmitter wise it’s, a two channel uh transmitter. Now this doesn’t feel too bad.

I do like it. When you get these foam grips on the wheel, it does feel a little bit plasticky, but design wise and feel not too bad right. You get your usual steering, trim, steering dual rate, and you can actually adjust the speed on this as well, and i have said it before. That is a feature i do really like, especially for beginners being able to turn your your throttle down. A little bit definitely helps so that’s pretty much what you get in the box. We’Ll take a closer look at the truck now and then we’ll get it out and we’ll see how it performs right. Then. So let’s take a closer look at the truck itself. Now, we’re going to start with the outside and let’s talk about that body for a moment, because i really do think the color scheme looks great. I really like the yellow on this. Now they do sell this in a variety of different colors, so be sure to check out all the different body, shell options, but i think for me the yellow really does stand out, and i am a big fan of that body. Shell now we’ve got a nice chunky front bumper. This is quite soft. The plastic is quite soft, and i can see this being quite flexible if it was to take an impact and then we’ve got our rear wing and our rear bumper and, as i’ve said earlier, you will have to fit both of those.

They do include the screws in the box very, very simple, to do screw. Those on and you’ll be good to go right, so let’s take the body. Shell off and we’ll, see what is going on underneath now. We’Ll start with the electronics first of all, and we have got a 60 amp brushed esc, and that is a two in one unit. Now we see these all the time on these cheap rc’s, these two in one three in one units they do get the job done. Absolutely fine. Uh we’ve got a 540 sized brush motor on this just down there and one what’s interesting on this. Is you do actually get like a shroud like a plastic cover which is going to help to keep small stones and any other objects from entering into the motor itself? Now, as you can see down there, we have got nice thick metal dog bones. Another really really. Nice extra, considering the cost of this truck now let’s talk very quickly about the size of this truck because they do state. This is a 1 8 scale model. Now i think this is closer to a one temp scale model and, as you can see here, i have compared this to another model that i own, and that is a one temp scale stadium truck it’s, very similar in size, almost identical in size. In fact – and i do think this is going to be comparable to a one temp scale model rather than a 1 8 scale model, and just to give you another little idea on how big this actually is.

Here is a little comparison to the wl toys. One zero four: zero zero one uh. As you can see, it is quite a bit bigger than this one temp scale buggy and, like i said earlier, if you are looking for a slightly larger budget rc, this could potentially be a very good option. Now let’s talk about the wheels and tires on this, then now the design of the wheels, i think, look really good. I think they really do complement the overall look of this truck now. Let’S talk about the compound, because this is quite a firm compound, but the good thing about that is it’s going to be quite hard wearing. I can see these lasting quite a long time if you do intend to run this on the dirt. These are going to last you quite a while now the fact that the shocks are quite bouncy. I think, having these big, these big, aggressive uh. These big aggressive tyres here, are definitely going to help absorb some of the impacts when we’re running this off road uh. But yeah overall no complaints there. I think these things look great now. This does also come with a six kilogram servo, which is going to be more than enough power. I would have thought for a truck of this size and weight now. The final thing we’re going to talk about is the battery tray. Now this is quite a unique setup that we’ve got here now.

If we place our included lithium ion battery in there you’ll notice that we actually have space to fit another now, you’ve got two options here. You can either run another pack of a similar capacity. This is a 1500 milliamp. You could run another one of those and then run a a parallel connector, which is going to give you uh, 3000 milliamps of capacity, or you could take out the middle spacer there and place in a larger pack and, as you can see there, something like a 2200 milliamp 2s would fit absolutely fine right. Then so we’ve had a closer look at the truck now overall, as a package, i think this thing is excellent, especially if you’re looking to get into the rc hobby, but you may potentially want a slightly larger model. This is going to be a good option to go for now, a lot of the cheap rc’s out there a lot of the budget rc’s. They are actually a lot smaller than this. You very rarely see a car of this size at this sort of price, which is why i really do think this is going to be quite popular now. We’Ve had a decent look at it. We’Ve talked about the components. There really is only one thing left to do and that is to actually take it out. We’Ll see how it performs this is the part i’m really excited about. I really really like rear wheel, drive two wheel, drive cars, so let’s go ahead and do that now.

Let’S get it out we’ll, get the batteries charged up and see how it performs right, so we’re, pretty much ready to go. We’Ve got the speed setting all the way up to maximum on the transmitter. We’Ve also got the gps fitted, and that is showing zero. So let’s see how fast this is Music now guys, as you can see, it’s, not the fastest thing in the world, but this truck isn’t built for speed. You know this is a good way for someone to get into the rc hobby. Looking for a slightly larger model now the compound on those tyres, you can definitely tell it’s quite a firm compound Music i’m, actually quite impressed with this, even though it’s not the fastest thing, it’s, not always about speed, actually feels really good. So we’ve got 18 miles per hour on our speed test i’m, actually quite impressed with that 18 miles per hour, isn’t too bad at all right. So the next thing i’m going to do is see how this performs on the grass. Now what i like about this is the fact that it does have some good ground clearance, and i think this is going to do pretty well on the grass. Now we have to remember this grass is a little bit longer as well having that extra ground clearance. It’S not even struggling now the fact that this does have friction shocks compared to oil field. Shocks not really that noticeable it’s taking the bumps quite nicely i’m, really starting to like this little truck, and it is starting to look like a very good option for a beginner getting into the rc hobby.

Now this surface here is a little bit uneven and i think this is where we’re going to notice the shocks are going to be a little bit bouncy and, as you can see, this is bouncing around a little bit here, but i really think with a decent Set of oil filled shocks as your first upgrade on this. This thing has got a huge amount of potential and it’s just a huge amount of fun. Being two wheel drive, i think, for me the only thing bringing this down is those shocks a little bit but it’s just so much fun. I really don’t think it’s going to bother you that much if you was to get one of these incredible little truck for the price now guys when it comes to the speed, i really do think it’s, probably going to be enough for most people just starting out I’Ve got a feeling, it’s, probably geared a little bit lower as well, but all these things you could potentially upgrade in the future yeah i’m very impressed with this one. Now guys i have been running for about 10 minutes now and i’m. Still on the original 1500 milliamp pack now i thought that would only last me a few minutes. You know five to seven minutes, something like that, but ten minutes in and we’re still going strong right, so i’ve managed to achieve about 14 minutes of run time. On that stock pack now, that is very, very impressive, considering the size of this car now i think it probably comes down to the fact that it’s under geared a little bit plus it’s quite light, considering the size but yeah 14 minutes of run time is very, Very impressive: now, if you want to fit a larger pack such as this 2200 milliamp pack, i can definitely see you getting 20 minutes plus of runtime, which is very impressive, so there you go then so we have given this thing a very good test today.

Now i think this is going to be a really good way for someone to get into the rc hobby. You may not want to go for one of the smaller models. There’S a lot of different cheap rc’s out there from you know, sort of 18th scale models. 14Th scale 16th scale. Now, if you’re looking for something slightly larger, this is definitely going to be a very good option for you and even though it’s large, it is lightweight, which is why we achieved a very good run time on that stock battery, so guys we’re going to leave the Video there today, let me know in the comments section down below what you think of this cheap truck, i think, with a shock upgrade that is going to make a massive massive difference to how this truck actually performs. But, overall, it is an excellent little budget machine. Now guys, if you haven’t already be sure to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the latest rc content and i’ll see you again soon on the next one.