If you follow the channel, you’ll know that i really do like my mini crawlers it’s, a 124 scale, actual scx 24 and on today’s video we’ve got something special for this. We’Ve got a little upgrade for it and i think a lot of you are going to be interested to see how it gets on. So, like i said, i do like my mini crawlers. 124 118 scale and i’d have to say that this one, the little scx 24 probably sits it’s got to be the i’d say it’s the best out of all the minis that you can buy, and i haven’t really given it much air time on the channel, and I should have, but in today’s video that’s, going to change, i’ve already put a few little upgrades. Some little brass upgrades that we’ll talk about the main event is fitting this fury, tech, brushless setup and i’m hoping it’s going to be awesome once we’ve got this in. I mean it’s awesome anyway, but surely this is going to make it even better so before we get that brushless set up and have a talk about that. Just quickly update you on this, because the last time you saw this, it had some cool 3d printed tracks. On it, whereas, whereas now it’s got little brass steering hubs and some uh brass hexes as well, real weights it’s also got the weights on the back as well. I’Ve not tested these out yet. But i know from experience as soon as you start putting little wheel, weights and stuff on especially a little bit more weight at the front.

It just changes the performance of these uh crawlers, not this not just this size but uh, big crawlers as well. So i know it’s going to be a decent upgrade other than that it is completely stock stock out the box before i fit all that in. I will refresh you on how this goes: um straight out of the box, i.e the electronics, the noise, the modulation and like climbing. Obviously climbing it’s got the weights on, but just so you can get a feel for how it is stopped. I think when we put this on, the three characteristics are going to change the noise. The modulation like the crawling and um just how it climbs because of that modulation anyway. So this is the ultimate um brushless conversion kit, where you get spur gear, pinion the bracket to fit the scx 24 and this cool little uh outrunner motor, now i’m gon na leave some links in the description for all of this, because this was sent to me. Um by fury, tech and i haven’t looked at all the information yet which let’s be honest, it’s, nothing new that i’ve not read up on anything, but i will leave links in the description. This might be the komodo motor let’s go there. We’Ve got this uh furitek, lizard brushed and brushless esc. It says on Music scx24 with bluetooth. Before we go out, let’s just refresh you then on how this runs with the stock, motor and electronics in it.

So the thing with this is really controllable: stock. Out of the box because of the worm gears it uses rather than conventional ring and pinion again i’m, not going for how steep this can go just yet. I know it’s got the brass on it’s, just really to get an idea and a feel for how um control law is with the current set up and to listen to it as well right time to pull it apart and get all this in it. So there’s. The original gearbox stripped down just got to take that motor plate off that’s the new motor plate that comes with it, alloy spur. That is like really light. There’S your pinion and then your hex bolts for your motor. Look at the difference in size of these that there’s, the original one and there’s the little out well it’s a little outrunner it’s massive compared to that it’s gon na be an absolute beast in this. Now this isn’t gon na be a simple plug and play. I think you have to do a little bit true in where the original uh esc receiver combo goes uh, but other than that, i think just trimming. That should be enough either way. It’S gon na be awesome right. I’M gon na get this mounted and then i’ll come back once the gearbox is together. So you can see that and i think what we’ll do is get it bench tested. So i set the electronics up from the bench just so we can make sure it all works before we fit it into the truck.

So we are all plumbed in now there’s two options. You can either plug the lizard esc directly into your own electronics, so you’re in receiver and use your own transmitter or you’ve got the option of using the stock electronics. You can plug the esc and basically you’re just using this as a receiver, which means you can use the um stock transmitter. So the esc function of this is bypassed uh with the lizard one anyway here’s the motor and just to confirm this is the komodo motor. I wasn’t sure at first when i got sent it, but i have confirmed this is the komodo motor cool names aren’t they lizard and komodo really easy to do with the supplied motor plate. Initially, when i put it on, i had to spare, i think it sided. I had it and the other way around and when i was turning this, it was a little bit notchy, whereas i flipped the spur over now it’s nice and smooth anyway let’s plug it the battery in, and i will show you how well this operates. So this has got the bluetooth module attached to it and you can download an app on your phone right. So you can see that the throttle went to zero there because i’ve calibrated the throttle. I’Ve got start up. Power on low got start power and low punch level on one, and here it is just leave that, like ready, just touch it very look gently that look how slow that is.

So what i found with this is on startup and that’s. What it’s like now, when you increase the throttle, it does increase sliding there’s a slight jump. You’Ll see it in a minute. There you go so you go from like a start up to running that’s what i want to call it it’s, not as noticeable once you get used to the throttle control. Actually, the transition between that start up and the actual run in there isn’t. Quite as much of a jump as it first looks, this is gon na be look at that this is gon na, be so awesome with the low control and, like i mentioned loads of functions here. What i like is the telemetry, so if you put the telemetry up – and you can then actually see so if you watch the throttle now, the throttle’s on sort of 10 and we’ve got that start up. But if you actually look at the rpm it’s still showing zero so that rpm doesn’t start until you pass this first initial bit, which i find a little bit strange. I’M. Not sure why? But you get to about 20 20, just over 20 throttle which are just coming up to now and then you’ll see the rpm again. So just over 20 from the rpm starts to register. It must just be a software thing, i’m, not sure, but anyway, either way. What a cool feature right, let’s get it mounted in the truck and give it its first little test on the bench and then we’re going to take it out for a proper run.

So, unfortunately, you do have to cut well the way i’m mounting it um. You do have to cut where the stock esc or stock electronics sit the problem with cutting. That is, you, then cut some of the mounting positions off, and it just means your suspension will pivot now. So what you need to do, or what i’m going to do – is i’m going to get just a little, probably like a small turnbuckle and just fix it. There fix it just on the um, the back of the bumper there, and that should just give that a bit more rigidity, stop it from moving backwards and forwards right. It is all plumbed in now it did take a little bit of time to get it all. In there so gearbox and motor mounted there now what i had to do, i mean you can get some small or some little tiny, like micro mini receivers, which would be ideal but put a little cable extension on and i’ve got the receiver up back there. A few zip size, cable ties just to tidy the wiring up, and it is in now now it’s little party trick watch this just touched the throttle it’s moving, look how slow, it’s moving it’s, absolutely crazy watch this as well it’s, not just able to crawl that Slow it’s able to climb that slow as well. You can just see the motor in there spinning looks so cool. Look at it.

Look at that! You can go slower as well. Oh, we need to take this out for a run. So, first of all, let’s just look at that slow control, again it’s. You can hardly see it. Moving look and it’ll go slower than that that’s about as slow as i can go, it’s. Absolutely ridiculous! Oh this is so cool really silent as well. You can actually hear the survey the steering survey more than any of the other electronics on this very, very impressive. Obviously, pretty stock here stock wheels and tires stock suspension. We do need to massively upgrade this don’t. We, i think, that’s the next job. If you need a bit of wheel, speed it’s got some that’s full throttle plenty for a mini, crawler, Music and then back down to super slow. This scx24, like i mentioned on the last video when we had the tracks on it, i’ve not given it enough air time. It deserves so much more definitely going to be looking into some bead, lock alloys and some better tyres for it, but still copes fine, even stock. Look at that. How good is that crawling anyway, sit back guys, relax. I will put some nice calming music on for you now and you can watch this thing carry on for a little bit more with some nice slow. Oh, what you ruin the end come on there we go some nice slow crawling. There comes a time Music in this room Music.

If you should take me Music right through your hand, doesn’t matter what you wish for it, doesn’t matter how intense and all those shiny people you wanted to impress well they’re all watching now so walk Music! Just leave it now i’m, not gon na try, Music can’t! You see there’s nothing left to protect i’m, not gon na lose.