We got ethan in the house and the warehouse is starting to look fresh to death. If you want a tour of the warehouse, uh check me out on patreon there’s gon na be a video up there on monday and it’s gon na be a warehouse tour. So three dollars a month. I make extra videos all kinds of other bonus, goodies, it’s, a good time check it out, link in the you know, and today, we’re gon na take a look at a vehicle that, when i saw it i was like that seems crazy. I got ta get one, and here it is. This: is the e sheen eat 11.? I i don’t know i don’t know what they mean by eat 11., but that’s, the name of it, the eachine eat 11., but this has a little bit of a secret other than taking a lot of styling cues from like, say a lamborghini like check this out. You’Ve actually got a clear deck lid here with that crazy, meshy, it’s kind of a mix between an armor and a lambo isn’t, it that’s pretty cool, crazy yeah. You can see right through there yeah it’s clear in there. You can see through it. Well, that is some uh huracan mercy, a lot right from it right off there. I know so i mean it looks pretty cool. This is a 14th scale basher and the headlines. Aren’T crazy, exciting, like no oil filled suspension, she’s a bouncy girl.

It just uses a 380 size brushed motor, but the price of this thing – 74 doll, hairs, that’s, not a lot of doll hairs and especially when you think about how this thing gets powered. So a lot of rc’s are lipo powered or nickel metal hydride powered or even nitro powered if you’re really cool. But this thing doesn’t use any of that. This thing uses 18 650 batteries. We got one on each side. So if you don’t know, this is an 18650 battery, so what the heck is an 18 650 battery well it’s, 18 millimeters across by 65 millimeters tall, thus the name 18650. This is a lithium ion battery and you can find these in all kinds of stuff flashlights power tools. You know like your power pack, for your drill. That’S just got these batteries in it and even teslas. So this is technically a tesla powered rc. So why would you want 18650s over anything else? Well saying your rc is tesla powered is pretty cool for one. The cycle count on these is like 400 cycles, so you can discharge and recharge these things a bunch of times before you have to replace them, and you can find these batteries just about anywhere. I mean amazon ebay, you name it, and this one specifically is a 300 milliamp, 3.7 volts, and we ran this thing on the floor a little bit with the batteries that come with it and it went pretty good, pretty sick for a tesla powered rc that comes In at under 80 bucks – and obviously it comes with everything you need – you know batteries charger and your transmitter here’s, the transmitter that it comes with.

This is nothing spectacular, but the good news is it’s. Only gon na steal three of your double a batteries which is awesome because you have one left. You have nothing to do with that’s right, and this thing looks pretty simple, pretty easy. This might actually be a good candidate to take apart and paint check out. My video on how to make your rc transmitter look sick, so we got some batteries in the transmitter we got. Batteries in the car we’ve got some spares charged up. Let’S let’s. Take this thing out and rip Music: go Applause: Music, foreign, Music Applause, uh Applause, Music. Oh, no, oh, no! Oh, no, Music, Applause, Music! That was close Applause. Oh jesus! You ready for this! Oh yeah! What happened i don’t know! Oh here comes now. I didn’t get set in time. Laughter. It lives, it lives dude, it loves it that was wild boom. Guys there it is, what do you think dude? This thing took a little bit of a beating, oh i’m, pretty surprised some of the most fun we have is with super cheap stuff like this, where you’re not concerned to just pull the trigger and let her rip uh, because you know worst case scenario you’re out 75 bucks what’s a motor for uh what’s, a motor for an outcast 8s. Oh probably a couple hundred yeah, so i mean with something like this uh. If you’re new to the hobby, it’s great because it’s a low price point, the thing takes a beating and you’re not dealing with super volatile batteries and if you’re, if you’re, a seasoned veteran like ethan and i it’s great because it’s something fun to do.

When the weather sucks and you don’t want to get out your big rigs, you can take something like this out and just go smashing and it’s a lot of fun and guys look at this. It comes with a protective film. So when you’re done bashing, you can just peel this off and you’ve got a brand new, beautiful body right. Underneath. Look at that brand new again brand new you’d never know that we were out smashing through the mulch. What do you think ethan did you have fun? Oh yeah that thing’s a blast for less than 80 bucks, dude i’m, pretty happy with it the slide the slide was wicked. I didn’t even mean to do it the first time, no best part no it’s kind of an accident that’s. What it’s all about man go? Getting brave with stuff and uh, seeing where the limits are anyways that’s gon na, do it for this one guys! Thank you so much for watching a big. Thank you to these 10 skill squad. Vips that you see right here, remember three dollars a month. I make extra videos, everybody wins. If this is your first time checking out the channel. Welcome i’m glad you found it. We like to do rc shenanigans like this. All the time and we’ve got some huge stuff coming in 2021. I hope you stick around.