So this is my arma felony. I got this uh actually a little while ago, but i’ve really only run it a couple times, and this was the first time running it with this new protiform, c8 body and that’s. The first thing you notice about it and that’s what you guys are probably most interested in so let’s talk about it. So this body is from protoform, that is a proline company and i’ve had some other protoform bodies in the past and they’re decent this one, on the other hand, kind of, let me down a little bit so, as you can see, there is just cracking and chipping All over the place, this body was a pain in the butt to paint, so i use tamiya brand paint on it. The same brand of paint that i use for most of my bodies and for whatever reason, the paint just would not stick to this thing, not even the masking tape where i made this uh this black stripe down the middle, not even the masking tape stuck very Well and that’s after cleaning it prepping it the whole time. So i ended up having to put the paint on pretty thick and that just causes it to chip when the body flexes or where you hit something with it. Not that i intended to use this as a basher, obviously it’s, not a basher, but i mean it is what it is. I plan to actually run this body and abuse it.

So you know maybe i’ll get another body that’s like a shelf queen body. So this thing is an absolute wild animal it’s, really hard to explain what it’s like if you haven’t, driven something like this and really there’s, not a whole lot out there, like this, my friend, anthony from rc, show off summed it up pretty well when he drove His armor infraction for the first time holy sh Applause. This thing is out of control and yeah that’s kind of the reaction that you have just wow. This thing is crazy. It’S super fast, i don’t know how fast it is. This is on stock, gearing the box says something like 70 mile an hour. Maybe it’s got ta, be really close and it’s just so easy to control. It’S got avc and it’s incredibly easy to drift into slide and to rip and the drag race. The thing is an absolute monster. I love it, but it’s not without its issues. If we take this body off, oh boy, the first thing that you’ll notice is i’ve ruined it by running it through that colored powder. This thing is an absolute mess, but the dirt inside of the powder. You know that’s my own fault, but this i’ve run this thing three times twice on 4s and once on 6s and the tires are done. They’Re done we’ve got chords showing there. In fact, yep we’ve got cords showing on all four tires, i’m running these 5 000 milliamp hour 3s packs.

These are actually smart batteries i mean total run. Time is not great. I i’ve got maybe 30 minutes 40 minutes of run time total in this thing and the tires are destroyed. Oh and real. Quick here is the transmitter. Obviously, it doesn’t come like this. I painted this up stickered it up and i think it looks pretty cool. I just used lexan paint for this and then shot it with clear coat and it works pretty well. I’Ve actually got a video on how to do this. If you want to do it to yours, it’s really easy, and i think you get a really good result and these spectrum transmitters are just awesome. I love that if you use smart batteries, you can actually see the battery level of the car while you’re running that’s that’s awesome. This thing is quickly becoming one of my favorite cars to drive, but my least favorite car to film and the reason is i just can’t capture what this thing is like on camera i mean it’s so fast you just and it’s gone. I mean and it’s completely out of sight, like that’s, not very exciting, to watch. I think we actually need to mount some cameras to the car, so it could really give you a sense of just how wicked and violent this thing goes in a straight line and sideways around corners. Anyways guys that’s going to do it for this one. Just a short one today, i’ve got a lot of cleaning to do, but if you want to see more of this, let me know down below: do you have a felony? Do you have an infraction and let me know, what’s the fastest you’ve ever gone in an rc car? Let me know what your personal best is down below.

If this is your first time checking out the channel, welcome i’m glad you found it. I like to do shenanigans like this. All the time and i’ve got some cool stuff coming up, so you’re going to want to stick around all right guys until next time chopping.