If you’re new to the channel, please consider subscribing there’s heaps of cool stuff. Just like this flashback to my channel when it first began. This was one of the first cars i actually reviewed it’s a jlb cheater 4×4, one tenth scale: four wheel, drive brushless off road, buggy and it’s the extreme edition, so it’s a 120 amp. I do believe it also comes in an 80 amp version. As you can see. Yes, it does have an adm version, but this is the 120 really extreme it’s, pretty much the same as when i reviewed it many years ago, and i think one of my my largest view count. Videos is well this uh car things like three and a half million views check out that new body let’s have a look. What else is let’s? Have a look? I’Ve got your classic um, 2s or 3s alive by charging. Man i’ve got heaps of these, but if you are just beginning, it does the job. What else we have in here, your basic construction man you’re, not gon na bother with that and a sticker pack, if you’re so well inclined let’s, just just de sock. These uh tires check out this color who’s, your daddy yeah that’s a nice one but, like i said, pretty much, everything is the same. Now these look, these flowers are so shiny. It looks like plastic, but they’re not relaxed they’re, not they’re foam as and sorry they’re, rubber, now i’m liking.

These dumbbro rc transmitters they’re, really good good value for money. You can buy it separately as well. If you’re interested in this card and just check out the links down below uh, there are many colors as well and uh. You know that these cars are still one of the my favorite bashing cars because of their price. Four channel good controller does the job and mad range as well uh. This is what we’re here to see the cheater, the jlb chin i’m, not too sure what else they’ve changed, but it certainly does look very similar for when i had a ball bearing wheelie bar there. This thing, you know, can catapult off. If you go crazy because i do believe you can run 4s and you definitely need this wheelie bar because it wants to go on the back wheel. Also still has the led front la headlights, which is sweet. I do believe it’s. Just new colors go check out, links are down below it’s got all these different colors you can get, but i do like this one, pretty cool good thing about these cars. It does also and still ships with the hard case three cell lipo, not many cars, come with hard case resource lipo. All you need to do to get this running. Is water blade batteries for the transmitter, and that is it test number number one look at that i’ve got zero zero one. Am i special not too sure, but what i do know is.

These are not too bad these esc’s, they do come in an 80 amp version and also a 120 amp version, and this is what this one is, but i do believe that servo is still a 20 kilo it’s, not a decent servo, for a ready to run Car nice brushed aluminium top brace. All this front and rear suspension tower are still super super thick. These hinge pins where the whole suspension pins are still nice and chunky. I do like them. The shocks have always been pretty decent for me when ready to run kit. Little bit bouncy, but you can also adjust that with different oil, huge shocks coil over, they still have these nice rubber boots to stop ingress getting into that shock shaft and ruining it or causing issues all metal transmission. You can hear that thing whining away, pretty damn sweet there’s, not much else to look at one thing i normally change about. These are the plugs. If you’re running high power like 4s, which i’ll probably slap this bad boy on, is uh change these to xc90s, but that’s up to you, massively thick center drive shaft running all the way down there. That looks juicy looks like five millimeters front and rear. You can see this mad thick motor mount there, and also this nice set up here – all nice and uh and uh. I guess made it kind of structurally sound they’ve had a lot of years of uh testing and all us having these cars and seeing what breaks and what doesn’t and i’ve also had these for a bit not to smash the out of them.

So that and they are decent, they do take a hit and they are easy to repair and the good thing about it. One of the most important things about these rc cars. If you get them like chinese rc cars parts available, the parts are available for these and i do believe in some us sites as well the same as the vicar cars same deal. So no more blabbering we’ve all seen these before let’s get the battery charged run. It on the stock battery and uh see how performs looks sweet though alrighty jlb stock battery stock, everything let’s just see how it goes, is the pliers aren’t the best on on this loose still plenty of power. These things, probably one of the best bank or park you know cheaper rides good thing about these let’s come is down here, not too fast for you. Let’S try over here, i can’t see now both come over here. Imagine this on forest. It just goes absolutely crazy. Like that that’s it Music hold on again let’s try flat out without the front going on here kind of low lying body kind of just slides back on that’s about it, mag big bit of bark in there so far so good Music see if i can jump It over this one ready all righty here we go, cardigan traction. Oh, it was nice. You getting that in here we go again: oh yes, good durability, tesla sure, let’s see what i’m going to hit this that’s.

Why these are fantastic let’s go this way. I meant that Applause i remember on the original ones. I had a long time ago the lights used to pull out straight away and they’re still on now, which is a good thing, it’s, even on 3s it’s still hard to keep the front wheels down. I think they’re so wide Music it’s on. I think i cut off. Oh the film there, zach Applause zach good. I stand by this. I still think it’s, probably one of the best cheaper, like basho cars this and the vicar bison. I still definitely think this one is probably the one to be it’s. I don’t know if it’s updated much, but i definitely notice that the lights are still going. My original one, they didn’t took a bit of a bashing there and that’s only on the 3s. If you power it up, it goes even more ballistic, but if you like, the video give it a good thumbs up. You’Re interested in this click, the link down below and um yeah catch around thanks, zach and seb. I really like that.