We are looking at this little enduro 24 from element 124 scale, a little mini crawler we’re, going to take it out of the box we’re going to have a good look at it and then we’re going to take it out on a run. There’S. One thing about this truck from element that stands out from the rest: you can cut the box up and make a little scale garage for it. Sorry garage let’s have a look at this thing. Then nice little 124th pickup. They also do one and that’s the same as the it might be like a mini trail runner, i can’t remember, but they do. A couple of different designs comes with some instructions. A little leaflet and stuff like that. Transmitter is the same as what a lot of these minis come with. So i like these, they fit nice in the hand. They’Ve got a nice feel to them. You’Ve got your throttle, jewelry steering jewel rate and your trims on there as well. You also got a channel three, not sure that does, if anything and what i like about these is you only need one set of batteries. You can just change the bottom over. So if you’ve got a few of these, you want to run them separately. You can just change it straight over that and just swap all the batteries around now the chassis and stuff on. This is exactly the same or from what i can see it’s exactly the same as some of the other um little minis out there.

For instance, the rgt adventurer v2, the ftx outback mini v3 we’ll. Take the body off i’ve got an rgt, so i’ll stick it next to it and i’ll show you what i mean so underneath we’ve got, i think that’s a 050 motor. I can’t remember so. You’Ve got a split transmission there, which is really good on these and you’ve got your servo up front. So you’ve got a nice amount of weight at the front there, with your main gearbox motor and steering servo chassis, mounted three wire steering servo and then you’ve got a split transmission down to a transfer case. There you’ve got a two in one esc: receiver takes lipo and nickel metal hydride. It does come with a 1s lipo, so a single cell 520 milliamp hour lipo on there nice and steady nice slow crawl. Now let’s just have a look at it. Next to the rgt, this one’s in bits, because i’ve been doing some stuff to it, you’ll see they are exactly the same. Even the tyres are saying the wheels are slightly different, but the tyres are the same. Okay. Looking a bit close, the axle housings are slightly different. I don’t know whether that means that they’re different inside, but the housings are different. Everything else so looks the same metal chassis ladder frame, chassis that um split gearbox, like i’ve mentioned the drive shaft, or this uh like the intermediate shaft, there looks slightly it’s like thinner, slightly different, slightly different bumpers, but overall it’s pretty much the same anyway.

I really rate these little 124 things. I’Ve got loads of them. I am actually going to do a video soon with a few of them in so these are designed more for indoor courses. However, let’s go and have a look at how it gets on out in the big wide world enjoy right, let’s go little element: let’s go nice it’s, a nice slow control. These minis are never well apart from the scx 24, which i’ve spoken about a few times. These little minis are not perfect on the crawl, but these with the um split transmission are very good, very good, so more suited for indoor crawl in these. But as you can see, it’s fine just out with the trail runner today and i brought the little thing along – i knew we’d find somewhere suitable for it, and here we are so. The lights are flickering in the uh on the camera, but they’re not flickering there. In my eyes, so it’s, obviously the frame rate good thing about these little crawlers is you can just fit them in your bag or you know in your car, you find a little spot to take them out a little trail, nice and easy to do and they Crawl, well, they really do Music. This is a big old slope for it and i think it’s gon na do it. You know i think it’s gon na do it wow you can’t grumble at that. This is really steep.

It may be small but it’s what you can do with it that counts so. King, oh don’t, speak too soon. King of the hill man. This thing is awesome. I forgot and obviously i’ve got the rgt i’ve got some ftx ones as well. I just uh. I’Ve spoke too soon. Haven’T i come on get off that rock. I forgot how capable these little things were even out on this sort of terrain. You know that it’s not really made for these. These are made for more indoor stuff, but still come on get up here. I’Ve just announced your king of the hill don’t. Let me down now here he comes come on. You got this boy, you got this oh come on alternative route. You got this. I got faith in here anyway. It pretty much got all the way up there. It got all the way up here. What a cool little mini.