However, they went smaller, see the cars behind me, theyre 24 scale crawlers, which actually look really good, but we were hoping for 10th scale and you need to see these things all right check these out. These are the new power wagons from fms its on the fcx 24 chassis, and they look really really cool but um theres. Something bothering me about them. These are more 18th scale like and let me show you really quick uh before we get into whats included. All the features and stuff we just got to talk about this check this out. This is their 18 scale, atlas 6×6 and its pretty much the same size as their 24th scale, and i mean its got the same width to it, actually its a little bit wider than the atlas 6×6. The only thing i noticed is, if i match up the wheelbase here, to to this its a little bit shorter. So to me these are 18 scale short wheelbase rigs. Let me know what you think about it in the comments section below all right now that i got that out of the way lets talk about what comes in this kit. This is a really well packed kit, full of features. Uh weve got the model. This is how it comes right out of the box. You dont have to paint it. You have the option of three different colors here there is your radio system, multi function and youre going to use a number of the functions ill.

Show you that in a minute and heres everything that comes in the box all right instruction manual decals – these are some decals, so you go and customize it with the logo, butcher, butch, yeah, all right, you, you can go with that. One uh heres, the roll cage. You do have to go and assemble this. You have to put the fuel tank together. You got to glue that together. Uh here is the spare tire that goes on the back it just clips in and the tire screws down to that plate there. They give you an open differential that was pretty interesting. Maybe you want to go through this in the front for better steering, throw in the rear and just have the front locked up to pull yourself over stuff, whatever you want to do, what its its in there? Its in there and then weve got the fms usb charger and then a box wrench for the wheels and then weve got this little sticker sheet right here. The power wagon sticker sheet and look at the name up front says doug, not dodge doug. So if your name is doug or youve, been thinking about switching your name to doug youre in luck, you have this sticker sheet, see you later, okay and now something else really cool that i want to throw at you guys, theyre going to be throwing free gifts In the boxes – and it could be anything from like the sea hubs here to portal – axle covers two differentials: a servo mount and even possibly a spare battery pretty neat that thats going to come in those kits.

All right here is the rig itself. It has a hard body to it really nicely painted and detailed small lights with leds in the front snorkel clear windows. The only thing it doesnt have is an interior. So to me, i dont have to put a driver in there, which i am totally fine with all right now. The wheels and tires are very mog rich, like uh and again, those are from an 18 scale vehicle, but actually really like these tires. They look so cool and theyve got some weight to it, which will help keep this thing down on the ground. All right, ive already gone ahead here and assembled the most of this one or actually ive assembled. All of this one ive got the uh roll bar out back ive got the spare tire on there. Ive got the fuel tank and ive already kind of popped the body off, so we could check out under the hood, see uh. There is your molded plastic parts. All hard body stuff, even nicely wired with the leds up front and lets check out the frame really quick, its a nylon frame this time, unlike their other vehicles that have a metal frame on there. The suspension is a four link suspension. However, its just four links on the bottom, the upper link, is triangulated uh. The shocks are out of the box theyre a spring shock like weve been used to seeing before. However, let me just spin this one around really quick hold on wait for it.

They give us o rings in the kit, so we could go ahead and fill the shocks if we want to. That is a first for fms so check this out. Here is the spring as it comes out of the box just bounces around, and i went and put oil in this already look at that nice and plush its so good with the o rings in there, and it seems like the oil is holding. I put the oil in there two days ago. Its still, you know, theyre not seeping out or anything like that, always a bonus when the oil doesnt leak out all right lets pull the body back off here. This is the next thing i want to show you two speed transmission in a 20 24 scale, car theres, the shifting servo right there. I believe, theres all plastic gears throughout the drive line on this. However, weve got 24 ball bearings in it. So i like that ill flip it over you can see the slider drive, shafts down below, and portal axles front and rear. You got that ground clearance uh. You know a lot of people are digging portal axles on vehicles and pretty neat to see it on this rig. All right, as i mentioned, you know, all plastic gears on the inside. The diffs are locked out of the box universals out to the portals there and uh lets see. Lets move on to the electronics. Really quick were pretty much at the end of it.

Here, weve got the two in one speed controller up top that also powers. The led lights right behind it is the included. Lipo battery already talked about the shift. Servo theres, your steering servo with plastic steering linkages, looks like we got a new motor here as well. This looks uh i dont know it just looks a little bit more professional to me, the powerdash s130 motor, pretty neat look at to it and thats it thats all. You really need to know about this model now its time for us to head outside and make sure you stick around to the end of the video, because weve got something special planned all right lets head out: Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. You know when the fcx 24 first came in. I was pretty impressed with the features that i saw here, but once i went out and drove it, i was even more impressed. These might be my favorite fms mini crawlers. To date, they were a lot of fun to drive and really capable as well out there on the trail uh number one. The steering the steering was really good. On these. I was pretty impressed with the tight turning radius that it had. You know considering its locked up, i didnt put the optional differential in the front or anything like that. It turns fairly well. The steering servo has decent power to it, where it really excels is incrawling where it should and uh with the portal axles.

The clearance was awesome, it crawls up inclines very well. It goes over small roots and rocks and stuff like that really well. The shiftable transmission comes in extremely handy uh in low gear. Its got a great crawling speed to it. The throttle control is pretty smooth on the bottom and, however, it lacks a little bit in drag break when you go and descend something it kind of just rolls down the hill so thats, where it lacks a little bit you i dont, actually really have a fix For that but uh you know i did like the forward throttle control on it and just the smooth feel of it in high gear. This thing is fast, so much so its almost like a 10 scale car. If youre walking on a path. This thing will take off from you thats how quick this little car is in high gear, so in low gear awesome crawling and high gear, you can just take off and have actual fun. With this thing, uh blip the throttle itll actually lift the front wheels up and off the ground, itll roll over backwards. Sometimes that gives you an idea how much power this thing has, and you know when you go and approach something you do get a bit of that drop off when you go up a hill um. You know that its kind of inherent of some of the smaller scale vehicles, with all the electronics being packed into a two in one system um.

But you know you get a little bit more throttle. It will pull itself up and over whatever. So i really like that the suspension without oil – it works fairly, well kind of like what weve seen before. But with this rig right here, the red one did have oil in it. So when youre watching the the action video, this one had the oil and it handles really really well, so i would recommend going and dropping the oil in. I believe it was six drops of oil fit in those shocks. So definitely do that upgrade. Now i got to tell you what my son wanted me to convey to you guys. The reverse is very touchy and he found that out the hard way. Uh wanted to back up a little bit and wound up just launching one of these things off the rocks and into the lake which actually worked out. Because we found out that these are pretty waterproof after this thing was completely submerged uh. He kept going with it and we went up running at least three quarters of a mile going by the map on the trailhead uh. So we put some decent run time in on these guys and we just had a blast. My kids actually really really love these uh, its pretty cool that they give you some free stuff in the kit, thats a neat little uh promo, i dont know if this is for sure going to last forever.

So maybe you want to jump on these now if youre looking to get some spares, and i am really looking forward to what we could do with these cars, because i noticed on the box, they have a bunch of options available for it as well. So you could go and modify these even more and they work out well out of the box, so with the options im sure its going to be a lot of fun. All right now to talk about that thing that i mentioned early on, that you needed to stick around about, were giving one of these away actually were giving a few things away and uh what were gon na do for this is, since we had some problems with Some spammers in our comments were gon na. Do it the old way that ive always done giveaways? What were gon na do is ill. Have a link in the video description below so you go and register youll be transitioned over to the rc driver website, where i need you to put in your youtube name, your real name and your email address. This is the best way i could figure out. So i can contact you directly and you dont have to worry about any spam. You know ridiculousness that the people are doing in our comment section i will be the only one that has that email address so uh do that. I also need you to go over to the fms youtube channel, give their channel a like a follow, subscribe, all that good stuff and uh once youve done all that.

Let me know in the comments section below that that youve entered the contest budget. You could just say i entered you can say something funny if you want that would be pretty cool but yes well, be. Giving one away well also be giving away several discount coupons and some free mouse pads that fms threw it out there to give away. So, yes, we will pass it on to you guys all right.