An rc car so were going to give a new review, because i dont know anything about rc cars and, if youre watching this, you might not either. So. This is the arma typhon 3s and its got a spectrum, slt controller and transmitter brb. That was a terrible terrible controller. It comes with a lot of extras and its definitely a great beginners car. I also bought a spectrum charger and 3s combo kit. The 5000 mah battery has an ic5 connector, which is basically the smart version of an ec5 connector. The only problem with them is, you can only use those batteries on a spectrum charger, so overall im going to recommend not buying this battery combo kit instead grab something a little bit cheaper and youll be happier coming out of the box. Youll notice, a lot of things are plastic that should be metal like the spur gear. The diff, the shock mounts the shocks themselves, so i would recommend upgrading it kind of does suck that arma didnt. Do it on a 300 vehicle, but it is what it is. Music, unfortunately, i got a bum ball joint out of the box, so i got about 30 seconds of driving, so i had to go back, replace it and then i did contact horizon hobbies and i sent up the receipt picture and the details and they immediately shipped It over now i have a few extra ball joints. They also did the same thing with my controller receiver, because i was having issues i couldnt get about range more than 50 60 feet, even when properly rebinded new batteries in the car and in the controller itself.

Once i had that ball end replaced, it was time to start our bashing test, simple grass. Everything is stock on this car, as you can see it flips over very, very easily on the grass with stock tires on turns that can be remediated through better throttle control or by clipping the edges of the tires, because it kind of grips into it or simply By grabbing new tires and suspension, once i had that solved no issues with turning on grass within the first two weeks, i had dozens of parts replaced either due to my own air, due to quality control from arma horizon hobby or just normal, wear and tear, or Because of upgrades ball joints turn buckles tie rod, shocks, spur gears motor mounts all these things, youll probably need to get upgraded because they will go bad, especially the spur gear, its made of plastic and its attached to the motor. So it will get shredded in half. Since i am me, i had to build a ramp, its pretty easy use, some plywood two by fours. It cost about seven thousand dollars in wood, not really, but it was like 80 bucks, which is crazy and it definitely makes bashing way more fun. It, however, also means you will kind of crash your car and do more damage, especially on the parking lot immediately. First jump: we did my esc snapped off from the screw joints, so i just had to glue it tape it boom rip.

So lets get down to ratings rc as a hobby im going to rate it a 6 out of 10, simply because its a very, very addicting hobby, its got a low to moderate barrier of entry. You could start with rtrs around 200 and a good time for around 400, which i think is not the worst. If youre a working adult – and you know you have a little extra cash to have all fun in life right because life sucks whatever. So i would say: rc cars, pretty good hobby armor, slash horizon hobbies, as a company of course is the my only rc car and most of my friends that have cards. They all have arma so im gon na rate, it eight out of ten, its pretty versatile id say almost objectively one of the better companies that traxxas, i think, are you know, theres all low c and a few others, but armor is definitely known for a good Reason and while they do have parts that break and come out of the factory, pretty bad condition their warranty service and customer service is very good good. So im going to rate them 8 out of 10. next were going to go on to typhon 3s out of the box. The rating is its a 3s, so im gon na give it a 3 out of 10. honestly arma. You should feel ashamed about yourself. The fact that i go on a forum – and i can see someone from five six years ago – you know a few years ago – posting having the same issue as me, and then a dozen people going its crazy that this is a issue that were having, and now You fast forward to 2022 and im having the same issue and i go into forms.

I see someone posting the same thing or im posting about it. People yeah. I have the same issue, its kind of wack. I feel, like you know, yeah. You can make a few extra bucks by having the plastic parts and then we have to upgrade it ourselves, but when youre spending over 300 it wouldnt hurt to you know not have these issues now typhoon tuned to my style im going to give it im going To give it a 10 out of 10, you know because ive done my road, drifting ive done, speed jump runs, ive done, jumps off and on road you know its got a very strong body. The esc in stockhand can really do anything that ive been giving to it. But, like i said, the parts there are some issues so get these things fixed, theres, a motor, mount flex ill. Definitely look that up theres the plastic diff and spur gears that will shred up ive had the esc red flash of death ive had wheels pop out because they werent locked hided properly on the axle screw and then ive also had some issues with the esc and Throttle and steering adjustments so theres tons of resources online. These are the bunch biggest issues that ive had. I had to look around so ill. Definitely definitely recommend that you look them up, so the typhoon 3s is worth it worth the buy. If youre serious about enjoying rcs – and you understand – hey, i might have dual maintenance or ill have to find someone that knows how to fix these things, then its definitely for you speeds up to 40, almost 60 and its a buggy thats versatile.