Oh there, it is there. It is look at that, got it safe. On save me, please there! Yes, i think i figured it out. Okay, poor pilot, oh yeah, he’s, blowing chunks right now. Oh my gosh off into the sunset it’s beautiful. This is so cool, so fun, oh, so cool, so cool, so cool, so cool, so cool. Getting confident second flight abby you’re gon na, like it, i got the pizza to pie for the whole subscribers watching we have the new ultrix 600. that wasn’t cringy not cringy at all, but that’s. Our channel 280 000 people are okay with cringe if you’re not that’s. Okay, we’re gon na have some cringe fun today, with this really awesome brand new just announced today, ultrix 600., i also know magic on the channel. I can have two airplanes and one this is the older from last year, umx ultrix and actually no one talks about this, probably just because it’s so small, but it’s, one of the most fun capable little airplanes that we have ever flown and abby. And i love flying ours. We each have one and now this larger one came out. I’Ll show you a size difference but effectively. It is almost the same airplane just larger a little more powerful. So i would expect a lot more fun, we’re gon na maiden it in today’s video, and i have to say when putting it together. It was so difficult because it comes just like this all you have to do note.

The sarcasm, yeah pulled out of the box and just friction held in these little vertical stabilizers and now it’s ready to go uh. You can also install an optional front wheel, landing gear boom, and now we can take off and land on asphalt, at least maybe some really short grass. There are two wheels in the back. This actually binds up. I think it’s e flight’s, very first umx airplane. It binds like a umx airplane is what i’m getting at you plug in the battery. Then you do the bind procedure. It’S, not your standard e flight, binding procedure, it’s extremely easy, safe’s already thrown onto a switch. The back left switch a. I think it is and it’s recommended that this airplane will fly on an ic2. You know the new cute little orange plug connector. There are converters that you can take from ic2 to ic3 it’ll fly on a 3 000 milliamp battery and a little bit larger than what i want to fly on today. But it does recommend an 850 milliamp battery and it just so happens that the umx a10 and the blade 230s will both fly on that battery. So i happen to have three of them: i’m going to fly on that battery today, i’m really really excited. As i said, i love flying the little umx version there you go abby and i have actually flown the snot out of this little guy. This should be more powerful it’s two brushless motors we’ll have differential thrust just like we do on this and elevons.

You know these two little control surfaces work together. There are only two control surfaces and i really cannot wait. We have safe assigned to a switch let’s, stop gabbing and fly fingers crossed. This thing is crazy, um, yeah, i’m nervous. Oh awesome, why were you nervous? I don’t know just every maiden i get nervous so, according to the instruction manual for sport, flying put the battery pretty far up in the nose for 3d flying extreme 3d uh don’t put it far up in the nose a little farther back, there’s more so i’m. In safe, obviously, i just didn’t know what to expect out of this. Um even it’s just been a while since i’ve flown my ultrix actually – and this is bigger than a maiden, so i don’t want to make it explode on the first flight, it’s, nice and quiet. Two brushless motors, and in this mode you know there’s hands free at like 30 throttle, so it flies extremely well very, very well. Let’S go full throttle, stand up, i’ll just do a full throttle pass and then i’m going to get out of safe, pretty quickly differential thrust in safe mode, that’s cool and full throttle. You ready! You get that nice, okay, i’m, going to go out of safe right up here and kind of do a loop. Oh yeah do loop! Just fine! Can i roll it of course kick safe back on. I want to get it closer now that i know it can fly out of safe, no problem i’ll get a little closer and a little lower abby.

You were trying to direct me where to fly. No, i just had an itch on my head. Oh okay, man! That is sweet. This flies really good, safe mode is just really nice. I like mixing in differential thrust it’ll turn a bit faster watch. These rolls and then safe boom saved me love. This thing yeah! Well, the original ultrix is awesome, and now this one – oh no. I was pushing down and i should have done that i was about to say i’m gon na fly this next next time. You see this on the channel. I will fly it’s a pancake. Ah try that again i got ta. Do that flat spoon. You remember how we did that um. I never did it well wait. Maybe i did do that. I don’t remember this thing can do some crazy stuff. I just don’t remember how to do it. Look at that there there there we’re getting close we’re getting close and then i go safe and boom. You were able to do it flat. I know i know it took some practice. I got to get there. Do better i’ll do better! Okay, okay let’s see we went up out of safe and then i’d go like this almost almost and then safe to save it always oh it’s, so awesome, so hmm it’s gon na take me a minute to get that back down. But this thing is so capable of doing some crazy stuff, really just because of that differential thrust, but it works really well so safe off, go up and then just differential thrust over.

Oh there, it is there. It is look at that, got it safe. On save me, please there, yes, i think i figured it out. Okay, poor pilot, oh yeah, he’s, blowing chunks right now and then remember: it’ll do like really nice, harriers and stuff too. You can just kind of go vertical with it there’s safe off and then look at that. Look at that. Yes throttle out of it. You ready to do it here. You go oh it’s, so easy flying pizza box safe on and it’s crazy wow. I love this thing: okay, who wants to see more than one flight on this today when uh, when the battery gets low, we’ll bring it in for another one. Here, look at that abby isn’t that sweet just a little hairier. I, like that the other alters i could do this like two inches off the ground yeah. You should try. I might but i’m. Also just oh nice, yes, it’s cool watch knife edging with differential thrust. Oh it’s, so uh it’s a little sloppy, but watch look at that. Isn’T that cool, ah don’t crash and then we’re gon na go pizza box mode. In the tornado. You got ta tell people how you’re doing that yeah it’s pretty easy uh. You really have to do almost nothing so i’m in safe mode and then i kick safe off. I go up full throttle and then i just go full throttle with a direction that’s.

It that’s it just one: stick up in the corner: throw safe. So when you’re, climbing that’s and there’s a better way to do this too, but that does get the job done. Okay, we’re gon na go safe off and then just try to like harrier in a little bit. That was my fault. It hairier better! If i had the battery a little farther back but isn’t that cool look at that, oh that’s, so awesome this thing is so sweet. If you like, the ultrix, you obviously have to get one of these. If you’ve never flown the ultrix, i highly recommend it and if you just want something a little bit bigger a little bit more powerful, i am like 10 throttle right now, just cruising here: safe off, nose up low alpha maneuver that’s, what that would be called right. Low you’re asking the wrong person i’m using differential thrust and ailerons to help me turn like that, and then just i could get a bit lower, just not ready yet this first battery first battery, oh man, this is fun. The bird even likes me look at that. What do you think i love this place? Me too, i was excited when you told me they came out with a bigger version, i’m kind of jealous that you get to fly it first, but that’s. Okay, i’ll fly it next. Video or do you want? No i’ll fly it in my own video. Thank you very much.

Okay, look let’s, see! If i can do this lower keep going. Okay come on come on come on come on. Yes, i didn’t even touch yeah this thing’s sweet i’m feeling more comfortable. Now, let’s see. Okay, let’s go vertical and then we’re gon na do our crazy spin, and then we might just put a new battery in just for the sake of it i’m trying to get a little bit of elevator too let’s land it i’ll um. Should i land in safe or safe off too i’ll do safe off we’ll land, it we’ll put a fresh pack in and uh oh whoa apparently landed inside a little bit of there. We go i’ll. Take that taxi’s nice because of the differential thrust. That’S that’s, the only reason the only reason i can steer it is because of the differential thrust. It is not a steerable wheel, it is just the weeds isn’t that cool that’s hilarious, wow let’s do a new battery i’m gon na recommend you velcro the snot out of your plane. It flew really good on this cg i’m, showing you guys. The back of the battery is flush with the front of the battery tray lit you see that the back of my battery is flush with that. Now, if i go forward, more it’ll fly more sporty. So less of this and more of this i think i’m going to put my battery back just a quarter of an inch or so further, because i really like that you know tail heavy kind of stuff so let’s do it again, no safe i’m going to try Just completely safe off and when i take off i’m going to plan on going straight up like almost straight up, okay and then pizza box mode, nope, didn’t work, i don’t know why.

I think i had a little bit of my right stick mixed in with it. So i didn’t say that nobody would have known watch the rolls and can i yes, i did it without kicking safe. Oh this thing is fun snap, roll kind of thing. This thing is there look look. What do you guys think super cool right, super cool, no trimming needed in safe mode or or not in safe mode? This thing is just perfect out of the box. You know i’ve always wondered why they don’t do slightly larger umx planes. I know they’re not calling this a umx plane. The original was. This is actually e, flight’s name behind it but in mind. Well, it was e flight umx. Just to be clear, i know, but now umx was dropped just for this larger version and um. It just binds up like a umx, so it just makes me feel all umxy. You know and then put that nose up a little bit just a touch of throttle a little bit more elevator play with the throttle. A little bit use differential thrusts to steer you around. What do you think about this airplane? I love it. It makes me kind of like concentrate and practice doing a few different things, because you know we still have as3x working in our benefit right now, man. This is cool i like the bigger version more than the smaller version, although i can fly that small version like really really really really tight spaces like this, but i feel like i could get it even even tighter.

Oh look out here: oh my gosh off into the sunset it’s beautiful. This is so cool, so fun, oh, so cool, so cool, so cool, so cool, so cool, getting confident! Second flight abby you’re gon na, like it makes me want to get the umx ultrix back out just to fly around with you, some more play around do this stuff. This is what’s fun to me. Fly it’s, super low and slow. Look at that. There we go that’s. What i was talking about. Can i get those wheels down? Oh did and then back up and then what we can do is nice, quick, little roll and then go up full throttle and do the pizza box mode there. It is that was so nice there perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, safe switch. Thank you. Can you imagine being in that pilot like just thinking about it, makes me want to hurl, then you can go like this and then Music knife edges a little bit just because of that differential thrust. Music man! This is fun Music Laughter! Look at that i’m upside down safe switch, gets it every time, that’s a true testament to how well safe works there safes back off, but you guys like it’s, going absolutely nuts and then you throw safe and it just saves it oops wrong way and we’ll. Do it one more time because it’s so awesome there we go it’s, going crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy and safe switch, and it just knocks it right.

I want to see you recover from it. Oh really, on this flight. Okay, i challenge you all right. Good challenge: okay, they actually whoa whoa okay. Can they actually recover from trying all right? Here we go a couple mistakes, high i’d say we’re into it right, right, okay, there i just i just let go of it and it just kind of hang out. Okay, that doesn’t show up there it’s not doing a whole lot there, but it is saving it wow. This is fun abby, you’re, gon na love. Flying this. What thing i hearing this bird sounding sound like a whistle it did well that’s awesome, nate yeah. I guess i’ll bring it in for a landing okay, i’m going to land it out of safe those birds, sound crazy, maybe that’s the plane, it’s just quiet up here. Okay, here we go let’s bring it in for a nice smooth landing. Try to anyway get it down here, as close as i can get ready to pull up, get those back wheels down. Oh that’s, a three point landing. If i ever saw and then remember you can steer it. You just have to have throttle on to steer it. Wow, that was fun nice. That is what i like in an rc plane. Hobby grade works right out of the box. There’S no frustrating build at all literally to put it back in the box and to put it together, you just press fit these vertical stabilizers on and you can hand launch this.

But if you have the option to take off from, you need very little space and maybe low grass, but very little space to take off and land, as you guys saw. This is just super fun. You can fly it in safe mode or out of safe mode. Like a normal airplane, all the control surfaces do the same. You know like the sticks, so throttle still throttle. The right. Stick is still bank and yank to turn, but then you can get a little fancy when you use a three channel plane, yeah well, it’s, four, because when you use rudder instead of having a vertical fin back here, that does this your motor one will spin faster Than the other, and this all works right out of the box, there’s no confusing programming to do you just hold that bind button boop and it binds up and everything works. The way it’s supposed to took me longer to name the airplane in my radio than it did to build it and bind it, and i am excited about that because that doesn’t happen very often. I really like that. It’S got these two wheels on the back. The wheel on the front, so you can do asphalt, kind of taxing taking off landing, can get down and try to touch those two wheels as you’re coming in with a little high alpha out of safe mode there’s, a lot of progression to be had here. There’S a lot of showy offi maneuvers.

You can do that are really very easy to do. Actually just push that throttle, stick up and then pick a direction and it’ll go absolutely nuts, spinning in the air throw that safe switch. No one has to know you through that safe switch and then boom it’ll fly off again off into the sunset you’re, a professional, and you really didn’t do anything that i like batteries are smart and they’re cheap. I mean who could complain about that. I love these new little ic2 connectors they’re, better than xt 30 they’re better than xt60. These ic plugs are better than the ec plugs they’re the best plugs on the market. Honestly for this kind of airplane, it is mind, blown because it’s, just doing what it’s supposed to do. No faults, no expensive breaking the wallet. This needs to be in your collection, super fun, super sporty stunty, but also very calm. If you want to like, i said you can fly it in safe mode like a trainer thing, if you really wanted to, but then you can slow it down and get it nice and kind of like ballerina. You know what are these called abby pirouettes huh yeah close to the ground and it’s, not that hard to do it. If you panic, throw that safe, switch and it’s going to be a very durable airplane, too awesome awesome awesome. Now, if you want to be all fun and excited like us, we’ll have a link in the description box below it’s available for pre order.

Right now, if you’re amazing and watching this video the first day, we released it because you’re a subscriber, but if you’re, watching this months after it’s come out still using that link will help support our channel and our family and if morals that are similar to ours, Mean something to you and you want to help, support us and just be one of those few rare family friendly channels on youtube on the internet. You want to help us out use that link and order. One of these we’ll also link the battery. We flew on the radio that i flew on the charger we use even the little converter that you’ll need to charge those little batteries, it’ll all be linked below, and i promise it’ll be one of the easiest things you ever got in the air. Absolutely awesome for a successful maiden a beautiful day, a nice calm day to fly. I thank god also a massive thanks to our patreon supporters, because you guys are just the bees knees. We love you. Thank you very much for supporting what we do. You mean the world to us. You really do and i hope that just saying that in every video lets you know how much you mean to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love our original umx ultrix. So much we’ll have one of those videos popping up right about now.