Welcome back to channel welcome back to the rc blog guys today, we’re gon na do something a little bit different we’re gon na do a throwback thursday there’s, a video that keeps popping up on my facebook, feed and it’s freaking hilarious, it’s it’s, an absolutely epic video, But i made it two years ago like when i first started vlogging and it hasn’t been viewed very much so i’m gon na play the video, or at least the main part of the video. But basically the video was the best rc prank ever and it was so well put together. So well, orchestrated guys it is insane. It is totally an epic prank. You guys got ta check it out so i’m gon na roll, the video so we’re devising a master plan, a master prank plan just for you, guys, it’s gon na be ugly but it’s gon na everyone here is involved. Pretty much. Everyone in the race is gon na be involved, including the race director, except for our key, looks like he’s. Getting scared robin looks like he’s about to buckle. Dude i’m scared robbie’s not going to commit i’ll commit if he doesn’t. If he doesn’t yeah, you should do it. It’S gon na happen after race, nine it’s gon na be interesting, no yeah, but she doesn’t know that was that’s his his girlfriend. I don’t know we got ta, be careful all right, so it’s quite up here. I’Ll tell you guys what’s going on all right, so we’re doing a prank on he’s.

Actually we’ve been racing from with him for a long time. He’S, a he’s, a veteran here in this area, but he’s it’s kind of known to have a short fuse and rocco i’m sorry, but have a little bit of short fuse anyway. So the plan is – and this is going to take a lot of synchronization from everyone – is at the beginning of his race, which he’s in the invite class we’re going to have someone yell on the stand. Hey pull my car pull my car someone’s, going to run out, grab rocco’s car and take off and run off the off the track and then they’re going to start the race. So, basically, bronco’s not going to know what’s going on he’s going to think that someone pulled the wrong car and they’re going to do a full two laps or a full lap or whatever, until morocco gets really pissed before we tell them so everyone’s in on the Prank, everyone in the race knows what’s happening. They know there’s going to be a restart. The race director knows there’s going to be a restart one person. Doesn’T know there’s gon na be he started rocco, so hopefully we can pull it off. This could be an epic fail. I don’t know we’ll find out, but it’s in two races and i got ta make sure i’m in the best position to uh. Show you guys what’s happening so we’ll see so yeah we’re doing an interview for the race.

You feeling good about this next one. Oh sure i haven’t made a right tire choice today, so we’ll see you have the speed, though right yeah, yeah, okay, cool, awesome, why’d, your girl run away. Uh she’s camera shy. I guess she’s hiding behind she’s over there. One minute to the start of the race i’m, like super nervous, guys hold on wait, wait: yeah, Applause, okay, everybody else, good on the line there, everybody going good, all right, 45 seconds to the start. Applause here we go on the tongue, Music. Applause Applause is Applause. We’Re, joking dude Applause – oh my goodness, Applause Laughter, Music, oh my god, hey good job robby, you sold it good. Buddy y’all killed me man. That is that that was too funny. Oh, my god. Hopefully i got the bike. Is somebody underneath the booth now? Is there somebody down here? Oh my god he was, he was so mad. I got it, i got it. He was so mad. Oh perfect, perfect execution buddy that was like as perfect as can be better. It couldn’t have been better. That was something awesome play out. One scenario we were going through all the scenarios in our head, but him smashing his radio that’s. What i was that’s, what i thought was going to happen rocco. Were you going to break your radio? Be honest? We were. We were scared. You were going to break your radio, we were like, oh maybe we should call it off now, Laughter, damn dude.

That was funny. Sorry, oh, my god, guys that is so funny. I watched that like over and over and over it is so funny. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Maybe we’ll do more of these flashback or i was gon na – do either flashback friday or a throwback thursday um in this case it’s throwback thursday, but we are going me and melissa are going live tonight. If you haven’t caught one of our live feeds, you need to check one out we’re going live tonight. I believe it’s at 9pm. Cst uh should be a lot of fun.