If you’re new to the channel, please consider subscribing this types of cool stuff. Just like this. Now it’s from the game, pub g or player unknowns battleground it’s, a 4×4 american pickup truck 112 scale. I believe it’s in the game that’s why it’s uh it kind of looks rustic it doesn’t look brand new, but i do like that it’s kind of a weathered look, quick, look on the back here. As you can see, it’s got a removable uh top as well, which is nice, metal, front, cva, axle, shafts three gear transmissions, so it’s got a combination of plastic and a metal pinion, fully adjustable threaded shocks, two or four gigahertz controller high reality grille bumper. So i guess that means high detailed bumper four link front and rear suspension, so it gets a tip it’s. A proper crawl up chassis mounted, steering servicer or cms and it’s got a water resistant, speed, controller 380 motor and 850 milliamp. Eight uh 800 milliamp hour line battery so pretty cool. There are players i’m, not into mobile gaming as much, but i know a lot of people are that game is super super popular. If you’re interested in these go check out the link below okay in the box, you also get a manual for the car and a little disc for the uh. For the short little installation just show how to use the controller here’s, your small little usb charger for the line battery, you do have accessories for the side mirrors four way: wrench and another little battery tie down and also a bind plug.

Here’S, your 2×4 gigahertz controller it’s from thunder tiger, apparently tf3. Thanks for double a batteries, really good controllers, simple lightweight they work and they’ve got good range, got all your basic steering, drum throttle, trim and steering dual rate, reverse switches and all that kind of good stuff. But hey they work and they’re decent. There we go, there is a sweet. Looking body looks old, rustic used and abused. Even the wipers here, you know, looks like it’s holding the dust down and cleaned the windows. That is nice. Four link suspension all metal. It has basic universal or universal and telescopic drive. Shafts here to you, know, take up the uh movement when you’re going up and down with your shocks, massive pumpkins, as you can see, front and rear. They all are plastic, but you know for this type of police type of car. Probably do the job chassis mounted, steering server or cms there. As you can see, metal c channel chassis, rail system, there super popular with any crawler let’s have a look under the under the hood here, and there is you can remove this. Like i said before this, this hood you’ve got these little screws here, just undo them and under this, and you can pop it off. You want to just be like the normal used type of look considered, led lights, maybe that’s an option because it does have light, buckets front and rear light buckets. But you know critical does have simply applied details, which is nice that’s, why it looks a bit better than a normal injector, full lex and body.

Your bumper is still attached to the rear, so be careful of that. But it’s really weathered same as your front. Bumper bar or plastic, but, like i said your chassis rails, are all metal there’s, your fsa3 receiver. There it’s only, i think, it’s the f3 channel and your basic brushed crawler motor. Now it does have crawler mode normal mode and you can run lipo or nickel metal hydride in this as well 850 milliamp hour lion battery here’s, your bust 380 motor there, as well very simple layout, obviously got the metal gears and well metal, pinion and plastic gears Internally, metal gears in these diffs i’m pretty sure these shocks aren’t friction. They are oil filled as well and they are fully adjustable coil over design or plastic, but they are oil filled, which is the main thing they do feel quite nice now for a crawler that’s. What you want, you want a good articulation, not too stiff as well. She said, but you know, let’s see how it goes. It does have this metal uh plate in the middle. I believe that’s cool, not too much else to see other than the body back on let’s see how she actually performs. I do like that. Look, i know about you, but i think it looks really cool let’s, get it out of the trails. Let’S try this pickup truck battery’s charged. I do like how it looks all uh weathered. One thing you have to be careful for note is that it’s um actual dips aren’t locked, so what that means is it’ll spin.

One of the tyres see the front wheel. Spinning there, okay good thing: okay, let’s, try this! This is a good test. Look at that front, wheel, it’s some nice articulation there zacky finesse go on. I want to get it. I don’t want to touch it. Oh damn it let’s call the hand of god. I helped it out let’s, try that again, let’s try this one. Here we go it’s, obviously a proper crawler that dips would be locked a lot of people. Don’T know what that means. It would have been telling you to obviously try to push the car, but because it actually can’t, you can’t, do that. I, like the uh i like the dune buggy. I think i i think this one’s actually more capable. What do you reckon see? What just been like an actual hobby, great rc, yeah, the gym buggy, i don’t think it was as much it was like for newbies when noobs that does have pretty good, proportional patrol it’s, a hobby wing esc. So you know it should be pretty decent turning circle. Isn’T the best, but if you’re into a crawl light, you’re gon na be getting Applause, Applause ready, what’d, you do that for this body keeps popping out. No that doesn’t pop out just comes out of that, and you can also take the back of that bed off. So, at least in this hobby they’ve got heaps of options. You know to choose from heaps of budgets.

You can choose from as well that’s that’s the benefit of these. Maybe these, if you just love the game, so much you just want to uh get it just for that thing. Is that a parts available for these so i’m, not too sure like interested link, is down below Applause? Do any other way to the other way to the other way, keep going. Oh, okay, let’s go down here. Any other way turn right turn right, turn left and right get kind of wiggle out of there. There you go, keep going that’s how you do it: Applause, nice, oh good, one yep keep going Applause. That’S right! We can. You can always just lock them up. Pretty cool, so it does go on the grass pretty good as well, actually guys right in the uh grass it’s a crawler or a pickup truck. Sorry Applause. What do you reckon zack? How do you give it out of ten Applause? Eight good job, eight, because there’s? No difference, okay, all right guys if you like video, give it a thumbs up. If you haven’t please subscribe. If you have this uh leave some comments down below and uh i’ll see you in the next video.