Welcome back to the rc driver workshop today were going to take a quick look at the tamiya land, cruiser 40 quad track. Now this is a pretty cool kit. Weve seen this kit before actually with wheels on it, the gf01 chassis, it was a fun model. I love driving that kit, and now they have it with their track set and their track set is pretty awesome. Definitely something you need to see if youve been thinking about adding a track vehicle to your collection. Now this is a kit, so im gon na go, throw it together and well take a closer look. So here we are, after a few hours of assembly painting and detailing our toyota land cruiser 40 quad track is together in this tiny truck looks really cool. I love the look of the tracks on this thing. Now. The toyota land cruiser body obviously needs to be painted masked off uh decal, and you can of course choose whatever colors you want. We went with the blue that you see on the box. Art just seems to look really good on this. I do like the red as well that we saw on the wheeled version of this but love the comical figure on the inside. You know the toyota decals look really cool out back, they give you headlight and taillight decals. Obviously, you could go probably put some led lights if you want to youd, have to fab something up, but when this body is done, i dont know what it is about.

These comical style bodies, but they look really good and when youre out there driving it, it just looks like a lot of fun. Music now lets take a closer look at the platform. It is the gf01 platform and it has the ft designation uh for the quad track. So you know it stands for four track, but you know this chassis here is a proven chassis. Its really simple to put together to drive train is actually inside of the chassis thats. Why you see those bulges on the side, those are for the gears. Obviously, all plastic gears on the inside bushings is a bushing kit. If you want to get some ball bearings, you have to go with fast eddy, but at least theres some metal components like the dog bones and out drives and stuff. There is a gear differential front and rear. However, they give you some putty to go and lock it up, so this thing will crawl over whatever it wants to uh plenty of ground clearance on the bottom of it, obviously with the tracks. It gives you even more really stubby suspension arms for the suspension, but once this thing is done, i dont know it just looks so cool for some reason now lets talk about some of the other features of this chassis uh. You know all of the electronics are mounted up top and thats from the original version of this uh. It helped the vehicle do wheelies, but i, like the spring loaded front, bumper thats, a pretty neat part thats on a lot to me vehicles.

This one still has the wheelie bar you know, for when it was a wheeled vehicle, which i dont think its going to need while its a track version, but it the suspension on here just your basic spring loaded shocks. Your simple h, arms with fixed upper links, shock towers, are molded into the chassis. You know spring loaded shocks in the rear as well. No real damping just rebound on these, but itll work good off road. To do some basic crawling. The steering is pretty simple on this: the servos mounted to the side of the chassis, with a rod going over to a single bell crank. It comes with a 540 mabuchi motor and thats pretty much all the power. You need to have fun with this, although you can go swap out the pinion for a little bit more power. They do include the hobbywing 1060 speed controller, which is pretty awesome. It is a lipo compatible. Speed controller now lets talk about these tracks, because these are what really sets this kit off these tracks from tamiya work, absolutely awesome, but as far as tracks out there for rc vehicles to me, it really has this setup down. They just seem to work really well. They dont come off of the guide wheels everything works, smoothly, itll even spit out rocks if they get caught in there. So, if youre looking for a track vehicle, this is seriously one to check out all right. Thats, all you need to know about the tamiya quad track.

Land cruiser 40. now lets just take this thing out for a drive: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, so Music Applause, Music. So obviously the first to me quad track. I drove was the land freedor and i was really impressed with what that truck could do as a tracked vehicle. And then i drove the 40, and i was a little bit more impressed with this rig and the reason being is its got more of a square footprint to it, shorter wheelbase, and for that reason it just wants to crawl up whatever you put in front of It over there in the dirt lot the dirt was really loose and it went up those hills without an issue. It went over the rocks without a problem, either its a little bit kind of rugged looking when it goes over rocks because you dont have a lot of suspension movement. You dont have a ton of track movement, but it gets over the terrain, which is just really cool. Its actually really well powered too out of the box, with the silver can motor on a 2s lipo battery and the steering is pretty decent. All things considering its a single crank and i have a standard servo in there and it turned pretty well so it was actually a really fun rig to drive and i had a blast over there with it, its just a really fun kit overall to build up.

I i do like their comical style with some of their vehicles and to me they just make a fun overall experience. Let me know what you think about it in the comments section below i will have links in the video description and weve got some more tamiya stuff coming up soon we got the tyrell ive got the volkswagen mo5. Let me know what you want to see next on the channel.