Let me tell you right now: i bought these plus this little mat here. They’Re, not they’re, not expensive at all, and i bought them so that the family could play with them. You know some fun challenging competition. I only bought two just to try them out and i’m blown away and i’m definitely gon na get another. Two and you’ll see in this video i’ll show you some footage of my wife and i driving them around on the track as well. But let me tell you a little bit about them. So, as i mentioned, these are 176 scale, rc cars and they actually have working headlights, yeah working headlights that look really cool when they’re driving around the track, that’s the front headlight and the rear taillights. They both operate, they both light up and they have proportional steering now a lot of rc cars you buy on the market today that are under 100. You know doesn’t matter how big they are. They don’t have proportional steering you’ll just turn your little dial to go right. The wheels just turn right, that’s it or left, but they don’t go a little bit right. You know as much as you want to go around a corner or more the faster you go. These have it so you could drive around this track. You can take the tight little turns over here. I don’t know if you can see it and the cars will fit right in the track at your speeds, you’re going and turn just great.

The best part about them is the usbc charging and run time so on the bottom, there’s a spot to plug in a cable. If you have a little usbc charging power bank like this one, i have here a brick um. You can use these for many things. I just take the included usbc cable that came with it, plug it in this plug it in the bottom of the car. If the battery is 100 empty, like i ran it until there’s, like no power left in it, it takes a full 30 minutes to charge up. However, your run time is 40 minutes, so on a full charge, it will run for 40 minutes. The includer remote is a full featured remote. The steering, like i said, is proportional. You have reverse you have brakes. You have all the normal stuff that you would find on a remote and it is in the 2.4 gigahertz range for remote control. What is the distance to range on these? Well let’s, not get ridiculous. How far away would you want to be to drive these, where you could still see them honestly, you have to have really good eyesight they’re, so tiny that you know if they’re at the end of your house and you’re at the other end you’re, probably not going To see them anymore and be able to drive them so range is not a big deal. The little tires on the car are actually rubber, grippy rubber tires.

Now, whoever designed these cars knew there’d be people in the actual rc hobby who are not going to use these and let kids play with them, because kids will eventually just destroy them or step on them and then not bling and they’re gone. But each kit includes two hardcover shells right here and i’m, probably showing you a picture of that. You paint them up any way you want and you can replace the existing covers on the cars with these ones here, so you can modify them and customize them. However, you wish, on the side of the box, i’ll show you a picture that right now you can see all the colors that come in, so you can pick any color you want when you order these now i know someone out there is going to say: hey. Does it have brushless motors in this thing i don’t think they are. The motors are so tiny. It says on the website that they are cordless motors, which is better than brushed motors, so they seem to run well. Obviously, if you run them on a carpet or something and you get little cat hairs and dog hairs, if you have an animal at home stuck inside, but if you run them on a flat, hard surface or a mat like this, which is very inexpensive, then you Have no problems so yeah to power them on it’s, pretty simple, so i’ll take the blue one here. You probably can’t, see me doing this there’s a little on off switch turn on the little remote there’s a switch here.

You get a light that goes on and it’s fully working right now, so i can go slow look at this. I could just drive slow turn as i wish. Hopefully, you can see that in the camera, because the camera’s shooting wide angle, i’m gon na go full blast because somebody’s gon na say how fast can these go? Here we go. You ready, that’s, full blast whoa. So do that again, full blast, so that’s your full blast speed. You wouldn’t probably use that speed on this course. You would probably use more speed like this, but uh yeah. It can go around the whole course nicely. You can do all the turns. Whatever headlights working everything working go in and out of stuff, it’s, pretty cool, and when you have two of them you have a race awesome all right. So what i want to show you now i was driving these around on the table when i first received it and taking some video and filming and then my wife walked in and she grabbed the controller in a car and started driving around as well. So i have some video of her and i driving the cars around so check this out Music and finally, i should mention that this mat there’s, the back of it it’s a it’s, a rubber mat, very uh it’s, designed that it doesn’t slip. If you stick it on a hard surface, this mat is like, i think, it’s like under 20 u.

s or it’s 20 u.s. So i would highly recommend order the mat or build your own course like a nice wooden course and all sorts of things that you can modify as you wish. But the mat works out perfect for me. So i’ll put a link to the mat below i’ll. Put a link below to all the cars. I have my little cars over here. I think this one’s still on oh yeah, it’s still on. I can still drive it around so i’m going to put a link to this stuff below and i would highly suggest if you have kids and you want something fun to do for the family. This is pretty darn sweet and, if you’ve never driven an rc car before, if you can drive this, then you can buy yourself a big rc car and you can drive that because they drive exactly the same there’s, no difference all right, guys. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up. I have to keep my other hand here, so i don’t drive off the table and i’ll catch you in the next video with many more products that i review or test or just have fun, with alright guys catch the next one.