It really helps me out a lot and i have a lot of uh content scheduled uh coming up here in the coming months. So today, i’m really excited because i’m going to be bringing to you a review of the team. Losi racing 8xe elite, electric 1, 8 scale buggy, which is tlr’s newest buggy, uh, it’s, their newest platform and i’m, really really excited to tell you guys about it. So without further ado, i want to talk about the chassis itself, how it handles, as well as the electronics that i chose for the way that i’ll be driving it um, but let’s, just uh let’s go right into it. So this right here is the lows: uh, the t, uh team, lossy racing 8xe elite um. This is tlr’s newest, uh, eighth scale buggy for competition, and i mean i, if i’m sure you could use it for bashing if you really wanted to next to it. I have my original low c uh 8 um 8e, with a techno kit. I’Ve had this one for shoot about 12 years and i’ve ran it actually up until getting this one so it’s a kind of a fun comparison for me, because it’s two uh two different generations, essentially of an eight scale, buggy separated by about 12 years of engineering. So the team lossy racing 8xe elite let’s take the body off of this guy right here. So it’s got a really unique, uh layout and chassis design, so right off the bat you’ll notice uh.

Just these massive aluminum shocks on it, aluminum caps with a bleeder hole. Aluminum threaded bodies both front and rear. We have these real nice aluminum shock towers, um that are black, and then they have like the edge kind of wore off to expose the raw aluminum, which is really kind of cool that’s. Both front and rear. The top plate is set up the exact same way with that same design, uh tlr also uh, went with some carbon fiber, and i i mean to say that this is to say that the 8xc elite is a um. A top of the line. Racer is 100. Accurate they they don’t spare any expense when it comes to the parts that go into it or the assembly and speaking of the assembly, it goes together. Phenomenally well i’ve built a lot of kits over the years, and this is one of the nicest kits i’ve ever put together and i’m. Not just saying that so um we looked at the shock. Towers got carbon fiber on the center diff cover there’s, actually, carbon fiber inserts in the a arms. I hope the camera picks that up right, but both front and rear. You got that and you can take those out and replace them with the included plastic version, which i believe would just make the arm a little bit more flexible and would then give you a little bit more of a compliant feel, i guess you’d say i’m, not Super big on tuning these – normally, i just set them up right out of the box and run them the way that they are um.

My 8xe elite is set up completely out of the box box specs with the the box included, diff oils and shock oils, and you know prior to doing this review. I wanted to get some time on the buggy to be able to talk about it with you, and i probably have roughly about 15 packs through this, and so it’s really really held up nicely. Um there’s a new diff layout. The way that the diff is uh uh set up it’s actually set up to where you can access it really easily, because the the diff case itself, you unscrew a couple of bolt screws and it just separates, and you have nice and easy access the shocks they Went with those shock booties that protect the shock shaft, which is really quite awesome up front. We have aluminum for the hubs um, we have a uh, a traditional universal joint up front, which is really durable, really strong, um aluminum, all throughout a bunch of different connection. Points the steering racks aluminum itself. We got aluminum out back both in front and behind the rear diff. This is just there’s, just high end components everywhere. Tlr includes both this plastic wing as well as a polycarbonate wing. If you’re into that, i don’t really uh fully understand the benefits of going with a polycarbonate wing. I’Ve, never done that personally. I’Ve always just went plastic and for me on an eight scale, buggy that’s, pretty heavy you’re, going to be crashing it all that kind of stuff.

A plastic wing is just going to last a lot longer so that’s. Why i went with that right out of the box, the tlr 8xe has a brand new motor mount design that uses these two separate rings that essentially you slide the motor in and then clamp down on these rings and it holds the motor in place, and i Will say, after the shoot, 10 or 15 batteries that have ran through this this vehicle, the motor has not shifted at all it’s a really really great uh setup. This new motor mount um. The chassis itself is tlr’s aluminum and it’s kind of got like a champagne. Color hue to it, which i personally really like um i’ve, got a little bit of wear up there just from the track days and where, along the bottom, i did go with a de racing rear chassis skid to prevent this type of wear from happening on the Back of the chassis and then having to replace the chassis, which is not fun, really quality piece. I know that it’s going to last a long time, and if you notice the the vehicle is actually pretty wide for an eighth scale. Buggy tlr went back to a wide layout and at least for me, i really like it in the way that it handles one other thing worth noting too about this rig is tlr actually includes these mud guards right out of the box, which is really quite cool.

I mean shoot i’ve been i used to pay money as an aftermarket part to get those on a lot of older vehicles. So as far as the chassis is concerned, this thing’s phenomenal it drives great it’s, extremely planted both on power and off power jumps. It jumps nice and level uh and again this is with the the box stock setup um. The chassis itself has a lot of steering but it’s, not that overpowering, steering where it’s really twitchy. It really holds a line nicely and and gives you a lot of confidence while you’re driving it and part of that too. One of the biggest things for me when it comes to setting up a vehicle is making sure you have the right tire for your track. Um i always go with proline tires, i i think that’s, probably pretty obvious, with all my stuff everywhere, um and so for this buggy. I went with the m3 compound of proline’s uh slide, lock tire i have like, i said: 10 15 batteries through them. They still look fantastic and i have not uh rotated them once the entire time, but they still just have a tremendous amount of grip, and at least at the track that i’m running on when it’s a little bit wet these things it’s, like the the buggies on On velcro, practically it’s, pretty wild um, so let’s take a look at the electronics. I chose now that we’ve covered the chassis itself um.

So for me i really love spectrum electronics. So naturally i have a spectrum receiver in there linked to my dx5c remote um for steering duties. I went with the high tech d 951tw and this is a phenomenal servo for this buggy um. I cannot say enough good things about it. It’S just got all the power, you need all this, the the speed you need out of it um, and it just really allows you to point the vehicle where you want it to go and it goes and i will say as well. Unfortunately, i have tested how durable that servo is um. I’Ve wrecked this buggy quite a few times uh over those 10 to 15 battery packs, especially as i was like learning how it handled and all that which is a normal part of this hobby. But i did wreck it quite a few times and it held up awesome, which is great um back to the electronics. So for the power duty i knew i was going to be running a 4s lipo and because i was going to be running a 4s lipo. I wanted a kv rating on a motor that would make sense for the track and the layout, and so i went with spectrum’s 1900 kilovolt motor and it is it’s brushless, of course, and it’s it’s 1900 kilovolts and it just gives all the power i need. I actually may turn it down just a smidge um, because on the straightaway, this thing has so much power, it’s, really easy to to over jump and land a flat on one of the obstacles that’s on the track at the end of the the lead straightaway.

So um awesome motor made by spectrum to control it. I went with the spectrum, firma 150, amp esc and i cannot say enough good things about this thing. Uh there’s very little cogging if any to speak of it’s compatible up to 6s, which for this vehicle running out of track it there’s, no reason i would need to run 6s, at least with a 1900 kilovolt motor. You would overshoot everything and just have a hard time staying on the track, so i got all the power i need on tap if needed a couple other little things i did to it. So i wanted a transponder and i did notice that tlr correct me. If i’m wrong in the comments – but i didn’t see a place to actually mount a transponder uh right out of the box with the tlr 8xe elite, so i went ahead and drilled some holes in the receiver box, which is massive by the way the receiver box Is huge, i’m really happy to see that kind of thing, because a lot of times you fight a small receiver box trying to get your receiver in there and all the wires, not with this thing, it’s humongous, and so because of that extra size, i was actually Able to go ahead and drill those holes in and mount the transponder to the receiver box took, maybe you know five minutes and it works awesome um. One last thing: i did gear down a little bit i’m running a 13 tooth pinion.

I i hope that that comes up clear enough, and i did that mainly just to kind of slow the vehicle down i’m, a firm believer that you’ll go faster at the track with a vehicle that’s, just just slightly turned down compared to one that’s ballistic fast, when It’S slightly turned down, you can have an easier time controlling it and when you have an easier time controlling it, at least in my opinion, you can really put down some consistent laps with it so um other than that. The build itself went really really really smooth. Um i can’t really. There was no issues that i had during the build. The only thing i will say is i had a little bit of trouble mounting the receiver wire um i’m. Sorry, the esc wire that runs to the receiver i was gon na. I was planning on running it around uh, the battery tray and then over to the receiver box that i just didn’t have enough wire for that. So i found a nice little path where it comes out of there. The esc runs underneath the motor and then into the receiver box, and i did have to use one um receiver wire extension on that just to make that work. But all in all i cannot say enough good things about the tlr 8xe elite. Um i’ve had this. For about a month now and i’ve ran those, you know, 10 15, maybe even more battery packs through it all at the track and for what it is out of the box.

It’S worth every single penny, it’s an awesome awesome platform, if you’re a losi guy or even if you’re you’re, looking around, maybe you’re with another manufacturer and you’re kind of looking around what you’re getting with this chassis is every upgrade pretty much right out of the box And a vehicle that’s planted and will jump great and make you a better driver and i’m, not just saying that i’m coming from this first generation losi that i’ve had, for you know the 12 or 15 years um. It does have a techno chassis kit, but other than that i mean i’m still running a high tech 985 mg servo in that that i think i’ve had that servo for like eight years and it’s held up so that’s. Really. What prompted me to get the d 951tw in this one and similar setup in this, and this one i was running 2200 kilovolts at the track and again on 4s, but some days i would actually run on 3s and strangely enough, when i’d run it on 3s. I would actually run faster lap times than 4s and i don’t really know why that is, but it kind of goes back to you’ll be faster with a slower car um. This thing has served me so well, it’s a vehicle i will never sell. It is like literally one of my favorite vehicles, i’ve ever owned and that’s really what prompted this purchase for the the tlr 8xe elite.

So all in all guys, if you’re looking for a new eighth scale buggy, it would pain me to say bash with this. But you could bash with it. If you want to, i think, it’s, really nice and it’s, not um it’s, not worthy of bashing but uh. It definitely could bash because it’s extremely tough, which unfortunately i have tested. But all things considered if you’re looking for an hcl buggy, just go, buy it and before you go buy it click that subscribe button, because i’m gon na have a bunch of new content coming out here, pretty soon so hit that subscribe.