This is the toolkit rc m6d ac, and there are a few features that i really like about this charger, not chargers. You don’t necessarily need something super fancy, but you do need something reliable charging. Lipo batteries can be hazardous, never leave them unattended and make sure you get a good quality charger, and this is definitely one of those stay tuned and i’ll. Tell you a little bit about it: Music, okay, so let’s take a closer look at the m6d dual smart charger by toolkit rc. So, as you see here, it’s a fairly compact little machine and i really like it because you can charge two batteries at once. Now, it’s up to 700 total watts that’s 350 by two now that’s, if you’re using dc power. But what i really like about this is you can plug this thing directly into ac now. You’Re gon na get 200 watts that way, and you can even uh plug this thing in via uh usbc right you’re. Only gon na get 65 total watts uh coming out of that, but it is nice that you have options uh, three different ways that you can power this thing uh. So if you want to take this with you out into the field to charge you can now, this will charge a handful of different types of batteries. Um – and we can kind of you – know – see the beautiful little color display here so let’s take a look at our options.

We’Ve got lipo, which is pretty much all that i use uh l, i h v, l, i f e lion. Nickel metal hydride lead power, not sure what that is, and you av bat um. So you got different a few different uh options. Uh drone model right i’ve, never seen that before, but looks like you can kind of set up different models in here or i don’t know that i’d really be able to charge my mavic 2, but interesting that you have that option. So three different modes in here charge discharge and storage, which is pretty much. Probably all you need right, but you know the scroll wheel works well. Charging batteries works well, let’s, go ahead and get this uh. This is a 4s 1550, so i’m gon na go ahead and uh let’s charge it up and fly a little bit later. Today, so we’ll go to charge a little press on the wheel uh. We want our end voltage to be 4.2 because that’s, the kind of pack that this is then charge current uh we’re, going to go to 1.5 amps right because it’s, a 1500 milliamp hour battery uh we’re, going to round down not 1.6 but 1.5 that’s. Generally speaking, the safest way to charge so we’re going to go over to start yep, okay and uh, we can kind of see the different levels on the different cells as it’s charging really nice little mission, toolkit rc uh, seems to be pairing with radiomaster, which is Kind of cool that’s, who i got this from: yes, they sent it to me with this kind of cool little sticker.

You know kind of nice little touch uh from them, but yeah it’s, a compact charger that i’m gon na use um. You know i already have one obviously, because i’ve been flying for a while, but it’s nice to have two, because i fly a lot of xt60 and xt30 uh batteries. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to use this one for my xt 60s and the other one for my xt 30s and then i don’t have to constantly be swapping out here or here so i’ve got built in connectors anyway. Hopefully this was helpful. We hope this was helpful if you don’t already subscribe the channel we’d love for you to consider doing so. If you like this video, give us a thumbs up, if not thumb, this thing down tell us what we did wrong. We’Ll, do better next time now, if you’re thinking about buying something you saw in the video today. Consider using one of the links in the video description down below. There are affiliate links and they help support this channel. So we can continue to make content for you.