Why today, we’ve got 10 ready to run rc ideas for under 400 and all of these vehicles are hobby grade and available at a main hobbies or your local hobby shop. So let’s see what vehicles made the list of the top 10 rc cars under 400 dollars. Number 10 up first, is a real, versatile platform that wears a drag car suit over a lot of capability and it’s. The dr 10 drag car from team associated a team associated is one of the last companies that offers their ready to run vehicles with the battery and charger as part of a combo. So for ‘5 dollars you can get the dr 10 with a two cell lipo battery and a lipo battery charger. If you don’t need the battery in the charger combo, the dr 10 will cost about 320 bucks at the heart of this vehicle. Is the team associated legendary 10th scale platform that, with a few part swaps, can be converted into a buggy a truck or left as a drag car? From our experience, bashing, the dr 10 out in the street and jumping curbs was all we needed to have a good time and the brushless electronics provided plenty of wheelie pop and power for actual drag car competition. The dr 10 may need to be tuned to the surface, but once you do there’s, no looking back number nine. If what you need most are two cars to enjoy with friends or family, then the 1 10 scale low c22s sct short course truck may fit that bill at only a hundred and eighty nine dollars each ready to run, but they do require a battery.

But the sct is not a mini truck like most at this price point. Instead, it’s a proper tenth scale, two wheel, drive short course truck with some meat on the bones aftermarket short course. Accessories like tires wheels, bodies and more will bolt right up on this truck. There’S also plenty of power upgrades available like brushless motor systems, for when you get that need for speed. You can also do more than bash around the 22s sct, because, since it is a proper short course truck, that is a common race class at many tracks. So if you want to get serious about it, the sct would be a great starter race truck for those looking to get their feet, wet in rc racing and all for a hundred and ninety dollars. Each number eight, sometimes the best rc fun – is on an adventure through the rougher terrain, with an rc trail truck and the sendero hd from element. Rc is a great example of this. This truck offers realistic utility trucks styling with a two piece body featuring a lexan cab, an injected molded cage bed. New ocho black bead, lock wheels are found on the hd along with officially licensed general grapper x3 tires. Of course, the sendero hd can be customized with different tires and wheels, bumpers and lights bodies and more for the chassis and suspension it’s, just as realistic as the body with real steel frame rails, solid axles, with link suspension, lock differentials and over driven transmission and more The hd version also receives updated electronics over the previous sendero, with a more powerful servo with a metal servo horn and an updated electronic speed.

Controller you’ll find the cedaro hd for about 359, but it does require a battery pack for some other options. Element rc offers the trail, runner 4×4 that’s very similar, but features an independent front suspension and then there’s also, the gatekeeper 4×4 that adopts the use of a sway bar supported, rear, trailing arms for a more aggressive setup and you can find both of those trucks ready To run for 3.99, if you love rc videos be sure to subscribe. If you haven’t already number seven, the next car on our list is great in so many ways and it costs only 229 dollars and it’s the phaser mk2 from kyosho. Now the phaser mk2 chassis is used to make a whole lineup of on road. Four wheel drive cars intended to look really scale realistic, so the bodies have nice, paintwork, trim and decals with injected molded accessories attached on things like mirror, windshield wipers, wings and more are used depending on the body style. The tires and wheels are also a detail that receives realistic treatment with scaled disc brakes used behind the wheels for performance. The phaser mk2 uses a plastic tub chassis with front rear gear differentials, a center plastic drive, shaft and oil filled shocks on all four corners. The electronics are brushed reliable and work great. They top out at about 25 miles an hour using a 2 cell lipo, but we found speeds in excess of 50 miles an hour when we converted an mk2 to brushless months back, which is probably a little too fast.

For a car, this nice with such a simple and easy to use, chassis and great looking body options, the phaser mk2 is a great choice for the collector first time, r seer or as a gift kiosko also offers the mk2 platform as an off road vehicle. With the rage 2.0 in the mad van number, six for our number six spot we’re getting really close to our 400 limit. But this truck is worth it and it’s. The traxxas t max classic monster truck now there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the t max because it was one of the most popular rc monster trucks that ever existed now, it’s not as popular nowadays but nitro rc monster trucking is still a blast and the Traxxas t max classic delivers it assembled into the truck you’ll, find a trx 2.5 racing engine that uses a tuned exhaust and an easy start. Engine starter. The truck is also equipped with automatic two speed transmission that can be switched between forward and reverse. With the push of a button on the transmitter, alongside that, the impressive looks of the t max are in part thanks to its eight large oil field. Ultra shocks, which allow for over three and a half inches of suspension travel that’s, going to give the truck a whole lot of cushion for jumps. Speeding through the chunk and clearance to climb. Now you can find the t max classic for about 389, and that includes the easy start system, but nitro fuel is required.

Number five, if you’re into drifting and getting sideways this next car might be just for you and it’s the rmx 2.0 from mst. This 110 scale rear wheel, driven drifter, comes ready to run in two different versions, one with brushed electronics for under two hundred dollars, and also a brushless version for around 359., and both versions have several body styles to choose from now. Underneath those bodies we’ll find the rmx 2.0 chassis that uses a simple and rigid construction allowing for huge steering angles from our front tires that are supported by an electronic gyro. The chassis uses a mid motor rear wheel, driven layout with multiple motor mount positions. So you can fine tune the center of gravity of the car to your traction levels. The rmx 2.0 platform also supports numerous adjustments to fine tune, the vehicle’s setup for those that want to take it to the next step. There are also a ton of accessories like different, tires, wheels bodies, wings, light kits and more that can be used to customize the rmx 2.0 drifter. However, you want it number four. Our next truck is a classic in the rc hobby and it’s super capable super, versatile and it’s. The traxxas slash 4×4 pxl. Now the slash 4×4 has been around for years and it’s already proven itself as a great short course truck backyard, basher, speed, weapon or whatever else you want to make of it with the current truck. This is the vxl brushless version, so the truck receives all the modern tech things like the valencian, vxl 3s esc, the valencian 3500 brushless motor and the tqi transmitter with tsm or traxxas stability management.

This vxl brushless system is also compatible with up the 3s lipo power for top speeds in excess of 60 miles an hour with the gearing change for short course, styling. The slash 4×4 vxl is offered in a few different race replica bodies that come fully decorated, with licensed logos and graphics for that authentic short course, race, truck, look when you’re ready to change those looks the slash, has one of the biggest selections of accessories and hop Ups to choose from to alter the current look or change it all together. Number three for the number three spot is an all around good, basher and fun truck to play with and it’s the rival mt 10 from team associated. Now this 110 scale monster truck, is four wheel, drive and includes brushless, electronics and better. Yet the combo version includes a two cell lipo battery and battery charger all for 369.. If you don’t need the battery combo, the mt 10 is available for about 310. Both trucks offer the same in terms of performance styling and the 3s capable electronics with that reedy 3300 kv 4 pole motor. The truck also uses a front center and rear gear differential threaded oil filled shocks and big aggressive monster trucks to better match our rival monster truck styling. The mt 10 also features led lighting in the bumpers to help with those night bash sessions and then there’s a wheelie bar in the back that’s adjustable. The mt 10 is, of course, very customizable, with tons of different bodies and tire options available number two.

If what you crave most is speed, then the car in our number two spot is for you and it’s the four tech 2.0 vxl from traxxas. Now this all wheel drive one tenth scale. Sedan from traxxas comes fully ready to run for 379 dollars, but it does not include a body, so you have to pick your own, but the meat and potatoes of this car is the fortec 2.0 chassis and it offers a modular interlocking design that’s easy to work On while staying rigid and maintaining a low center of gravity, added to that are vxl rated high speed tires with a tuned suspension, sealed differentials and brushless electronics that help the fortec 2.0 achieve speeds of 70 miles an hour, which is quite the thrill ride for an Out of the box ready to run car, because this is the vxl version, it includes the tqi transmitter with tsm or traxxas stability management, and then the car uses the valenion vxl 3s esc and the 3500 kv valenian motor, which is about a 10 turn that’s. Why? The fortec 2.0 vxl is best suited for experienced drivers, thrill seekers and speedrunners number one of all the cars to spend 400 on the big rock 3s blx from arma is a great way to do it now. For starters, this four wheel, drive monster truck, is 10 scale, but it’s a bit larger than that with an 8 scale, feel to it, making it a bit more capable and stable in the rough thanks in part to how wide and low the vehicle sits.

The stance of this truck is one to one meaning it’s as wide as it is long which orients it towards high speed performance and stability and rough terrain, allowing it to be pushed a little harder and driven a little bit more aggressively while staying within that fine Line of control now, because of this, the big rock is tons of fun to drive bash wheelie and jump and with its all plastic construction, it takes a good beating doing it. In its current v3 version, the big rock now uses spectrum electronics for a much needed improvement and you’ll find this update across the board. With all the 3s blx vehicles like the typhoon, buggy sent in short course truck and granite monster truck, which is just like the big rock but uses a shorter chassis.