All the links of the gaming mouse are in the description below the video subscribe on. My channel and click on the bell to stay up to date with the latest technology reviews so let’s enjoy this video at number. Five. The best gaming mouse is redragon m913 wireless gaming mouse. It registers each click or swipes instantaneously within one millisecond, because it is provided with an improved optical pixart, 3335 gaming sensor. You will experience a praiseworthy service because it works with efficiency, accuracy and low latency. You will surely be able to use it for long hours because it is provided with a low consumption, advanced chip combo with a one thousand million per hour battery capacity. It is also provided with eco mode, which reduces the usage of backlit and levels up the durability up to 80 hours. You will get dual modes of 2.4 gigahertz wireless and usb c wired mode to assemble with mmo gaming. Mouse feature wireless or wired mode, plus easy access to key binding shortcuts. It will allow you to switch among different needs at ease. You will get a personalizable dpi. 100, that will meet your unique need and shorten the get used to time. It is highly loaded with awesome features like 16.8 million color lighting effects that are customizable with its own software, even in the wireless mode and 16 buttons, including 12 side buttons in at number 4. The best gaming mouse is razer, basilisk, v2 wired, ergonomic gaming mouse.

You will be able to tweak the resistance of its scroll wheel to be as smooth or as tactile as you want, because it comes with a dial on its underside. You will be able to perform bunny hops, select weapons and do other scroll wheel actions with more accuracy with this level of customization. It registers every click because it is utilized with an infrared light beam. You will be able to experience an industry leading response time of 0.2 milliseconds with the switches in this optical gaming mouse, because it no longer requires traditional physical contacts. You will get closer control and flawless execution, because this form of actuation removes the need for a de bounce delay and never triggers unintended clicks. You will be able to have a greater arsenal of commands at your fingertips by mapping your favorite, macros and secondary functions. By purchasing this device. You can effectively double your mouse inputs and make the most of this programmable mouse by mapping its 11 buttons with razer hypershift, which is an advanced feature in it. You will be able to toggle a secondary button profile at the press of a key. You will be able to adjust the sensitivity through a dedicated dpi. You will also get programmable buttons for games. You will get beam based playback recording button. It also supports 16.8 million color combination lights in at number 3. The best gaming mouse is logitech g602 wireless gaming. You can save power when you need it most, because you can switch between performance or endurance mode.

You will get 250 hours of battery life in performance mode or you will get 1400 hours in endurance mode. It is built to handle tortoise conditions because it is equipped with initial mechanical switches that are rated for a lifetime of 20 million clicks. You will get zero lag between your thoughts and action because of the 2.4 gigahertz wireless gaming rig and the 2 millisecond report rate that is provided with it, so cut the cables and enjoy the freedom from cables, clutter and different interference experience. You will be able to master your favorite games now. You will be able to easily assign any keyboard macro or multi command macro to any button. With 11 customizable controls via logitech game software, you will be able to know when the charge is low. You don’t have to be surprised with the low charge because it will have a led battery indicator that will warn you. If the charge runs low, you will never have to worry about your mouse catching. It is provided with a battery that lasts up to 250 hours of non stop performance in at second place. The best gaming mouse is razer naga, programmable wired, trinity, gaming mouse. It is provided with mechanical thumb, buttons that are specially designed for games and convenient for blind operators and convenient for performing game commands. It is provided with an ergonomic right handed design with enhanced rubber side grips. It is optimized and adjusted with mechanical mouse switches for faster game response time.

It ensures a long service time of up to 50 million keystrokes. You will be able to scroll up and down and scroll left and right because it is provided with a gaming grade. Tactile scroll wheel, it delivers only one millisecond response time and smooth movement because it is provided with 1000 hertz ultra pulling for fast positioning. You will be able to get or enjoy 2 7 and 12 button configurations and transmute your mouse to suit your game play because it is provided with replaceable side plates. Even its every button is designed to stand out to ensure no casual click, it will provide tactile and audible feedback. So you will be assured of every actuation. You will be able to get precision and speed. Ensuring movements are swift, your spells are on target and that you get out of the fire. When the battle turns intense, you will get all of these because it is provided with equipped with the world’s most advanced 5g optical sensor with true 16000 dpi and the razer naga trinity in at number one. The best gaming mouse is rival 650 wireless gaming mouse. It is provided with the world’s smallest and most accurate takeoff distance. It has a minus 256 center ballast weight adjustment. You will be able to experience great grip and durability because it is also provided with a silicone side buckle. You will be able to enjoy lag free gaming because it is provided with an exclusive quantum wireless system that offers lag.

Free 1000 hertz performance. Astonishingly, it is provided with a mechanical switch which is able to do about 60 million clicks. It is provided with instant lift off detection because it is provided with a dedicated, secondary depth sensor and which will detect when you lift off your finger from the button. It is also able to do one to one tracking precision because it is provided with a true move: 3 optical sensor. It is provided with an optical sensor of 12000 dpi and also provided ips 350 optical sensor. You will be even able to save onboard sensor settings. You can also even save macros and lighting effects. It is provided with eight zone rgb lighting with spat notifications. You will get 10 plus hours of gameplay by 15 minutes of fast charging.