I knew i could outrace you. This is bullcrap man there’s! More than one competition in monster jam, they’re, still freestyle, more carrots, don’t tear it more. Carrots, we’re scared, the left side, the right brain Music drives me insane: Music fry don’t fry your bread. Well, actually that’s a tie Music, the b5. It definitely uh jumps out of all the cars the best it handles really great around the track, but just the way it lands and it handles it’s a really awesome car Music. The handling of v5 is a lot more precise, predictable and it jumps amazing uh. One of the things i kind of improved, i think, was how the car jumps and lands. Another thing was just the ease of driving it and going fast at the same time. You know the last thing is mainly just the steering of the car it’s a lot Music: better: Music, Music, uh, Music, Music. Hey here we go here.